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Gourdon drybag rucksacks

A go anywhere bag, equipped to deal with whatever the weather throws at you

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Gourdon family of dry bag rucksacks

What do you use Gourdon for? Maybe a bag for your commute, a day bag for going out with the kids, the perfect companion on a canoe trip, an expedition along the Skye Ridge, coasteering even? We’ve been selling the Gourdon for almost ten years and it has seen many adventures with staff and customers.

A go anywhere bag, equipped to deal with whatever the weather throws at you. A roll top that easily secures everything inside, waterproof Taslan fabric and taped seams to keep the water out and an integrated padded rucksack strap system - all together in a lightweight package that does more than the price suggests.

We don’t know what Gourdon was originally designed for, so go figure him out for yourself... there are 3 sizes to choose from.

  • Roll-top waterproof closure
  • Removeable padded back
  • Taped waterproof seams
  • Duraflex buckle and toggle closure
  • Taslan TPU Nylon outer

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Origin: China

Please check the individual product page for stock information.

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If one of our products does not meet your expectations upon delivery or, if during its lifetime does not live up to the demands placed upon it, please return it to us for repair, replacement or refund. If the problem is our fault then we will do this to your satisfaction, if it’s your fault then we will help out the best we can.

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Hi there, am very keen to get my hands on a 20L chilli or kelp Gourdon backpack… when will you have them back in stock?

EDIT: Due to be here for next week - Jay

29 June, 2015 by Barbara

Had my Gourdon 20 for a few years now and used it for many many outings. Perfect for tropical adventures to keep bugs sand and monsoon weather off your sandwiches and camera. Also perfect for hectic city centres where the secure roll top makes things very difficult for pick pockets. Combine with some smaller airlock bags for easy organisation of kit inside. Elastic straps are great for wet towels and coats in changeable weather. Perfect day pack. Could be slightly improved by an inside top compartment or simple key clip to save a bit of rummaging around.

09 June, 2015 by Tim Hoyle

Brought one of these as soon as I got the email. Been waiting for 30l bag with side pockets as we find the 20 a bit small, but the side pockets invaluable.

We use outs sailing. To keep important kit dry ... Like phones and iPad!

08 June, 2015 by Greg

Having owned the the 25 litre with pockets I didn’t find them that useful as they went in holes and I cut them off. Same went for the elastic and rubber eyelets. People want a key clip inside and a patch of MOLLE webbing on the outside. The bike packing bar mount features a similar pattern on it.

08 June, 2015 by Matt

Have now used the Gordon 20 for 6 months commuting and on walking day trips, never let in water, straps very comfortable,  survived being scrapped down the road during a crash, mesh pockets a great size for bottle, gloves etc…. Been great value so far

06 June, 2015 by Derek derekson

We have used Gourdon back packs up 10 of Europes highest peaks. They are fantastic bags for the kids as they are light, can take a camelbak and are waterproof. The side pockets are great for little snacks or a flask of soup. We love them!

29 May, 2015 by Anne Whiteside

I ordered 2 Gourdon 20l rucksacks and 2 1l drybags for my husband and I for a forthcoming trip to the Arctic.  Everything arrived quickly and looks absolutely perfect for our needs.  I couldn’t believe the price compared with other waterproof rucksacks, brilliant, thank you!

03 May, 2015 by Sally Tipping

Received my Gourdon 20 rucksack today in flo yellow.  Delighted with it and plan to use it for cycling and walking.  Very simple, but looks like it would do the job well.  I would have really liked to see some 3M reflective tape on it to increase visibility in the dark.  Please consider this for future models.


02 May, 2015 by Claire

I’ve had my 30 litre Gourdon for a few years now.  I got annoyed enough about the lack of a pocket, for somewhere to put keys and loose change, so I added one myself.  I bought a black neoprene pencil case for £2 from Wilkinsons http://www.wilko.com/the-pencil-case/wilko-pencil-case-ringbinder/invt/0317086 and then stitched it to the back panel of the Gourdon, near the top, but not in the section that rolls up.  The Gourdon fabric is fairly easy to stitch through with a normal needle and thread.

I also added a keyring loop so I can fit my keys with a carabiner-type clip.

When the pocket is empty, it doesn’t take much space, but I really like being able to store thing like my keys so I don’t need them in my pocket, but I know exactly where to get them.  If I need to empty my pockets for an airport security check, I can put my change and watch into a single pocket where I can get them back again. The stitching will have made it a bit less waterproof, but I haven’t bothered to reproof it yet.

26 April, 2015 by Andrew Henry

I love the Gourdon. I have a 30 and a 25, have used them much in the mountains and ice fields. As a glaciologist and climber I miss something to attach my ice axe to and a loop to hang some beaners on. I have tried to make something on my own but it only makes the sack take in water. I would like a “climbers edition” since It is a really good leadpack on the wall.

24 April, 2015 by Carl W

Had the gourdon 20 for a couple of years now use it for the bike work and a day pack . Can’t fault it been through hell and high water a quick hose down and its mint . Great bit of kit

17 April, 2015 by Shaun Stevens

Dear Sir / Madam
When will it be available again Gourdon 20 red chilli?

Yours sincerely.

Lorenzo Urbinati

25 March, 2015 by lorenzo

Simplicity, quality and affordable. I am really impressed with this. Soo practical and easy to load and carry. Bought for 5 day cycle trip in France. Going hand baggage only so bought this and have been trying it out. Was able to fit in all I need and it rolls up into a tiny package to stow in the panniers. Excellent kit

18 March, 2015 by Tim

Simplicity, quality and affordable. I am really impressed with this. Soo practical and easy to load and carry. Bought for 5 day cycle trip in France. Going hand baggage only so bought this and have been trying it out. Was able to fit in all I need and it rolls up into a tiny package to stow in the panniers. Excellent kit

18 March, 2015 by Tim

Hi, is it possible to have fixing points added to the Gourdon 30L, for securing to a Cycle Rack.

If yes, additional cost?

Thanks, G

18 February, 2015 by Graham Leather

What are the chances of a 50 litre version with a couple of simple axe loops and crampon bungy on the front? Same back system, but perhaps long enough to house a folded sleeping mat instead of the sit pad. Or just add the back panel to the Airlock Xtra.

18 February, 2015 by Sam

Hey Thomas,
The two toggles are to tuck in the Hypalon tabs at the top to stop any unwanted unrolling - not essential, but they can add a bit of security.

03 February, 2015 by Jay Oram [Alpkit]

My daughter is delighted with the Gourdon 20 she got for her birthday, being a bit of a lightweight fiend but we haven’t been able to work out what the two toggles and shock cord loops attached to the roll-top buckles are for. Does anyone else know?

25 January, 2015 by Thomas Schyma

I’ve had my gourdon 25 for 3-4 years now, and it’s still bomb proof. I use it all the time for mountain biking, kaking and out walking.  As a few other people have mentioned, what would make it 10/10 would be a small internal sleeve/pocket for keys/wallet/phone.  thanks!

16 January, 2015 by Adam Leonard-Williams

I’ve had this bag for several years now, use it mainly for sailing and rowing, occasionally on the hill. Generally excellent but a couple things could do with beefing up:
- the elastic cord is very wimpy, I’ve removed mine as it’s lost any elasticity
- the bottle holders are not very tough, mine are wearing through. Once the bag is fairly well packed, the bottle holder nets are pretty tightly stretched; I think that’s what’s caused the damage.

The rest of the bag is still going strong and I’ll keep on using it. Comments are by way of encouragement to make a good bag even better, rather than to complain!

A couple of minor quibbles:

I now it’s supposed to be minimal, but one extra I’d find really helpful: a key clip near the top of the bag on the inside. I want to keep my car keys dry (that’s partly why I have this bag), but they are always difficult to find at the bottom of the bag.

Also, it may be obvious for most people, but I gave one as a present to someone, she had no idea how to work the waterproof closure - instructions would be useful!

12 January, 2015 by Trebso

I’ve had my stealthy G20 for years now , it has served well as a daysac and taken a bashing on walks, shopping, cycling and traveling but unassumingly continues to keep my camera and other kit bone dry. Alpkit clippers hooked on the shoulder straps on small fabric strips just below the end of the chest strap rails held my gloves or hat when I took them off , and others on the bungee loops anchored lanyards for things like my GPS or torch which I worried might otherwise be insecure in the open topped pockets. The waistbelt I cut off as it was seldom used, and I added a vertical pouch (which uses a velcro wrap around to hold it on) to a shoulder strap to hold my ‘phone when out shopping etc
Several folk admired my battered little ‘sac and then bought their own , that has to be the best kind of advertising .
I love it , it is tough , simple, waterproof and incredibly reasonably priced . When (after a lot of jamming water bottles and various junk in there) the mesh of the side pockets started to come adrift from the elastic at their top, I bodged a repair with needle & thread, but worried that I might be Gordoun-less if my fix failed and the ‘sold out’ signs went up online , so I bought another. That was over a year ago, and the replacement sac is still waiting on the wardrobe shelf. (I did notice that it had less thickly padded shoulder straps, with a broader, less convenient band to set the clippers) And here I am , with a functioning, loved and scruffy Gordoun in use, a shiny, pristine one in waiting, and seeing they are back in stock I actually have an overwhelming urge to buy yet another, ‘just in case’.
I can’t imagine a better recommendation than that .

Everyone has a different idea about what is useful and what could be lost or added to the design to make it perfect for them : I have never used the elastic widgets to hold the roll top ends down , or the haul loop ( I just use the roll top as a grab handle , which may be why the stiffening in it seems to be cracking ... ) I would like some way to secure a pouch near the top : maybe a patch of the loop bit of hook/loop could be glued in at minimal added cost and weight ? That would give folk the facility to glue or sew some corresponding hook strip to whatever they fancy , or use a strip to affix their keyring.

11 January, 2015 by Heather

Hey Georgina - the black and kelp don’t have a window. They are due back in for this weekend (9.1.15) - Jay

09 January, 2015 by Jay Oram [Alpkit]

Hi, just wanted to know if the kelp and black gourdon 25 have no window on them? [looks like it in pic and I am looking for such a bag] And when will you get more kelp ones in?

05 January, 2015 by Georgina

The go to bag of choice for work trail running and mountain biking. What more could I ask. Get a Gourdon 20 rucksack believe me.

05 December, 2014 by Paul Morris

I bought a couple of these beauties prior to a months trip around Thailand and Cambodia. Me and my son used them as hand luggage on the flight out there and then as a general walking around bags.  They were thrown about on planes, trains, boats, tuk tuks and just about everything else. Perfect bags in terms of size, comfort and practicality. They kept gear dry, were comfy to carry and the mesh pockets were spot on for water bottles.  The bungee cord was really useful too. Brilliant bit of kit!

