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Love Mud Abode


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High density foam saddle with semi split-leaf base for all day riding comfort


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Your mail might be addressed to a stack of bricks but your true home is far more mobile and dynamic. It maybe humble but that doesn't mean it needs to be uncomfortable!

High density foam padding over a plastic base provides comfort and longevity. A v-shaped split at the rear of the saddle allows flex as you are riding, increasing shock absorbancy and reducing pressure on the spot between your sit bones.

Scooped up at the back with a slight rise towards the nose the longitudinal profile provides a cupped, craddled seating position, a timeless, proven design for distance on and off the road or climbing in the mountains. 

Stainless steel rails give 50 mm of forward and back adjustment to help you find your sweet spot.

All our Sonder bikes come with Abode fitted as standard.

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Key features
  • Scooped back
  • Foam padding
  • Semi split-leaf base
Vital stats

Stainless steel 8 mm rails
Soft touch vinyl cover
Weight: 300 g
Length: 270 mm
Width: 130 mm

Origin: China

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

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Good saddle for endurance riding

Tried 6 saddles including some £80 pounds plus this is the best comfort I have found for 5 hours plus of riding. Just wish they made one slightly lighter. I strongly recommend trying this saddle if you are struggling to get comfortable.

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