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Love Mud Rear Fender

Rear mud guard


  • Rear mud guard - Rear mud guard
    Rear mud guard

Love Mud Rear Fender

Lightweight polypropylene rear mud guard which can be easily attached to any bike


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If you don’t have the muddy equivalent of a duck's back then the Love Mud Rear Fender is the perfect product for you.

If you love blasting down muddy trails but don’t like that wet mucky streak up your back quite as much, then the the Love Mud Rear Fender might be exactly the thing you’re after. This lightweight plastic mud guard keeps splashes and spray off your back and doesn’t need any special fixings to attach to your bike. Simply fitted to your seat post and with a couple of ties under the saddle. You can pop it on your bike with minimal fuss and you’re ready for even the wettest ground.

If you get two you can also make a great toy sword by sticking them together or use them as space-age shoulder pads for any fancy dress parties you’re going to.

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  • Under 50 g
  • Quick and simple to attach
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