23 November, 2014 by Mark Bilcliff

I have been using a Gourdon for a good few years now, it’s probably one of my favourite packs, it goes everywhere with me whether I am out canoeing or a day walk or even doing a bit of shopping in town.
It was even commented on by a Lady in Sorrento and by a tour guide on the side of Mt Vesuvious last year. The clear panel had caught their eye. That’s also one of the things that I like about it, that I can see where things are and I don’t have to rummage through it.

24 October, 2014 by Leon Andrews

still such a fantastic sack. Please don’t lose the mesh pockets, but will let you replace the elastic cord with an internal clip, keys OR a small zip pocket that can be attached.. cost neutral! I use it daily for a bike ride to work, rain or shine knowing nothing will get wet

03 October, 2014 by claire Guy

Really great bag. Used it so much since it arrived, for camping, weekend breaks, biking. Just ordered another for a friend’s birthday. Again quick delivery, very happy with Alpkit service and quality good smile

02 October, 2014 by Sarah

Love my Gourdon 30 dearly , use it daily for work ( I know probably not in the design brief grin), my laptop fits in there a treat and its still comfy on my back. Alpkit how about including a couple of clips inside the top section so I can clip an “orbiter” or similar straight in to hold my wallet / phone / passport / book etc, I would happily pay the extra £5 - I’m guessing at that cost ...

17 September, 2014 by Simon Alcock

I’ve had this back for almost a year and it’s been an excellent purchase. 

As a general day pack for hiking / everyday use, it’s spacious, compact, light weight, very comfortable and fully waterproof.  It’s well made and hasn’t shorn any sign of wear and tear as yet. Each side pouch also accommodates a 1 litre Sigg water bottles.

This is also a great bag to take backpacking / in a suitcase as it packs down to nothing in your luggage and gives you an ample day sack if needed.  It also proved itself at a very rainy festival last year keeping everything perfectly dry over several days.

All in all I’d say well worth the very reasonable price.  The bag I shunned to buy the Gourdon 20 was the Deuter AC Lite 22 which comes in at 3 times the price and isn’t waterproof.  The only addition I would make would be some kind of internal pocket / attachment for keys, phone etc.

18 March, 2014 by Julian

£22.50 for a 20 litre waterproof, roll top drybag is a good price, but then add in that it’s full featured light backpack, with padded back pad, bladder pocket and decent padded shoulder straps (with adjustable chest straps) and waist strap. Then add in two mesh side pockets and elasticated compression cord running across the front of the bag.

The Gourdon 20 pack come drybag is outstanding. Alpkit, what an amazing bargain. Thanks

03 March, 2014 by Neil Walker

is there any reason why the bigger packs dont come with the net side pockets and the bungee cording? that would make them absolutely perfect! at the moment i am not sure they can cover my needs as the 20l is probably too small

20 February, 2014 by Chalks

Gourdan arrived just now… I had imagined that I’d be getting a ‘dry-bag-with-2-straps’, which opinion was based on the price… imagine then my surprise and pleasure when I find Gourdan 20 is a fully-finished, super-light rucksack with more features than you can shake a stick at, ‘cept the dog has run off with the stick…

01 February, 2014 by Simon in Easton

Best pack i have ever bought. It hasn’t leaked once, really light and at a good price.

The only things I would add are some elastic to tidy the waist straps (soon sorted with some slim black hairbands)

Place to put keys (Using Velcro I secured a clear pencil case inside)

Quality stuff Alpkit.

A tip for those of you that cycle with it. (I do everyday)

Sandwich your D lock between two pieces of cardboard inside the hydration storage pouch. Keeps it from digging into your back and rattling around.

31 January, 2014 by iain

I have had one of these for 2 years. I work as a Remote Medic and it goes away with me on trips as my 1st Response pack. It is large enough to carry my gear to stop ‘em bleeding, keep ‘em breathing and keep the heart beating as well as room for some pharmaceuticals and the mesh wand pockets take an Oxford Clinical Book in each side. When back in the UK I work as a Paramedic and use the bag for commuting to work as it is small enough to fit between the front seats of an Ambulance. I commute on a motorcycle and it has never leaked yet and is all I could have asked for. I agree with the comments about price, why are day sacs from other brands so expensive? Alpkit are leagues ahead for value. If they did this range in Olive Green I’m sure the Military would clear the warehouse out in seconds

20 January, 2014 by Dan Swain

Please can you get more of your Gourdon 25 bags in soon - I tried to buy one before christmas but you only had the yellow, I awaiting to buy a black one. At present I am without a bag I had a temporary one that has now broken I really do not want to buy another one so I await the return of the Gourdon 25!!!

17 January, 2014 by River

Please can you get more of your Gourdon 25 bags in soon - I tried to buy one before christmas but you only had the yellow, I awaiting to buy a black one. At present I am without a bag I had a temporary one that has now broken I really do not want to buy another one so I await the return of the Gourdon 25!!!

17 January, 2014 by River

I have used a Gourdon 25 as a my bag for cycle-commuting for the last few years.  In all weathers, day in / day out.  It is without doubt the best rucksack I have ever had for the job.  Waterproof, perfect size for my lunch, a book and a change of gear.  I love it. 

Sad thing is this.  You have never replenished the stock.  I would very much like to order another but can’t and haven’t been able to for months & months.

Could I ask you to please consider re-stocking as this is an excellent product that I would gladly recommend to many of my cycling buddies.

16 January, 2014 by Colin

Top notch! Simply and effective design. You could make many alterations, straps, webbing etc but that would only up the cost.

My only suggestion is a small inside pocket.

03 January, 2014 by Iain

Bought a Gourdon 20 in chilli. Great little sack. Does what it is supposed to. I’ve used it for autumn day walks in the Peaks. There is just enough space for me to carry lunch, coffee, emergency kit and spare dog lead. Really comfy if some thought goes into packing. Perfect bag. couldn’t be happier!

26 November, 2013 by Andrew Brown

Gourdon 25 in kelp just arrived, couldn’t be happier with it. Bought it as an alternative to the Outlier Minimal Backpack which is 4x the price, and I’m glad I did; looks good really simple, fits perfectly and is a great size for day-to-day use.

01 November, 2013 by Elliot

Took the 30L bag on bike tour and I use it daily for commuting to work. It’s superb and always dry inside. I had wanted to strap it to my bike rack but it kept falling off (it was packed tight and I think just too heavy and big to stay on - I have tried this since with less stuff and it stayed on fine). But I wore it as a backpack instead and it was great, nice and comfy. Held a lot, but it didn’t feel so big that it was a burden for me. If you pack less you can compress it well and take it down size, so I would say go for the larger version in case you need the room. As someone else here said, it would have been good for the 30L to have a pocket for keys, phone etc. You can slide a few things down the back pocket, where the back support piece goes. But you’ll still have to dig deep. A small pocket would be very helpful. I did find a tutorial online somewhere on how to attach one of those plastic see-through pencil cases to it to make a pocket - nice idea!
I did get 2 small holes ones when I scraped it along some concrete by accident, but these were tiny and the bag held together. It is easily fixed anyway with the patches or similar stuff. Used it once as a dry bag in a kayak too - it leaked but I do believe this was my poor rolling rather than the bag’s fault!
Overall, really happy with it!

14 October, 2013 by James

Bough A Gordon 30L red with no window a few months back now. Originally intended on getting a Green/kelp one but the models with/without windows changed round and skuppered that.
Really didn’t want a window for multiple reasons (privacy, structural weak point, etc)

Anyway, the bag material is fantastically tough. The red isn’t too bright and gets covered with mud anyway wink
I intended on using mine for lightweight hammock camping/trekking for 2-3 day trips. Fairly snug size for this but it is possible with the right choice in kit. Would be ideal for biviing as well. My first proper trip was a 2 day hike, was my first time with trekking poles as well but the light bag, lower amount of kit and poles meant I actually covered twice my normal mileage in a day. Was dead chuffed.
The Gordon is so simple and so light. No external rain cover needed and in the medium rain and I’ve experienced its all stayed bone dry.

Would really like to see the compression straps on the 30L, personally I’ve actually added them in the same way blogged about by another owner. (Shower curtain suction cups and epoxy glue with bungie cord) But It probably needs re doing with webbing and some stitching with seam sealing tape and glue. Gluing isn’t massively strong on an incredibly tough waterproof material like this and is tending to peel off slowly. I’m not too worried about stitching into it because I can see the original Alpkit way is exactly that, stitch and tape and seal.

The straps are comfy and work well. No sign of some legacy issues with straps slipping. everything behaved and stayed tightened. The waist strap does transfer weight to your waste ok, its not purely for show. But the thin webbing does eventually dig into your waist more than is nice. So if your carrying the top end of weight/capacity its not 100% comfy. But few bags are amazing on every point of contact after 20 miles. For shorter trips its actually amazingly comfy.
Chest strap helps keep things in the right place and is easy to undow/do up. Handy to hang glasses on too.

Despite being a single compartment I found a grouping feel down one side of the bag, and then down the other would always find even small objects in a couple of attempts. Mostly because stuff stays where you put it, or small things fall down and are easy to find on the bottom.
The arm straps have a covering rubberised material that is slotted, which actually allows for some Alpkit clipper minis to be put on at shoulder hight and below for clipping on accessories if you want. Really handy.

The Roll top closure has had some abuse from being over loaded and the plastic looks a bit wavy. But a bit of care to bring to two sides together neatly and a good two rolls or more make a very good seal. Despite said abuse it is absolutely fine. I do find it a bit of a faff re opening when I’ve just closed and forgotten to repack X or get out Y. But that’s a low price for waterproofing like this.

Water pouch works with my Gelert bladder. You need to make sure to place it the other side of the hard divider and with lumpy bits towards the bag not your back, but its fine when in. Bit of a pain to take out and in if your bag is fully loaded, but every water bladder pouch is like that on bags.

This bag is now not only my trip bag but it gets picked up for everything. When I read reviews I couldn’t care less about this aspect. But in truth its great for weekends away, beach trips(No nooks for sand to hide in after one shake out), day hikes,  even a stag weekend. Finally strapped onto a luggage wrack for a days cycling.
Very lovable, reliable and versatile.

Point of interest I’m 5’11’’ Medium build and have no issues with it being “took big” or empty for day hikes if I want to travel lite. Some reviewers have complained 30L is too big for such things. I don’t have an issue, although the extra elastic makes it look silly fairly empty. Even before I added those it was fine.

23 September, 2013 by D Tesson

I’ve been looking for the ‘perfect’ rucksack in ages,  I had in mind that it would have pockets, straps, compartments, and all manner of bells and whistles.  Though I could find lots of bags with all of the above, none were quite right.  So I had a rethink.  I realised that what I really needed was a bag I could put on my back, and fill with stuff that could be kept dry.  The Gourdon 25 is that bag.  Nice one AlpKit.  And thanks for getting it sent out so quickly - quality service as ever.  Cheers.

