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Huub Tow Float open water safety float

Huub Tow Float
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  • Huub Tow Float - Huub Tow Float
    Huub Tow Float

Huub Tow Float open water safety float

Open water swimming safety float for making you more visible, giving buoyant support and keeping your things safe and dry out in wild waters


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We’ve always thought that the Lakeland waters are best enjoyed from beyond the shorelines, whether you’re training for an event or simply basking and being in the water.

The Huub Tow Float helps you to stay safe when open water swimming by making you more visible to boat users and acting as buoyant support should you need it.

Designed to improve your safety without impeding your natural swimming style, durable webbing buckles securely around your body and allows the tow float to sit a little away from you so it doesn’t bob in your face.

Huub Tow Float doubles up as a dry bag, with capacity for carrying personal items that you don’t want to leave on the shore. Tough waterproof PVC and roll-top closure ensure that air doesn’t get out and water doesn’t get in, so your stuff will be well protected.

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Key features
  • Safety Tow Float for helping to stay safe when open water swimming
  • Bright orange colour improves visibility, ideal for waters where there are boat users
  • Provides buoyant support when required
  • Capacity for carrying personal belongings, with roll top closure to keep the air in and the water out
Vital stats

Capacity: 16 litres
Weight: 370 g


Material: 100% PVC
Waterproof construction
Roll Top closure

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