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Love Mud Jelly Reels handlebar tape

Jelly Reels Handlebar tape
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  • Jelly Reels Handlebar tape - Jelly Reels Handlebar tape
    Jelly Reels Handlebar tape

Love Mud Jelly Reels handlebar tape

Silicone handlebar tape for extra comfy grippiness


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Some say that Silicone handlebar tape is a bit of a luxury; we reckon it's one of those little details, often overlooked, that make the world of difference to your ride. Plus Bike Hero Liam says this handlebar tape is the best he's ever used, so it must be pretty darn good.

Made of Silicone, this handlebar tape is strong and supple enough for easy application and grippy enough to not need any adhesive.

Once they're on, you'll probably find that your handlebars are so comfortable that you won't want to let them go.  The Love Mud Jelly Reels transform them into squishy and comfortable cushions, remaining grippy even in wet weather, so you'll have happy hands even after a long day of riding in less-than-ideal weather conditions.

Well, that's what Bike Hero Liam tells us anyway.

Key features
  • Silicone for comfort and grip
  • Black
  • Includes 2 rolls of tape and 2 end caps
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats

Weight (each): 93 g
Dimensions: 162 cm x 3.2 cm

Origin: China

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Love Mud Jelly Reels - A great Bar Tape!

This tape is just over half the price of other silicone bar tape and does a GREAT job. I thought I would use it on my self-build Camino AL, for the price it is definitely worth the risk!
The first thing you notice is the amount of stretch the tape has, even I couldn't overstretch it (I have been guilty of that with other tapes). It wraps really well without adhesive and unwrapping and re-wrapping to get it to sit right is not a problem (so no tearing the tape as you try to unwrap it because you've managed to put the adhesive bit on the tape underneath). But be careful where you work - it will pick up every dog hair or bit of fluff going if it unrolls onto the floor!
I don't know how durable it is, but can't imagine it will be any less than any other similarly priced tapes, so unless it drastically fails in use I will be replacing the tape on my tourer (£24 Lizard Skins) when necessary with Jelly Reels.

Pros: Cheap and stretchy
Cons: Any colour you like, as long as it's black!

Bike daft
Jelly reels

I really love Alpkit and have purchased loads of kit from them, but my most recent purchase left me a little underwhelmed. The Jelly reels are very comfortable but I found them to be very short, so much so I had to stretch the rubber a fair bit just so i could get enough coverage on my bars. Even then I really struggled, and the more you stretch it the less spongy it feels. Also the the bar caps didn't fit my drop bars. Popped the cap in only to watch it fall back out, ended up I had to use the end caps that came with the old bar tape. Not a big deal, but that coupled with the length of the tape left me a little disappointed.

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