12 September, 2013 by Jonathan

I am on my second bag now, I had the red 20 litre with the mesh pockets bought in 2008. After 18 months of very heavy use it ripped in two places and was beyond repair with the patching kit. I replaced it with a stealthy 25 litre in black 6 months ago, no mesh to fall apart, no elastic or rubber loops to break. The extra capacity means it holds as much kit as I want with out it abrading against solid/sharp edges which is what caused the first one to fail. The material also seems a bit thicker this year than the frankly poor quality 2009 bags,my friends new 2009 bag ripped on a MTB ride when it caught a branch. I felt guilty about that as he bought one after seeing mine from when quality was better. Still good value for money and the quality has come back but it still lacks a light tab or MOLLE panel, I would also love a ten litre version for short day rides, most ten litre packs are zip up or too square/bulky or you have to shell out £60+ for an osprey or camelbak so alpkit could be onto a winner if a ten litre was offered.

27 July, 2013 by Matt

Same as everyone on here, Gourdon is great value for money, really simple, effective design. I use it as a day-sack over my other, more standard choices. Would recommend to all!!

01 July, 2013 by Smith

First of all I have to say, and I do not say that often, I am very impressed by the outstanding service!

And besides, the Gourdon is great, too…
Very light weight and handy!
But I would love to see a small pocket inside the gourden for a wallet or a mobile etc.

22 May, 2013 by Fritz

I have 2 Gourdons, a Stealthy Black and a newer Red one. There are both great pices of kit however I really don’t like the window! I never use it to find stuff in the bag I just look in the top and I find I have to pack my stuff carefully in case my underwear is showing. Please make a non-window version in all colours and I will be a happy man.


Nick, London.

12 March, 2013 by Nick

I recently received my gourdon 30 and love it to pieces, its light, cheap, simple comfortable
But I was thinking of ways to make Gourdon even comfier and I have cut a piece of ccf to fit in the back section, and WOW what a difference!!
It has stiffened my bag up and made the back more resistant to points and corners within

05 March, 2013 by Ben

received gourdon 20 and love it! have made wee alteration. Two velcrco strips stuck on inside of bag then 50p clear zipped pencil case (morrisons) fixed to velcro !great for mobile and little items !

21 February, 2013 by gary

I’ve had the 20 for a few months now and use it constantly for mountain biking, commuting, shopping, sledging etc. Well happy. It is perfect for me- just the right size, light, simple and effective. I can’t comment on the durability yet.

All in all it is an excellent bag and that’s without considering the price! Bargain.

05 February, 2013 by Michael Trikic

I received the 25l Gourdon for xmas 2011 and have used & abused it constantly since then.  It is excellent in its simplicity & works on so many levels.  I (so far) have used it whilst cycling, for work, on day hikes, and a couple of times for lightweight bivying. 

The build quality is excellent despite being a relatively thin material it is strong & keeps all kit dry. 

The see-through panel is excellent for locating kit & although others have had problems with the straps loosening, I have not encountered such issues.

The only problem I have had, is it developed a small hole on the bottom, purely from over use, so maybe the bottom could have a more hardwearing panel in the future.  But this was easily remedied with the self adhesive repair patches include.

Excellent product, & I would buy another in a moment.  As always, Alpkit service unparalleled.

01 February, 2013 by Chris Walsh

- - - Alp Kitbag - - -

(Sorry, couldn’t find the correct place to post this)

Really liking your new ‘Alp Kitbag’’ but is there any chance you will be toning down the advertising logo in future versions? 
The Gordon’s have moved away from the white writing, to a much classier matching colour logo.  Will the kitbag be following this style?
Many thanks

21 January, 2013 by Richard

Any idea when these are turning up in stock as it’s kicking on for the last working week before xmas and the info page states early december?

12 December, 2012 by mknight

I have had a Stealthy Gourdon 25l for a few years now using it most days.  It still keeps everything dry and is capable of hauling more bulk and weight than you would think at first glance.  I used to have another waterproof rucksack that cost substantially more and looked more robust than the Gourdon, but in reality didn’t last six months before the fabric wore through.  The longevity of the Gourdon, by contrast, is most impressive.  The only weakness that I have uncovered [and which may well have been improved in the years since I bought mine] is that one of the stiffeners at the mouth of the rucksack has broken - but as this is not visible, nor affects the ability of the sack to do its job, this is really only a minor niggle and not a reason for complaint.  Overall, this is a most impressive product that is both cheap and exceptionally good value.  Buy one.  In fact, buy two!  smile

09 December, 2012 by rj mansfield

My 30l Gourdon is one of the best Alpkit purchases I have made, simplicity is key. The clear window is great to read a map in the pouring rain too. Finally, it is an absolute life saver, and saved me from a nasty fall in what otherwise would have been a certain break. Change nothing… its perfection

10 October, 2012 by Julian

It still needs to ditch the mesh pockets and the elastic which fails under hard use. Replace them with a black webbing strap “MOLLE” panel and it will be great.

23 September, 2012 by Matt

I take my stealthy 20 into the diving bell when I am bellman for a saturation dive, just the right size for towel, book and packlunch and it keeps everything nice and dry, great.

05 July, 2012 by mark riley

Great bag, looking forward to some adventures with it.

30 June, 2012 by Luke

I have been using my Alpkit Gourdon 20 for a while now. I have used it daily whilst cycling and commuting into London. It has seen all weathers from snow & ice, torrential rain and nice sunny days and has always done a great job of protecting the contents from the elements. It has not leaked once and is without doubt the most useful rucksack I have owned.
Unfortunately four weeks ago whilst cycling to work as usual - with my Gourdon strapped to my back, I had an argument with the road and ended up with a broken collar-bone - Ouch!
My Gourdon did not survive the accident unscathed either, resulting in a torn side pocket and 3 tears in the fabric.
I contacted the nice people at Alpkit who asked me send it in so that Dr Gourdon could have a look.  I am happy to say that the bag arrived home yesterday, all patched up, and waterproof again, ready for more adventures. Unfortunately I am still not quite ready to join him yet as I still have my arm in a sling. And a rather unsightly lump. I would therefore like to say a big ‘THANK YOU’  to the staff at Alpkit for the sterling job they did on repairing my Gourdon - and they didn’t even charge me. Not a penny. Great service indeed - and a great product.

22 June, 2012 by Richard Bennett

any word on new colours…..waht about putting the drinks pockets onto the big bagstoo….im enviuos that my son has his juice on the outside of his bag whilst i have to put mine inside…..no he wont carry my juice for me !

22 June, 2012 by fiona

A great piece of kit! The only improvement would be if the strips made a magnetic connection. Otherwise, superb!

17 June, 2012 by Maria

Can this bag be full submerged?

14 June, 2012 by rick

Just got a Gourdon 30 in black and it is amazing. Simple, clean and feels much more roomy than my old Hi-gear 35 litre daysack. Straps are comfortable and the weight sits low on your hips - I’m 6’2” and always struggle to find a bag that doesn’t sit too high, so this is perfect for me. Delivered 24 hours after I ordered, along with some top notch dry bags. Thanks Alpkit!

15 May, 2012 by Andrew Jones

What a simple but effective solution. With a big Scottish Highlands C2C plus…mountain biking trip planned for end of May I was looking for waterproof solutions for lots of problems including carrying my kit. This looks perfect. I’ve used it in London for commuting and its v comfortable - holds loads - is v light - is deffo waterproof - last nights trip home proved that. So simple - I’ve always thought dangly bits and pockets add seams and problems - so by being so simple this pice of equipment delivers - it’s waterproof! And no need to mess with it for mouontain bikers - eg put your rear light in the bag glowing thru the window? Pls - no changes - that way it stays at a very reasonable price too. Thanks ALPKIT for tip top personal prompt service.

11 May, 2012 by Mel Glass

I’ve had a 30L Stealthy Gourdon for a couple of years and it has generally been great.  One of the shoulder straps came off at the bottom and I had to sew it back on. 

It would also be nice to have a loop for a key ring and a small pouch for a phone and wallet (or perhaps a means of fixing a pouch to the inside wall of the bag), so I can find them without emptying half the bag.

23 April, 2012 by Andrew

Had a Gourdon 20 drysac for a few months now for 25mile+/day cycle commuting in London; light and easier to use than a conventional rucsac. Recently took it to the Queensland rainforest for a week where it stood up to the heaviest of deluges; arguably one of the best bits of kit I’ve ever bought.

On the subject of keys/phone/etc.  a small ziploc plastic bag stuffed in one of the pockets works for me.

22 April, 2012 by OptimisticBiker

Bought a G20 in 2010 have used it everyday for commuting to work on the bike. Very versatile and can fit loads in.  Has this year started to let water in during strong recent April showers but plan to just buy another G20 to replace as far better value than anything else I have seen. I was hoping to try a drydock but look like sometime before they are available

20 April, 2012 by Ted

Brilliant! Both the bag and the service given by ALPKIT.COM very nice of them to give a thankyou on paper when opening it up. Only thing i would say is…would it be possible to do a MTB specific bag? Needs a couple of pockets inside or out to store phone, keys, wallet etc. Other than that well chuffed!

11 April, 2012 by Dom Peter

I bought my Gourdon 20 for use as a daysack for cross country mountain biking.  It is dam near perfect for the job. It’s light, comfortable under load and the back pad dose a good job of keeping the drink in my water bladder cool. 

The adjustable chest strap and belt keep it firmly in place on the steeper downhill sections of a ride.

The roll bag concept with toggles is great, easy to use and it seems capable of holding everything I need for a day on the trails.

As Phill a previous reviewer said, if you just added a strap for a blinky back light and a bit of reflective tape it would easily beat the best cycling backpacks on the market both in price and usability.

09 April, 2012 by Alan Olds

I bought the Gourdon 30 (in Jaffa) a couple of weeks ago.  I use it daily for my walk to work (7 mile round trip) and for carrying a full climbing rack and clothing at the weekend.  It won’t fit a rope as well so my girlfriend gets to carry that!

For such a simple system it works brilliantly - very comfortable even full of hardware, duvet and lunch.  The comfort puts other expensive and more ‘technical’ bags to shame.

Heading home from work it swallows huge amounts of food shopping but remains nice to carry.

I work in an outdoor shop selling some excellent gear.  Today I had a customer in, heading to Asia for three months, who had their large travel rucksack, but wanted a smaller, 20 litre-ish, day sack.  I showed them my 30, told them about the 20 and 25, the fact that they will roll up into nothing once the pad is removed, the price, colours(?!), gave them the website and off they went to buy one.  (I believe in pointing customers in the right direction not just selling what we stock)

Working in this shop I get to buy any stocked sack at 50% discount including Berghaus, Lowe Alpine, Deuter and, I have to admit, TNF and Osprey.  The fact that, having tested many of the sacks offered by these companies,  I prefer to buy a Gourdon says it all!  I’m going to buy a Gourdon 20 shortly!

Just a thought or two:

How about a small, simple internal pocket for keys and wallet (passport, etc)?  It is a litle frustrating having to delve deep for them when the sack is full of climbing gear or shopping.  Not a fault but more an oversight.

