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Micro Adventures by Al Humphries


  • Microadventure - Micro Adventures by Al Humphries


This beautifully illustrated guide to uprooting the mundane in your life, written by Mr Microadventure himself

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This is your life- right now- and Humpheys' Microadventures will show you how to make the most of every moment and find adventures close to home.

This exuberant guide to Microadventure is guaranteed to chip away all those excuses you have been telling yourself as to why you cannot go on an adventure. Each Microadventure is simple, short, cheap and has all the spirit of a great adventure, but squeezed into a day or even a few hours. 

"Adventure- something that's new and exhilarating. Outside your comfort zone. Adventures change you and how you see the wrold. And all you need is an open mind, bags of enthusiasm and boundless curiosity."

This practical guide is jam packed with ideas for microadventures to discover on your own, with family or with friends. From sleeping on a hilltop, going for a wild swim, cycling the Isle of Wight or walking home for Christmas. There is an adventure in this book that is waiting for you to find it!

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Key features
  • Includes tips and advice on safety and kit
  • Over 150 stunning photographs
  • Advice on campfire cooking, navigation and fauna
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