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Huub Swim Socks

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Huub Swim Socks

Neoprene swim socks to keep your feet warm and protected during open water swims


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It is a bemusing principle that we wear shoes to protect our feet outside but not in the water where it can be impossible to see what you are treading on.

HUUB neoprene swim socks (or booties) have a protective reinforced sole with ‘non slip’ protection and abrasion resistance to shield your feet from hard ground, rocks and sharp objects. The split-toe design helps to minimise “rolling” of the foot whilst swimming. They have the added benefit of keeping your feet toasty warm whilst swimming, so no more blue-toes when you emerge from the water.

The adjustable VELCRO® Brand closure makes this neoprene sock suitable for use under or over your wetsuit.

Key features
  • Reflective pattern on sole enhances visibility
Vital stats

Small - Up to UK size 6
Medium - Up to UK size 9
Large - UK size 9 and above

Origin: United Kingdom

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