Also, how about a biking version?  Make the ‘Alpkit’ logo in a reflective material (or replace the ‘window’ with a reflective strip).  Add a couple of stratigic cords for lights….. absolutely superb.  Well…..?

Keep up the good design work.

04 April, 2012 by Gareth Jones

had wee gourdon for a couple of months now, use it out walking my dog, have stove some coffee and dry gloves, ideal,never going to climb the alps, but just the job for cutting around with, light, dry and pretty cool looking. Loving alpkit stuff, becoming an addict.

21 March, 2012 by Vern

Hi I’ve had my Gourdon 20 for a few years, still going strong, 100% waterproof, super light, great price…I’ve used for ice climbing alas now I use mainly for 30mile round trip to work…

Re: the cycling you are THIS close to the ideal commuting pack

To an orange 20L Gourdon add:
Big reflective strip
Loop towards the bottom for a rear light
One external w/proof zip pocket for keys/staff pass
An internal pocket that ends about 2/3rd the way down for laptops e.g., to keep the weight towards the shoulders rather than at the base of the spine

Nice to have:
Maybe pull down flap with reflective material to prevent a wet bum in the rain.

Remove the mesh pockets/elastic straps - keep it super simple.

Most cycling specific backpacks cost a fortune ( struggle to get a hiviz rain cover for the cost of a Gourdon), have millions of pockets that do nothing but add weight and let in water….you’d sell millions. Well at least one but you know what I mean…

14 March, 2012 by Phil

Just had delivered a couple of drybags and a Gourdon 30 ready for the Welsh Ride Thing in June. As always, fantastic service and really quick delivery. Cheers!!

14 March, 2012 by Paul McCullough

Gourdon 20.
Great bag, and fantastic service from Alpkit.
Plus, you can iron-on reflective tape to make a brilliant commuter bag.


29 February, 2012 by Alex Brett

have replaced a Gourdon 20 in Chilli… can cope without the window!! great product

27 February, 2012 by claire Guy

Bought a 30 litre Stealthy Gourdon. Arrived within 36 hours of ordering; very quick for Royal Mail. The sack is exactly as described. Looks a bit on the delicate side, but it is just so light. Exactly what I was hoping for. Thanks for another great product.

27 February, 2012 by Vince

i have the 30littre gordon in black which is fantastic i use it for shopping.i have just bought the 20litre gordon drybag in jaffa to use as a rucksack for day hikes the fabric looks durable i love the color the side pockets and webbing are a great idea very usefull.if this was made under another name it would be three times the price.

18 February, 2012 by john clarke

Arrived within 24 hours of ordering. Excellent service. Tried the Gourdon on a 2 hour walk with a reasonable load. Was surprisingly comfortable. Yet to use in the rain but looks great and well made. Would like to check out the larger sized waterproof rucksacks for backpacking when they come out later in the year.

15 February, 2012 by Tracy

Got the G30 after seeing a friends G20, now I have to say I was suspicious about the window but these have been put to rest as I have found the window pretty useful.

The pack itself is well made and very light and has been comfy at all times when in use and not one drop of water has got through to any kit inside.

The one negative I can see is use of a bladder as the drinking tube usually would be routed out the top of the bag and not the bottom where the hole is on the G30.

I would like to see if things like bungees and pockets on the outer would be like.

I have to say though another great bit of Alpkit gear. I will be buying more grin

11 February, 2012 by Dougie Bennett

Bought a Gourdon 20 for my trip to New Zealand. It’s a great rucksack, really comfortable and kept all my gear nice and dry (really got rained on hard at Mount Cook) and it looks magnificent in Lego Blue!

02 February, 2012 by Marvin Keeble

I have a Gourdon 30 (in red) and use it for cycle commuting and as a day sack.

I can’t fault it for pure functionality as even in the most atrocious weather it keeps everything dry and it’s really light and comfortable to wear on and off the bike.

In these dark months though, I have taken to wrapping it in a hi-viz rucksac cover when cycling as even the bright red can’t be seen at night.

I agree with some of the other reviewers that some extra options (like hi-viz stripes or external mesh pockets on the bigger bags) would be great, but not at the expense of keeping these excellent bags such good quality and value.

I might just have to get a G20 and some hi-viz fabric and hack it myself.

02 February, 2012 by Simon

I took my Gourdon 20 litre out for the first time over the weekend and it was unbelievable.

When I purchased the pack I was expected something useful but not special, just a quick grab bag. After trying it on and packing it with standard day stuff I was astonished at the comfort of the straps. It sat perfectly for what is essentially a basic dry sack with some rucksack straps whacked on!

I shouldn’t have expected anything less from Alpkit!

31 January, 2012 by Hatchley

I own both the chilli and stealth versions of gourdon! I cant explain how much I rate them! Perfect sac to take to the climbing gym, but equally at home in the mountains! My perfect day sac in all ways, its never let me down and I doubt it ever will!

25 January, 2012 by Townley

I had a Stealthy G25 for well over 6 months and use it for my daily commute (10 miles) into central London. Quite simply – it’s probably the best value thing I’ve ever bought. I love it! I have however cut off the waist belt and the little handle loop on the top which I find unnecessary.
It’s great when other people complain of wet shirts in the morning when my stuff is perfectly dry!

However, it is winter now and I seem to be dressed head to toe in black with a black rucksack, which may not be the most sensible option. Cue today’s purchase of a G25 in Chilli – slightly more visible. (I couldn’t bring myself to go the whole hog and get an orange one).

Not sure I want the window in it – more things to go wrong, but if it’s half a good as the Stealthy then that’s ok with me.

20 January, 2012 by Nick

Hi I have had a G30 for 4 months now, I use it for cycle commuting, its great the best bag on the market. This doesnt mean it can’t be improved, I think a reflective strip across the bottom of the bag would be a great cycle safety feature and maybe a cycle version of the G—could be in hi viz yellows, greens and oranges ?

18 January, 2012 by Nick Harvey

Don’t mind not having a window but outside mesh pockets are great for water or juice…and D ring inside for keys would be a bonus

15 December, 2011 by fiona

No worries Nick , coming round to it too! pockets make up for it..

14 December, 2011 by claire

Just bought the G20 for commuting, fell running and adventure racing. To make it the perfect replacement for my much loved OMM 20L sac these are my suggested developments:

1. Whistle on the chest strap (required in races)
2. waist belt pockets (for food / compass etc)
3. tab for light on back or at least some reflectives
4. internal d-ring for keys etc

Sorry Claire but it was the lack of window that finally made me purchase the sac.

14 December, 2011 by Nick

**** the G20 window campaign***
Thanks Richard!Jay please take it back to your designers… you will have 2 buyers for the reasons already stated; anyone else??

09 December, 2011 by Claire

Hey Richard,

There are a number of designs of each of our products and we know people love all of them, however, we have chosen to change the Gourdon 20 to be more of an all-rounder, therefore more people would like a bag without a window for everyday commuting and other activities.

Hope this clears things up,


09 December, 2011 by AlpJay

*** Bring Back the G20 Wndow Campaign ***

A Gordon20 with window + pockets just went for almost £40 (incp&p) on ebay last night.  That’s nearly twice the price of just buying a brand new one from Alpkit.

The Gordon’s are great but they are narrow & it can be a bit claustrophobic trying to find stuff buried at the bottom.  Please bring back the window on this model.  People are obviously prepared to pay for it.  smile

09 December, 2011 by Richard

I use my Gourdon 20 everyday for a short bike commute. Love the pockets the size and the transparent window, so yes, an old one! the window is perfect in the winter to slot a flourescent strip in without having to stick one one. Is there any chance of a window returning in the 20? not that it needs replacing just yet though

01 December, 2011 by Claire Guy

I bought a Gourdon 20 for my daily bike commute.  I like it! It’s minimal, not covered with zips and pockets like mainstream cycle rucsacs. It’s light. It easily holds workclothes, shoes, a few tools, waterproof, lunch, towel etc. The 2 straps across the front keep it secure when I’m riding. It seems well made. It’s waterproof so I can skip the waterproof cover that other bags require. All-in-all, an innovative product at a great price.

23 November, 2011 by George English

Bought a Gourdon 20 with me when I moved to New Zealand for use as a day sack and for work/fun in the Southern Alps (which get over 10m of rain per year!) What can I say? - it’s an invaluable piece of kit. My stuff always stays dry and the fabric doesn’t complain at being thrown around when I’m out climbing or mountain biking. The only changes I’d like to see are a clip/pocket on the inside for my keys and wallet, phone etc. (though I get around this by using a 3L Airlok sack).
Another excellent purchase from Alpkit

03 November, 2011 by Andrew C

Just been using a newly purchased 20 litre Gourdon.

Being somewhat broad shouldered and large chested I generally find that most rucksacks shoulder straps are never really long enough and the chest securing strap at the lowest level is usually across my neck.

It’s not the lack of webbing that you pull to tighten the straps it’s the length of the actual over shoulder segments.

Is there any calculation into the length of these or can a rucksack option with longer shoulder straps be sought? Another 1.5 to 2 inches would suffice.

Only rucksack with suitably long shoulder strap which fitted me perfectly was an old Karrimor Hot Earth which died many years ago. The modern versions have been shortened too.

Other wise love the bag. Ta


23 October, 2011 by neal

This is such a good product and such good value.

The straps are comfortable enough for a whole days walking and the construction is excellent.

When you’re not carrying that much weight it makes a perfect day/walking sack, and when I need to carry, say, a full climbing rack, I use it as a dry-liner for my bigger rucksack! (and have the smaller 25L so someone else can carry some ropes!

Great stuff!

12 October, 2011 by Mike G

This is my second Gourdon 30L, the first one has been used and abused for the last 6 years, and time to give the old one a rest. Simple and robust, a great bag.
But even better than that is the superb service I have always got from Alpkit, from ordering to receiving within 36 hours!

Thanks very much guys!

27 September, 2011 by Chris Summerfield

Thought i’d give the 30L Stealthy Gourdon a go as a pack for wet days.

Basic features aside from the hydration bladder pocket(which i found perfect for my Source 2L bladder). Light as a feather on it’s own. The 28L Macpac that i use for summer/Autumn walking fits perfectly into it. Adds weight but not an issue for me. I’d put it on in the house, and used it as a gym bag a few times before giving it a go on the hills. I was concerned how comfortable the thinner than i’m used to straps would be over a day, and also that the straps might be too close together on someone with a heavier build across the shoulders and neck.
Finally put it to use this weekend on a wet Saturday over the first two Munros of the South Glen Shiel ridge and then on an even wetter and windier Sunday on Skye. Worked a treat.My walking campanions were very interested in it.  Can’t recommend it highly enough. All my gear, including my precious camera, was dry as a bone. I’ll be looking for any excuse to buy a second one. A true bargain at only £25.

Of course the usual fantastic delivery and service from Alpkit.

13 September, 2011 by Nathan

Hey Fiona, we are always looking at different colours, it won’t be until after christmas now. But keep an eye on the site,


12 September, 2011 by AlpJay

hi, can you tell me if there are any plans for any more colours to be added t your range. we have a blue and red one already but i would love either a green or a purple one ???

