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Hard Bar Organic Nutrition Bars

Hard Bar nutrition bars


  • - Hard Bar nutrition bars
  • - Organic Swedish Apple Pie
  • - Organic Coffee
  • - Organic Gingerbread
  • - Organic Orange and Cocoa

Organic, vegan friendly nutrition bars to keep you powered up while you are on the hill.


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Four yummy flavours to satisfy your snack attacks while playing hard in the mountains. The team at Hard Bar work with producers and suppliers that are as concerned as they are about doing the right thing. All their ingredients are organic and as many as possible are fair trade.

Hard bars are available in the following flavours:

Organic Gingerbread

We pay homage to Morgan’s guilty pleasure, the Swedish Christmas classic, Peppakkakor. For those not brought up with Scandinavian legends like this, try it. The cloves come from Indonesia. At first we were told we’d have to order enough for ten billion bars, which seemed a little cocky for our first order. It needed a lot of perseverance in the paperwork department, but we’re very glad we pushed on.

Organic Coffee

Or maybe even Espresso? Our coffee bar adds that extra boost to your mission. And as usual all the ingredients are Organic. We’re struggling to source sunflower seeds and hazelnuts that are ‘Dual cert’. i.e. Fairtrade and organic. When we do find some, and they pass the quality test, we’ll start using them.

Organic Swedish Apple Pie

Tastes great, and has a remarkable social conscience. Mark’s current favourite. We’re delighted that every bar helps farmers in the Gilgit. A disputed area in Northern Pakistan, Gilgit is a launch point for expeditions to K2 and Broad Peak amongst other enormous Himalayan giants. The apples we use come from a co-operative of growers there, are solar dried, and shipped to our factory slowly, to minimise the carbon footprint of the transport.

Organic Orange and Cocoa

For our Orange & Cocoa Hard Bar, think of the classic Terry's Chocolate Orange. We got the combination so spot on you wouldn't believe it and it's packed full of natural goodies to keep you powered up in the hills. You have to try it to believe it (but of course we'd say that).

Key features
  • Organic | Fairtrade | Vegan Friendly
Vital stats
Organic Gingerbread Hard Bar

Ingredients (Allergens in bold):
Dates (53%), Oats (36%), Agave Syrup (8%), Sunflower Oil (2%), Ground Ginger (0.8%), Cinnamon Powder (0.5%), Clove Powder (0.1%).

Nutrition (per 50g bar):
Energy (kJ) - 717, Energy (kcal) - 170, Fat (g) - 3, of which saturates (g) - 0, Carbohydrate (g) - 32, of which sugar (g) - 21, Fibre (g) - 4, Protein (g) - 3, Salt (g) - 0.00.

Organic Coffee Hard Bar

Ingredients (Allergens in bold):
Dates , Sunflower Seeds, Almonds, Hazelnuts, Cocoa Powder, Ground Coffee (5%), Agave Syrup.

Nutrition (per 50g bar):
Energy (kJ) - 898, Energy (kcal) - 215, Fat (g) - 10, of which saturates (g) - 1, Carbohydrate (g) - 22, of which sugar (g) - 17, Fibre (g) - 5, Protein (g) - 5, Salt (g) - 0.01.

Organic Swedish Apple Pie

Ingredients (Allergens in bold):
Apple (32%), Dates, Oats, Cashew Nuts, Apple Juice Concentrate (5%), Cinnamon Powder.

Nutrition (per 50g bar):
Energy (kJ) - 754, Energy (kcal) - 179, Fat (g) - 4, of which saturates (g) - 1, Carbohydrate (g) - 31, of which sugar (g) - 17, Fibre (g) - 3, Protein (g) - 3, Salt (g) - 0.02.

Organic Orange & Cocoa

Ingredients (Allergens in bold):
Dates, Raisins, Almonds, Hazelnuts, Cocoa Fat Reduced (8%), Apple Juice Concentrate, Orange Oil (0.3%).

Nutrition (per 50g bar):
Energy (kJ) - 940, Energy (kcal) - 225, Fat (g) - 12, of which saturates (g) - 1, Carbohydrate (g) - 23, of which sugar (g) - 18, Fibre (g) - 4, Protein (g) - 5, Salt (g) - 0.03.

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