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Love Mud Trailside 16


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Lightweight 16 in 1 multi-tool for your emergency trailside repairs

SALE: £11.99 Was: £12.99

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This minimalist multi-tool features 16 tools so you can service your bike on the trail.

It is optimised for some of the most common bolt sizes found on modern bikes making tasks like swapping your chain, adjusting brake levers, tightening spokes, alligning deraileurs, tightening stems, swapping out drink bottle holders or cracking open a cold beer. The cost of this micro-workshop? just 180 grams!

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Key features
  • Lightweight CNC'd aluminium arms
  • 16 essential trail tools
  • Small and compact
Vital stats

LxWxH: 70 x 40 x 11 mm
Weight: 180 g

Chain tool
Hex bits: 2,3,4,5,6,8 mm
Torque bits: T25
Flat screwdriver
PH2 screwdriver
Bottle opener
Spoke wrench: 13/14/15/16G/T30(Mavic spline)

Origin: China

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

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Great little multi tool, tiny and light but has a chain tool which is pretty important to me. Sturdy enough to loosed some tight bolts if needed.

Love Mud Trailside 16 - Great multi-tool with chain repair tool

Brilliant Multi-tool. lighter than claimed. Mine weighs 108g. It is really compact, yet includes a chain tool, which is what attracted me. The chain tool is effective. I have split and rejoined a mountain bike 10 speed chain several times, with no sign of wear. I like the compact tool body. It makes it easy to manipulate the allenkeys in a confined space without the body fouling parts of the bicycle

So close!

Really like this little tool, so much in one little package and is reasonable quality. It does have a flaw though, no 2.5mm Allen key which seems to be quite common. Back to my trusty toe peak!

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