10 September, 2011 by fiona bell

Me and my Gourdon

I’ve recently realised that I spend a lot of my time with my Gourdon 20 in tow, so I thought it was finally time to do him justice, so here’s a little piece about Gourdon and his big 30l brother.

There isn’t a day that goes past that I don’t use Gourdon or his big brother (his big brother being Gourdon 30L). They are definitely one of my favourite pieces of kit.  Gourdon comes on my daily commute to work on my bike (8 miles on all sorts of horrible roads) and is perfect no matter what the weather. He mearly shrugs of a little spray from the wet days keeping my gear (my lunch most importantly) nice and dry. Some days I’m off to the white water course straight from work, this is where his big brother comes into play, at 30L it’s just big enough, (but still small enough to ride with it on), for all my boating gear for a quick post work paddle. He waits patiently on the river bank, then when I’m done I load up all my wet gear, and he keeps all the wet smelly gear inside him rather than dripping for the long ride home, I hang him out to dry and he’s good to go again the next day!

Sometimes I don’t have to go to work and this is when they really come into play. Gourdon makes the perfect ultra light bag, perfect for biking, walking or running. He even has a padded back you can take out and sit on for those soggy sarnies should you so desire. Two handy pockets either side which I find are great for banana skins, or other such things you maybe don’t want mixing with the stuff inside. Then when you get back, fire the hose at him when washing your bike and hey presto ready to go. I’m yet to find anything him and his brother aren’t capable off. Big brother Gourdon recently spent 5 weeks in Nepal with us been thrown on and off the top of buses, he’s the perfect overnight bag or large hand luggage bag, or on slightly more sedentary duties Gourdon is perfect for carrying the laptop!

08 September, 2011 by Nicola Beeby [Alpkit]

Received this product this morning in Lego Blue. It is a stunning bag, been ‘borrowing’ my dad’s one for many months because I loved it so much! Delivery is excellent, all Alpkit products I have are off the highest quality, this bag is no exception! Will be using this one everyday to card my various items around in lovely welsh weather! Also personal notes written on the back of the returns sheet adds to your excellent customer service. I will most definitely be continuing to buy Alpkit products in the future.

05 September, 2011 by Peter

Really quick delivery and an excellent well made, simple bag; I bought the G20 for my cycle commute, it’s comfortable and lightweight and plenty of room - ace!  Thanks Alpkit

23 August, 2011 by Ben Pearce

Hey Simon,

The stretchy bits with the toggles connect to the rubber loops in the centre of the bag to help it stay shut and keep the roll top down. Check out the pic on the right -> for some hints,

Jay (Alpkit Customer services)

19 August, 2011 by AlpJay

got the bag very quickly!
bit confused with what the rubber loops at ends of the straps and the stretchy bits on the buckles are for. could someone enlighten me?

18 August, 2011 by Simon

Very prompt service, informing me of the status of the order at every stage of the process.  I’ll be buying other Alpkit gear.

01 August, 2011 by Jim P

Have just added another Gourdon to my collection and have to say they’re a great bit of kit. Have used for kayaking, cycling, walking and out in an open boat in all conditions without an problems! Great Alpkit service once again! Thank you ALPKIT!!!

26 July, 2011 by Ross Pyne

Great service. Having had the KiMM sac for the last 15 years, Gourdon is a near perfect replacement. Thank you. Possibly could add outer drink mesh and webbing to 30L model, but hey some people want it all. We’ll be flying the AlpKit flag in Berlin.

23 July, 2011 by shillinberlin

Customer service! And the product looks well! Looking forward to testing the Gourdon 25 sea kayaking!

23 July, 2011 by VCharmer

I agree, the window in G20’s please, my original is still going strong but would be sad when I replace it without one. On a bike at night, stuff a running bib with a flourescent strip showing through the window, perfect

22 July, 2011 by Claire Guy

Love these bags but wish you’d bring back the **window** in the G20s.  It is an inspired design feature & this bags unique selling point.

I remember reading comments here from people concerned there stuff was on view - but even a frosted panel would let in the light & make finding stuff inside, a whole lot easier.

22 July, 2011 by Richard


19 July, 2011 by KEVIN-T

I originally bought the G30 to keep my work clothes dry whilst on my commute and I’m impressed with it. I’ve just been out on a bivy ride in some of the worst rain I have ever seen, so bad we had to turn back after 3hrs, I just opened the bag and everything inside was still bone dry, result. At first I thought the shoulder staps felt a little hard and could do with a bit more shaping to curve round the back of my neck but to be honest it was fine after a couple of days use. I would also like to see the bungies and mesh pockets on the 30 to put things like gels/bars in or anything that you dont mind getting wet like a spare water bottle.
All in all a great product at a grat price, I’d rather use it than my Berghaus 64zero.

08 July, 2011 by Rik Thompson

Good for the price, but to be honest, a bit lacking in quality compared to the usual Alpkit standard.  I have the 30L bag and bought it to keep camera equiptment dry and general daypack use.  It took less than 7 days light use around a city for a hole in the clear window to develop (I think from a paperback book) and within two weeks one of the fasteners had broken off that holds the rolltop in place (I replaced it with a cheap keyring biner).

I’d have reservations about taking it on an outdoor trip over a few days (I can’t imagine that window surviving cams or other climbing gear against it), or go for a stealth bag to avoid the window problem as it’s just been unreliable.

06 July, 2011 by Ashley

I’ve just been bought a Gourdon 20 for my birthday and I’m absolutely delighted with it. The attention to detail within the design is astounding and as always with Alpkit stuff the price andvservice are superb. My only request would be that you make the bigger Gourdons with the mesh pockets and bungee cords too please.

03 July, 2011 by Matt Martin

Close but no cigar! If you whacked 2 ice axe attachment points, offered a 30l and 40l version and re-inforced the bottom in case of rock drag, this would be the perfect alpine pack. Crux are knocking them out for over £100! Surely you can compete with that?

28 June, 2011 by Dave

Wonderful service, I received no fewer than three emails with information about my order,  the item arrived the next day. Thank you.

22 June, 2011 by Tom

I have been useing my old (no window) 30lt Gourdon for a couple of years now.  With straps tucked under it makes a neat top bag over my rear panniers when cycle camping.  Then doubles as a day sack when walking.

Also makes an excellent lightweight backpacking sac.  Out with the back pad, in with a platty and my Airic loosly rolled inside.  Stuff inside with rest of kit.  Tent dangling from straps at bottom rear and drink and map case on front straps.

My only suggestion for improvement… attachment loops on straps.

Forces me to economise on kit but takes all my essentials.

If only all my kit was this usefull.

22 June, 2011 by Steven

Hi, I bought the Gourdon yesterday and this morning I received it!
Wonderful service and great product as usual.
Well done guys!

14 June, 2011 by Warner

Great for the family on the beach - the ‘window’ is handy. Use mine now for the gym. Good water-proof bags for silly money.

10 June, 2011 by Gerry

My G20 has just done the Welsh 3000s with me - just enough space for overnight bivi kit without worrying about it getting wet and 2 litre Platypus bladder in place of backpad - perfect

07 June, 2011 by Neil

Just a quick note to say thank you for some really excellent products, amazing prices and fantastic customer service. You put the big guns to shame!!
I initially was a wee bit sceptical about the quality of the products given the ridiculously low prices but after my initial purchase of the trekker wool mix socks at a about a third of the price of comparable products I bought the Hunka bivvy for £30.
I then ditched my heavy £200 plus Gortex one as the Hunka was lighter and breathed better having noticed this with clients when running our winter skills snow holing expeditions.
For years when multi-pitch climbing I’ve been looking for a replacement for my simple very light homemade stuff sack backpack. Everything I’ve bought has been very expensive and overly complicated or only available in gunmetal colour and extremely expensive!! So I thought I’d have a look at the Gourdon 20 which looked to have all of the features and far better design and quality than a similar 30 litre bag costing £120 AND for only £20!! Well now I’ve got it I have to say I’m really impressed by the design and even the material and stitching quality which is far better than many of the top brands…
So well done Alpkit and to be sure I will sing your praises for in a world of over-hyped and overpriced ripoffs Alpkit are the exception - with good design, quality, customer service AND cheap prices!!!!!!!
I hope you don’t mind us referring our clients to you website for the bivvy bags…


Ron Walker (MIC, IML)
Talisman Activities

03 June, 2011 by Ron Walker

Mart, a lot of people have used their G20 like that. I saw a lot at the Welsh Ride Thing last weekend, some people use bungie cords or roofrack straps. If you have a saddle mounted rack you may be able to slide it into the back system for added stability. This is what I did on a recent trip to Italy.. http://www.melloblocco.it/notizie/una-grande-bellissima-storia-del-melloblocco/?lang=en

02 June, 2011 by Kenny Stocker [Alpkit]

Exactly what I was looking for - incredible price, superb delivery and a simply but brilliantly functional rucksack. You are even better than you say on the tin !

01 June, 2011 by Brian Wilde

Any one got any info on transforming a Gourdon into a rear pannier bag? I imagine someone has done it - thought I could nick someone’s ideas!

In terms of Review, I’ve had a Gourdon 25 for about 2 years - still going strong, use it all the time. Can’t wait for an excuse to buy another.

29 May, 2011 by Mart

I got the Gourdon 20 for Christmas and think it’s a great bag. It’s perfect for a day sport climbing - I can fit a 60m single rope, 10 quickdraws, harness, slings, belay device, carabiners and a guide book in the sack (just) and attach a helmet, rock shoes and a jacket to the outside along with a water bottle and chalk bag in the mesh pockets. It’s comfortable and stable on your back and seems to be holding up pretty well to any abuse it gets.

14 May, 2011 by Stephen

Excellent design and well thought out, use it 3 or 4 times a week when I cycle down to gig training, really good quality - Just what I needed…..how did you know?

12 May, 2011 by Adrian

Ordered the 30L Gourdon, the same day Alpkit emailed to say the order had processed and would be shipped, next day it arrived, excellent service. Other positive reviews on here sum up my favourable first impressions of the Gourdon, a great looking piece of kit.

22 April, 2011 by Jon T

I used these bags for a drive across the world.  I love them - light, colour coded (so children know whose bag is whose), pack easily (not too many bulging bits).  I now give them as presents to friends for every wilderness trip I organise.  But more colours please!!

20 April, 2011 by John

Got my father one for use on his motorbike -I have since used it at festivals, sailing and some wet weather hiking. Surprisingly comfy - I am sure that you cab get more in than 30 litres and you can get a motorcycle helmet in it!  Fantastic.

24 March, 2011 by pixma

Just got a new Tomato colour 20l bag - it looks awesome, can’t wait to test it out in some heavy rain!

Spectacular quick delivery as well!

