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This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.

Kepler Velo Long Sleeve [Womens] [2016]

Fast drying, comfortable, odour resistant. This technical multi activity 1/4 zip merino jersey is designed to be worn next-to-the-skin

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8 10 12 14

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This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.

100% genuine New Zealand merino wool makes our Kepler Velo long-sleeve all-season top for long days out.

Kepler Velo has an athletic cut making it a modern multi-activity top. It is our take on the lightweight baselayer top that is a staple piece of most peoples layering systems. Kepler fits right in there with its excellent performance over a vast range of conditions. Quite simply it is a garment that does many things really rather well.

Breathable, wicking, fast drying and famously odour resistant, merino can be worn in the hot, in the cold, in the wet and in the dry. For all round comfort over multi-day riding adventures merino is our baselayer of choice.

The full-length sleeves give sun protection all the way along your arms, the long front zip is great for venting - but ladies be warned; you may feel over exposed if you forgot to put your sports bra underneath! Kepler is designed to be worn snug, but doesn’t need to be so skin tight that you feel self conscious in the pub at the end of the day.

The benefits of Merino
Kepler is made using only the finest sustainably sourced non-mulesed New Zealand merino.

Merino wool is a natural material with properties that make it ideal for the changeable conditions you will experience during mountain activities, maybe that’s why New Zealand Merino sheep look so content strutting around their hillsides. 

When you are on a mission you don’t want to be changing your layers with every turn in the weather. When it is cold Merino keeps you warm by trapping small pockets of air within its fibres. When its warm the same fibres will help to whisk moisture away from your skin so it can evaporate back into the water cycle! If you have been trapped in your garment for several days the antibacterial properties of a chemical called lanolin will help you stop ponging.

Merino baselayer won’t make you fitter, it won’t make you go faster, but it will help you feel more comfortable when you find yourself in uncomfortable circumstances.

Key features
  • 100% Genuine New Zealand Merino
  • Mulesling free merino
  • High warmth-to-weight ratio
  • Rear zipped pocket
  • Gripper elastic in rear hem
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Vital stats

200 gsm merino jersey
Next-to-skin fit
Merino wool minimises odours
Rear zipped pocket
High collar
Deep venting neck zip
Gripper elastic in rear hem
Flatlock stitching sits nicely next-to-skin for comfort
Anatomical fit for comfort

Origin: China

Size chart Womens technical clothing
Women's sizing
8 10 12 14 16
Chest (inches) 32" 34" 36" 38" 40
Waist (inches) 25.5" 27" 29" 31" 33"
Hips (inches) 35" 37" 39" 41" 43"
This size chart indicates the body measurements our garments are designed to fit. Measure yourself as described below, and use the size chart to find your size.
Chest: measure around your chest at the widest part. The tape measure should pass under your arms, and be level from front to back.
Waist: measure around your waist at the narrowest part.
Hips: standing with your feet together, measure around your hips at the widest part.
Living with this product
Product Care Information

The better you look after this merino garment, the better it will look after you. Give your Kepler a long, happy life with these tips:

  • Hand wash your merino in lukewarm water, or gentle machine wash.
  • Darn any holes as soon as possible so they don’t grow.
  • Avoid snagging, vigorous machine washing, putting your finger through the fabric, and hungry moths.
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Why should cyclists have all the nice kit?

I bought this to be my baselayer for walking in the New Zealand Alps. Both as baselayer and pyjamas it performed excellently and was very comfortable. It also survived washing well, and wearing the bright red made my day.

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It’s easy to skimp on something as seemingly dull as a base layer, but after having ridden with the Kepler Velo I don’t think I’ll be going back to those ‘bargain’ tops I’ve been using ...smiles for miles wise it’s a very worthwhile investment

Grit CX

Grit CX March 2016 - Giles Perkins

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Meraid reviews Kepler Velo Top

Never let your partner choose your clothes, unless you love a traffic-stopping look

Meraid Griffin

Faraway Visions November 2016 - Meraid Griffin

Kepler Merino

this base layer is astonishingly good value. It’s great on, light enough to stash in your pack just in case an extra layer is in order and nice enough to hang out in at the end of your ride


Singletrack Magazine January 2016 - Beate Kubitz

Women Climb Review Kepler

Glowing review of our Kepler from Women Climb

The people at Alpkit have clearly thought about every aspect of this garment and tested it out to create a beautifully designed and functional garment that is perfectly fit for purpose.

Women Climb

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