16 March, 2011 by Michael

Just received my Gourdon 20 today.
I will keep this brief and to the point. 1-Amazing value.
2-Fantastic quality.
3-Innovative design.
4-The best online service I have ever had.
In Summary buy one, or anything from this company you wont be disappointed.
Kindest regards and many thanks to all at Alpkit.

16 March, 2011 by Dean Read


13 March, 2011 by MIKE COULL

Having just (very promptly) recieved my gourdon 20, stuffed it with kit, and run around the house and garden excitedly, marvelling at the comfort and no-frills-sleekness of it all, my fiance now wants one. A lot. Ordered already. It’s very well thought out, simple, comfy, flexible, and shall be a constant companion, I think. Now finding myself really hoping for rain, just to be able to pull dry stuff out of my bag, and comment on the dryness of said stuff.

12 March, 2011 by freerangegoth

little things like this are an easy way to tell when product’s are being well thought out before they are being made.
whether it is a drybag or a sleeping bag the guys at alpkit always seem to think of everything, i used these dry bags on kilimanjaro last week and we had awful weather! they kept all my kit safe and dry, i was really throwing it around as i wanted to see if i could rip it, but i failed and im glad, I will be ordering some more.

cheers Alpkit !

05 March, 2011 by Dan Murphy

Ordered a 25l Gourdon yesterday - it arrived today, with a lovely note. It’s a bright tomato colour. I’m delighted with it, and with the usual Alpkit service.

Good stuff smile

04 March, 2011 by Ezra

It’s a great pack and you can read what I have to say about it here http://walkwithtookie.com/alpkit-gourdon-30-litre-rucksack

23 February, 2011 by tookiebunten

I can’t claim to have put my Gourdon to the test on the top of mountains or wading through swamps but this bag has saved my skin on more than one occasion. It kept my kit dry when my tent flooded at Glastonbury, it is often drafted in to keep my unruly ever-expanding sleeping bag under control and it makes a very comfortable improvised pillow when bedding down at the airport. This bag is definitely my secret weapon when it comes to packing light.

10 February, 2011 by Vicki

Brilliant bit of kit.  I got a 20 litre Gourdon before a trip to the Scottish Highlands last year. We were camped in the middle of nowhere and Gourdon was the drybag for my sleeping bag on the way in, and then my daysack for walks every day. In the evenings he got sat on to keep me dry by the (smoking) campfire.  On the way home he was my hand baggage on the plane.  Since then he gets dragged out whenever I need a smallish waterproof bag.

Versatile, tough and well designed, Gourdon is great.  Add in the Alpkit service, free postage and the amazing price and he is little short of a miracle.

09 February, 2011 by Jell

Holy moley (whatever that means). This is a well made piece of kaboodle. Mine’s a big one, and my Gourdon is a hefty 30 Ltr too. I thought it might be a bit too big but I tend to carry enough kit to cater for the odd idiot found wandering around with Ataxia on top of Ben Nevis in a shell suit and loafers in the middle of winter. No, really. Only thing I would have liked as a retro-fit would be the addition of some kind of elasticated strapping/basket/net thingy on the exterior for holding a drinking bottle/map/fleece etc. I am in the process of designing/fitting my own as I write. Having said that, it’s right on the money for its current stage of its evolution.
And what nice people to deal with to boot.
Britain still has greatness tucked away in little pockets.
Soooo reassuring…........!

02 February, 2011 by Alan

I am extremely satisfied with both the product two gourdon 25l), customer service (quick, friendly and good replies), delivery (less than 48hrs from UK to Sweden! FedEx probably deserves thanks as well) and the very low prices (similar products in Sweden are 4 times as expensive).

I dont have words! I am looking forward to put my bag to the test in the Swedish winter, Costa Rican jungle and the alps. Here we go!

24 January, 2011 by PeterPilot

Received my Gourdon 20 in the mail yesterday, looks great….may be some time before I can test its waterproof capabilities it was 36 degrees C here in Perth WA yesterday, when it eventually rains I’ll let you know how she goes.

11 January, 2011 by Dean Adams

I’ve been using the 25l for my daily commute for over a year now and it’s the dog’s knees (or is that the bee’s balls)! I cycle/run an 8 mile round trip and this bag is just awesome for the following reasons:
- holds all the essentials comfortably (laptop in sleeve, work clothes/shoes, washbag, towel, sandwiches) without rubbing
- is properly weatherproof so am guaranteed that everything inside comes out in the same condition it went in
- surprisingly tough - I’ve went on my arse a few times on the bike in the snow/ice and no rips yet
- sufficiently bright that cars can see it in the dusk and not knock you off your bike unintentionally
All in all, for the price, this bag is an utter bargain and I would consider it an essential commuter item

*Note* I owned the 30L, but it was a nightmare - too long and cut the back off me when running.

14 December, 2010 by Steve

I bought a red Gourdon 20 rucksack ages ago and I’ve lost track of the amount of people who have stopped me and asked me where I got it from – I should be on commission! I have battered this little rucksack and it is still completely waterproof and has no rips, tears or nicks – it’s fantastic.  It regularly gets dragged along to muddy rugby pitches and stuffed full of first aid kit, hauled round endurance mountain bike races and was the family rucksack on a beach this summer. It proved it worth at keeping sand out of the expensive electrical goods.

I can’t fault the product and it’s a price that can’t be beaten – trust me, I’ve looked. In addition, you get the now legendary Alpkit customer service. I just hope and pray they keep their feet on the ground and don’t turn into one of those faceless companies I’ll cross the road to avoid.

Well done Alpkit!

23 November, 2010 by Ross

Best day bag around, smart, comfortable, weatherproof.

19 November, 2010 by Dave

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11 November, 2010 by Ashley

Bought on a whim. Looking for a ‘proper’ rucksack to use as a daysack, maybe overnight use, saw the 25L Stealthy Gourdon and thought ‘why not, it’s only £20’ Fantastic buy. Big enough for both uses. Also means I can strap it to my cycle rack and go off for a walk without lugging panniers about. Really wish it had a couple of loops, or something, either side of the body, to secure straps/bungees to so that won’t ride up - but that’s a tiny point. Downside - i wish I had waited until the 30L version had been in stock, but when it is, I will get one of those as well. 10/10

18 October, 2010 by Rick

Just ordered a replacement for my first Gourdon 20 litre. It has lasted 19 months of use. Or to put it bluntly it has had over82 weekends of use (some weekends without use but also got used as a commuting bag for a few months 3 to 5 times a week plus twice on a weekend). Basically I’ve tested it good a proper.

SO here’s the failings -
The mesh pockets have ripped in numerous places but somehow still hold stuff like cereal bars, compass, wrappers, etc without loss.
The strap that is within the roll top closure bit snapped due to fatigue where It bent round to clip shut and the toggles hold it down. It still worked so no problem.
The final nail in the coffin is the fabric on the front or back (away from the strap side) wetsout then completely leaks. I could have carried on with it by making usre I put it down on dry ground like all the other sacks I use but chose to get a new one in black.

Conclusion - it won’t last forever or even as long as more mainstream makers but it will earn its £20.

Request 1 - MAke the 25 and 30 with bungee cords on front and for compresson
request 2 - Use better mesh if possible, it is not durable.
Request 3 - If above is not possible don’t change it as it basically works.

04 October, 2010 by TTG

Had a stealth version since they were first launched. The stitching of one shoulder strap gave way within a few days - but you repaired that for me by return. Since then it gets used motorbike commuting (65miles round trip) every day. Still going strong and completely waterproof - if/when it ever does wear out, it will get replaced by the same again. Stunning piece of kit.

04 October, 2010 by Denzil

To update a previous review, I can confirm that the Gourdon 20 is good for flying (if Customs want to search your bag it’s easy to tip things out and stuff them back in, and it works fine in the x-ray machine). It’s also OK for even the smallest overhead locker.

I tested this bag in Ireland and it resists even the most persistent Irish rain. This autumn I’ve been able to stop getting my back wet from spray when commuting on a mountain bike with no mudguards (bike manufacturers these days, eh?)... simply by using it as a sort of mudguard. And all my textbooks were dry!

If it wears out, which it has every right to, given how I’ve used it, I will buy another one. Unbeatable. Everyone loves it too. smile


02 October, 2010 by James

I have the Stealthy 25L and boy what a rucksack. He looks smart on my back never grumbles and is a joy to wear. He keeps all my stuff dry all the time too. At ALton Towers I got laughed at for carrying him, and called Bear Grylls??? But who never lost their phone or keys? On the mountain weart and tear is brilliant. I’ve gone through some tights spaces and done some good scrammbling and he’s stood up to the test everytime.

I really reccomend one as a day bag, the 25L has loads of room too more than you think compared to my mates 25L, more expensive ones

29 September, 2010 by Winger

Just used my Gourdon 20 on the Rab Mountain Marathon, no complaints at all - seems well made, everything fit in, drink in one side, waterproof in the other, tiny roll mat in the bungees, all kit was dry and very stable to run with even when full, load is very close fit which helps. Got the bright orange one so I can use on my motorbike as well - for 20 quid it’s seriously an absolute bargain!!

28 September, 2010 by Chris

Jesper reviews his Gourdon in a podcast. It is in Swedish, but he tells us it gets two thumbs up.

24 September, 2010 by Kenny Stocker [Alpkit]

and another thing ! Last Sunday morning, Gourdon was busy being a dry bag in my sea kayak - just remove the back support and he fits into the hatch. In the afternoon, he kept my waterproofs and sandwiches dry on the MTB… what a versatile chap he is !

23 September, 2010 by Simon

I swear, they have got to have put the prices wrong on the website. There is no way these cost such a reasonable price so get them quick.
I bought a Gordon 25 about 18 months ago for cycle ommuting and walking. It is great. Yes there are slightly more comfortable packs but they will cost three times the price and wont be waterproof, but the bag is no worse than some i have used.
The simplicity is the key to these bags. It has one pocket so you cant loose anything. Its always at the bottom! The bag has been rather well abused (three times a week hard use at least) and i have yet to puncture the bag.
It has been so good that i have just ordered the 20 in the lovely Jaffa colour to prepare for some Ultra runs next year.
If you are undecided then just bite the bullet and get one. Its such a bargain that even if you dont like it, you would probably only miss a nights worth of drinking in the cost you spent on it!

22 September, 2010 by Phil

I’ve had one of these for 6 months now and have previously used it on boats where its water resistance has been throughly tested and its always passed. 

As a rucksac its now on the top of my list too.  I’ve just finished the Inca Trail where I carried this for four days, often full to the brim (I have the Gourdon 20) and with a coat in the elastic straps and both pockets full of water bottles.  I found it extremely comfortable and it didn’t give me any problems during long term wear.  Fabulous piece if kit.

21 September, 2010 by Craig

I bought one of these last year and it’s now past the 12 month point.

The bare bones of the bag have been fantastic, good straps, 100% waterproof, nice slim profile.

The extra bit’s have not faired so well, the elastic cord went bitty as the inner broke up, the rubber eyes for it have worn through and the mesh pockets went in holes very quickly, I am going to cut them off soon.

I have recently manged to put a hole in the main body of the bag but I am not sure if that was wear or me catching it on something.

It’s a good bag and has stood up to daily use, commuting and mountian biking in all weathers but I think I will be looking for a stealthy gourdon with none of the little add on bits like the mesh pockets and elastic spider.

To make it perfect I would ditch the pockets and elastic spider and stitch a ladder of webbing straps down the back like a MOLLE system so you can clip extra LED lights on and tailor what you carry lashed to it with straps or elastic cord more easily.

14 September, 2010 by Matt

I’ve had my Gourdon 20 for a month. Really like it on the MTB. Being a dry bag means it can go thru the bike wash as well as the MTB grin

But… my wife would like shoulder straps that fit the smaller female form better..and a snap-link to stop me loosing my keys would be nice.

Having said that I really really like this pack !

03 September, 2010 by Simon

Just got my Gourdon 20 and it’s as good as everyone says - simple yet versatile, light weight (especially with the back pad removed), well made and looks great. 

At first I wasn’t sure how to close it but a quick look on the ALPKIT site and 1 short youtube video later and hey-presto - it’s so easy and so water tight that you can’t squeeze the air out after it’s closed!

One point to note for cyclists is that the shoulder straps are a bit wide and a bit stiff for cycling - so with your shoulders up when riding the straps rub on your neck. Having said that, after 2 hours on the bike I was not sore and I’m sure the straps will soften with wear so not a big problem.

Over all - love it and recommend it!

25 August, 2010 by Marc

soooo sick!, ordered my gourdon one day got it the next! canot grumble, and even if it were to take a month you couldnt grumble, treated myself to this bag as ive just started a new job with a lovely 20 mile round trip comute through the lovely but sometimes inclement cornish countryside.

I was a little worried by the small size of the parcel that my postie droped me this morning, but was reasured as the almost tardis like bright red tommato gourdon just kept unfolding before me, and im now more than confident (after a quick in house test drive filled with some laundry and a pair of trainers) that he’s more than big enough for a days clean clothes for work and even the lunch box/pasty and cake…... mmmmm cake!

i was reasured by an earlier review that said even those who are picky about their rucksacks found gourdon comfy to wear, and as an avid mountain biker i can be fairly anal about rucksack straps, but these are as comfy as my specific hydration pack (by well known manufacturer) costing four times the reasonable price of my gourdon.

overall a stellar product from a stellar company, at a frankly awsome price.  I cant wait to take gourdon on some outdoor advetures. 

Thankyou alpkit ladys and gents for my fave new bit of kit this year.

Sam =)

25 August, 2010 by sam hopwood

Gourdon 20 is a very impressive and versatile pack (daypack, drybag, hydration sack).

The only issues I’ve had are QA issues with the inner seam tape peeling by the toggles - even a replaced version had this issue. I ended up sealing it myself.

For cyclists, I wish Alpkit got into cycle bags as some sort of bar mount for this bag would be great, or a bar bag using the roll-top minimalist concept would walk the bar bags currently out there (these are often poorly designed, particularly the expensive German ones which for some unknown reason use pop-fasteners to secure themselves). The click-buckle and toggle method used in this bag is very reliable.

21 August, 2010 by Peter K

Have just spent three days wild camping and walking in torrential rain with my sons. Both had Gourdon 20s and all their kit stayed dry inside and were comfortable.

13 July, 2010 by Rae

Bought this Gourdon 20 in Jaffa on a whim when ordering some lite stix as it looked pretty versatile, visible without being standard day glo yellow and thought it would be great keeping my kit dry when cycling in the rain and mud.

It’s more than good.

The biggest surprise was how comfortable it was to wear - I’m quite fussy about that and have several cycling hydration packs but none of them are waterproof.

Top idea and design.

A bit of reflective decals perhaps would perfect it for me but I’m sure I can do a little customisation.

08 July, 2010 by Marc

I recently took a 30lt Gordon travelling though South East Asia.

I was attracted too it as it can be pack away lot smaller than similar bags. I was also expecting alot of rain.

The Gordon performed brilliantly. It would squash down to fit into the under seat compartment of any bikes we rented. The fastening system meant we were confident that no-one would pick pocket out of the bag. It looked better than expected.

A couple of hints when using your gordon.

1)If your not using the waist belt and don’t want to cut it off stow it in the back compartment by using the hole at the bottom.

2)Gaffa tape the repair patch to the inside of the back compartment to avoid losing it.

3) leave your pillow behind and use a Gordon when roughing it on an airport floor!

4) flick the straps round to the front of the bag if rolling up for storage.

5) don’t under estimate how big 30lts is. I wish I had got a 25.

There were also many things i though of on how the product could be improved but all of these would take away from the simplicity of the design. The only improvement that I think would be cool is if 2 stiffening strip to roll the bag down on were magnetic. It would make closing it just a fraction easier and would also be cool.

Cheers folks


01 July, 2010 by Ian

Gourdon 20: How do they do that? Amazing.

Was looking at “hydration packs” for mountainbiking and stumbled across this on your website. What a great bit of kit at incredible bargain price. You could halve the volume and double the price and it would still be great value.

The “dromedary” has a certain ring to it!!!

Thanks again alpkit for great kit at bargain price

29 June, 2010 by TimH

Gourdon is great. Gourdon goes cragging and to the beach, he is tough, light and easy to carry. Unfortunately he is so good that hubby stole him and now I have to buy another one

25 June, 2010 by Caroline

Great, strong, durable. All your stuff will be dry. A must have !!!!!!

Thx !!!

31 May, 2010 by François

Found these to be great, strong and durable. what ever the weather you can just grab it out the cupboard and you know all your stuff will be dry.  Really recommend these

29 May, 2010 by graham Hadaway

Just took delivery of my new stealthy 20L gourdan.
The bag is just brilliant! The design is simple but very well thought out - love the tabs on the ends of the straps,the chest harness adjustment and the sit mat pad. The materials are very good quality, many of the bigger brands could take a few lessons from you especially in the customer care dept!. Love the packet of spare patches aswell nice touch!!
Delivery was prompt and the hand written thank you note from Dan although brief was another real nice touch and the price??? it’s unbelievable for the quality & features!!
I’ve bought the bag to slip into my cycle panniers and act as a dual pannier liner and day sac for cycling/walking Hadrians wall on my 40th this Saturday coming. If you improve anything I would offer a larger capacity version of the bag with all the same features etc… as I seem to carry most of the girl friends gear aswell and if not too cost prohibitive you could even add one of those combined chest harness safety whistles and reflective bungees, that would really knock the socks of the bigger brands. although I’m more than very happy with it as it stands.
I’m now going to order a Gamma torch as they sound pretty excellent aswell!
Many thanks,

10 May, 2010 by Gary Spriggs


The slip out sit mat is great but I left mine near Sgurr a ‘Mhaidaih on the Cullin
ridge in early April…if found please enjoy…the Gourdon was indeed tough enough to stand up the the Cuillin gabbro though!

27 April, 2010 by Maurice

Been giving my Gourdon 20l hard use for over a year now and it is starting to wear quite badly. The body of the sack is tough as it comes and shows no sign of wearing out except at the stitching where the blue fabric meets the black back fabric. The stitching appears to be opening up slightly. The elastic mesh is failing quite badly and will be useless soon. The main problem is in the closure. The stiff strap that you roll over to form the seal has snapped and instead of forming a curve it is now two folds. Probably not a real problem just annoying.

Having said that the Gourdons are excellent and my best buy for ages. I am seeing more of them, especially along the long distance walkers and challenge walkers I see at events and meets. I will replace it with another one when it finally fails or more likely before then when the mesh pockets tear completely. One thing if you can re-design the pockets to make them easier to take bottles from and put back. Perhaps align them at a forward angle like some other light running packs. The shoulder straps are only just long enough and I am not a big guy in any way. There are probably other things that could be done to improve it but then you would end up with a heavier, more complex and more expensive sack. Not a Gourdon.

27 April, 2010 by Tall Paul

my gourdon goes everywhere with me. he is bright and shiny and never complains when i make him carry heavy things.

Gourdon has been with me to the summit of lots of big mountains and weve shared some very special moments together. He is uncomplicated, very good looking and when i get bored of outdoor life (on the rare occasion) he gets shoved in the cupboard and doesnt say a word.

i LOVE gourdon   smile

13 April, 2010 by A

The Gourdon 20 is simply a very good bag.

1. It’s waterproof, like no other bag at that price.
2. It’s orange, if you want, and it still looks visible but good.
3. The price is literally amazing. Most other manufacturers would rip you off.
4. The various loops and bungees are cool for clipping torches and other bags to them.
5. The bag is just about sturdy enough for short trips with a laptop in a protective case.
6. If you stuff it, nothing pokes through the sides.
7. The back panel that detaches can be used as a mini mat.
8. I love it!

12 April, 2010 by James

I would appreciate more visual materials, to make your blog more attractive, but your writing style really compensates it. But there is always place for improvement

01 April, 2010 by highvoltz

Bagged a Gourdon 25 as the 20’s were out of stock. Surely a bag-o-legend. Does exactly what is say’s on the tin. Well made, robust, waterproof, lightweight and (in black) almost unbranded. Nice.

08 February, 2010 by Maurice

Gourdon 20 is a fantastic little rucksack. Bought 1 for my wife, she got fed up with me borrowing it so i had to buy 1 for myself. The wide shoulder straps are very comfy and the removable back pad makes a very handy sit mat at tea breaks. I dont bother using the hydration pouch because the mesh side pockets easily take a 1 litre Sigg bottle which can be accesed while wearing the bag. I recently used it for a days winter walking in the Mamores and strapped my crampons and ice axe on the outside using the bungee compression straps. Build quality is very good as are the materials it is made from. If you are after a small day bag you will not get better at this price. As you can tell i love this little rucksack.

04 February, 2010 by Paul Macdonald

I bought this backpack for commuting via bike in london. Recently my shoulders were playing up after using a courier bag.
The gourdon is amazing, i cant bgelieve how much i can fit in without it seeming overly heavy. The strapos are comfortable enough for a 7 mile each way commute. The pack looks great and is totally proofed from the elements.
Highly recommended, the price is quite literally amazing for the bags. Great work alpkit!

27 January, 2010 by gem atkinson

Just got my Gourdon 20 after a bit of a wait…but boy was it worth it! Absolutely delighted with all aspects of design, quality, value.  What a fantastic bit of kit Alpkit, well done!

16 December, 2009 by Paul Bradbeer

I bought the G20 for adventure racing last year and found it worked perfectly .....my kit remained dry for once! In fact it works so well my son now uses it to keep his books dry walking to school!...looks like I going to have to order a G30 to replace it! I’ve used it for commuting and day trekking and my son has even given it the nickname’tardis pack’ with reference to its seeming endless capacity!The only possible improvements to the G20/30’s I would recommend are:
1)a velcro tag to keep the hydration waterpouch from slipping down.
2)an outer bungee (good for holding jackets between showers)

29 November, 2009 by Water tekkie

My new G30 has just been well and truly tested during an incredibly wet race meeting at Silverstone. I’m a circuit marshal, so I bought the orange one to go with all my other orange garb - it passed the test through some utterly torrential rain and 40mph winds by keeping my dry stuff dry and the wet stuff out. Very pleased smile
The only thing I have to work out now is how to open a dry bag in horizontal rain without letting water in… maybe I need a person-sized version to stand in?

09 November, 2009 by Graeme Fowler

My window G2o is now 16 months old with daily use on my short commute keeping papers clothes and gadgets dry. It is a shame the window is no longer on newer models as the solution to reflectives stripes is folding a spare cycling tabbard and placing the reflective bit in the window during the winter. It still has many years of life now the proud owner of 2 see through bike puncture patches for miniscule holes (how did that happen??) adds to it’s developing ruggedness. If it is lucky it will get on the Vietnam and Cambodia bike trip in November and spread the Alpkit word even further

Thanks for great products

06 November, 2009 by Claire

The Gourdon 20 bag is a great choice for multi day or ultramarathon races and despite conventional wisdom, that little bit more is worth it. At first glance it doesn’t seem to add up as an ideal candidate for the lightweight standards of a typical mountain marathon, it’s heavy, it doesn’t have waist pockets, you can’t really reach the side panels and the padding is awful, but when you use it, it soon becomes clear that these features are simply luxuries that we have all become accustomed to. The truth is that we can compete with less and still survive.

The first thing I noticed was the weight. This is a much heavier bag than an OMM, Raidlight, Inov8 or even an Osprey equivalent, but I knew that it was waterproof, so during training sessions I had to decide if it was worth it. Late September rain was no match for this bag, even the tissue paper placed carefully on top of a packed lunch survived completely intact on a bike ride to work. The only problem was the back panel which caused some amazing rubbing and magnificent sets of grazes every time I used it. A simple solution was to tape a piece of sleeping mat to the bottom half of the bag which not only made life much more comfortable but also came to prove the point that this was indeed a piece of gear fit for long distance events.

I took this modified bag on the A class course in the 2009 OMM. It stayed dry, it didn’t move about, it didn’t cause any grazes on my shoulders or back, I managed to fit my water bladder in there and I stuffed some sweets and flapjacks in the side pockets. To compensate for not having waist pouches I carried food in my hands which combined with a thumb compass wasn’t a problem at all. Additional extras over the weekend were a couple of Airlock stuffsacks and the hood from my Filo jacket which gave some much needed comfort during the night in a hoodless, top only sleeping bag.

I’ll be using my Gourdon again and again on races like these, it’s amazing. Accept the small limitations, adapt your strategy for the weekend and enjoy a dry sleeping bag.

05 November, 2009 by Saul

Great! Just got one of these. A few initial thoughts: First impression is that the shoulder straps are a bit close at the top, but they seem to get more confortable with a wee bit of wearing and weight.

2nd thought, my previous ‘standard’ style rucksack wore thin at the bottom after a few repeated scambing around the abrassive cuillins - it will be interesting to see how this holds out.

But along with other poeples comments, it might be nice to a see the ‘Rugged Gourdon’ with a bit of mesh, a side pocked, and a ‘tough bottom’! It would still weight far less than other options

Another backpack I have has wee whistle on the breast strap, which add zero grams extra weight, and might be useful someday!

11 October, 2009 by Jon

Another fantastic Alpkit product, highly recommended. Although I agree the larger bags would benefit from bungee etc like the small bag.

02 October, 2009 by Neil Stubbs

I have had my Gourdon for over three months now and it has been through the mill. It has been used for the daily commute, gym trips and out on my bike. It still looks great. Love it to bits and for £22.50 I can have one in every colour.
Good work Alpkit another brilliant product.

13 August, 2009 by Tommid

Simple, light, no-nonsense bag. Just throw it in and roll it up! Mostly used for commuting, it excels in weekend MTB-adventures. kept my gear dry many times.

I would love the bungees and pockets on the 25 and 30 L versions.

11 August, 2009 by Thomas Snoeij

Me again! I just got back form a couple of days walking with a bit of surfboard paddling! the bag performed very well again and i tried out the hydration pocket!

I must admit i though this was a bit of a gimmick until today! having a camel back stuffed in the pocket is not uncomfortable it also adds a bit of padding or give to the gab. I could do with buying a clip to hold the tube or secure it to one of the straps! grin

08 August, 2009 by lewis

Brilliant bag!! i have not used this bag as a back pack yet but as a dry bag on a 5 day canoe expedition!! it sotred 6 days werth or dry food which to the delite of my tum it stayed bone dry! sadley we didnt! the fact mine has minimal straps and no webbing didnt bother me as stuff just gets caught on these when it a boat top product just like the Airlok XT which kept sleeping bags and mats dry!
thanks Alp kit

ps the window is a realy good idea except when you can see all the food in the bag yum yum!!

29 July, 2009 by lewis reford

Fantastic piece of kit! I’ve used every day since I bought it. It’s taken a pounding out on the hills and hasn’t let me down. I’ve walked in torrential rain and thunderstorms and it hasn’t leaked at all. Also the speed of delivery was excetional. I ordered it at 12pm and it arrived the following morning before 9am!

03 July, 2009 by Michael Robinson

I’ve had a Gourdon 20 for about 6 months now, bought it originally as an easy to pack daysack that would fit in a larger rucksack.  I’ve used it for a week at Oktoberfest and many times since and love it!  I chose the 20 litre version as I thought that the side drinks pockets and shock cord was a better bet than simply a bigger main pocket - maybe all sizes with drinks pockets and shock cord?

01 June, 2009 by Craig Mulvaney

Gourdon was perfect in the sunshine-showers-heavy rain in the inner Hebrides this week. The drybag design gives confidence the gear (photo kit, Filet down jacket) won’t get wet from rain or seaspray and won’t be damaged during an inadvertant dunk during boat-to-land tranfers…
The only problem - deciding each day whether to compromise between the smaller 20l Gourdon with water bottle pockets and the 30l Gourdon that will hold and protect a tripod.
30l Gourdon with side pockets please!!!

23 May, 2009 by RobHague

Gourdon 20: been using it for about 8 months now, mainly for my cycle commute but also dragged it around thailand and mexico - straps are comfortable, it’s definitely standing up to punishment, and it’s excellent value for money. I really like the simplicity of the drinks bladder storage pocket.

Two suggestions for improvements:

1. As others have said - reflective strips would be a bonus for cycling - I’ve stuck reflective stickers on mine.
2. For adventure racing, waistband pockets are a must for me - for keeping compass and energy bars in. How about some detachable ones (velcro?), that could be sold separately and therefore could be used with any of the Gourdon range? I’d definitely buy some.

21 May, 2009 by KevM

Love the look of the gourdon packs. But why oh why have you only included the mesh pockets and bungees on the smallest pack? I currently use a Kimm sac with a waterproof liner for Polaris Challenge duties, the extra outside pockets and bungees are a must on a pack like this. If these appear on the bigger packs I will buy immediately, and shout your name across the roof tops in reverence. Untill then I shall keep using the Kimm… :0(

17 May, 2009 by Stuart in Hinckley

My first ‘proper’ rucksack for cycling to work and I’m really chuffed with it. I was recommended Alpkit by a mate who has some of your stuff and I’m so pleased I found you. Excellent service from a small company. I’ve bought more stuff already. Love the handwritten notes. Bag is well designed and well made at a bargain price. From my point of view, a reflective strip would be a great idea for walking or cycling. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend both Alpkit and the Gourdon 20l. I’ll be back.

15 May, 2009 by Simon Lewis

After having the 30 litre Gourdon for a while now, this week my 20l one arrived. Isn’t it just the cutest thing ever! Now my Gourdon has it’s very own ‘Mini-me’!!!
Will be putting both through their paces in the Hebrides next week smile

15 May, 2009 by RobHague

When I was looking for a dry bag for an upcoming trip to deepest darkest Africa I eventually stumbled upon Alpkits dry bags.

I was not sure to begin with but the price and selection and the reviews here led me to buy the 25l thinking that this would be good for my day kit. Fortunately Alpkit sent me the 30l by accident or maybe they knew better.

Anyway as it turned out the 30l was an awesome choice and after spending ten hours a day on a boat for ten days with waves and sea spray nothing got wet and the bag stood up to all the torment.

Great bag I would recommend it to anyone.

08 May, 2009 by Bwana Mark

A few posts back someone was complaining that the angle at which the waiststrap leaves the sack was too high and it should be horizontal. I thought likewise but it didn’t really bother me. Then I tried connecting the chest strap and all became clear! Suddenly the harness is pulled so that the straps come out in exactly the right orientation! So don’t cut off the ‘spare’ chest straps - use them properly!
Cheers, Rob

05 May, 2009 by RobHague

I’ve got the stealthy and a 25L that I’ve use for commuting by bike throughout the winter. The delivery was amazingly quick. The service was great, I recieved patient and prompt responces to emails about the products prior to buying.
I think the products are simple,excellent value for money and have kept my stuff dry.
I particularly like the Stealthy 20l and wish the 25L had the same features, as I attach a rear light to the elastic strapping and can store tools without fear that my stuff is going to get wet if I have a mechanical when it raining.
I haven’t found the straps uncomfortable, but as a woman, maybe having a smaller frame is an advantage.
I’ve followed others advice and bought an additional dry bag to store wet gear inside the 25l bag and found this is fine.

03 April, 2009 by Claudia

I use it mainly for bike commuting - weatherproofing is great even with a line of dirt up the middle. The waist band is useful on a bike pack. One improvement = replace the window with a reflective panel.

The side pockets make it great for a day pack - they hold a SIG bottle tightly, but the hydration pouch needs to be thicker.

01 April, 2009 by Martin

Got my 20l one at the outdoor show. Like the bungies and side pockets. Pockets not accessable while wearing it, could do with tilting forward slightly. Like the back pocket and padding. It is tough as I didn’t manage to rip it on some rocks when heading off the hills. Will try harder next time. Price and performance is all you need.

31 March, 2009 by Tall Paul

Dear Alpkit,

The Gourdon 20 is genius,absolute genius. It’s INSPIRATIONAL - I just want to go play since buying it. Well done on the down-to-earth design price and attitude.

Service stunning.

Some (hopefully constructive) feedback: Please, please, please can we have pockets and bungees on its big brothers too. Then I’d buy one for all the family…. Wider waist strap worth thinking about.

03 March, 2009 by Bernard

I’ve now used and abused my Gourdon 25 for just under a year now and apart from the window (it punctured on some gravel but I’ve just duck taped over it and its fine now) it’s still in pretty good conditionit’s been on a number of expeditions and has never leaked, carried my ski-ing/snowboarding/climbing kit and has even had a trip to alton towers (it kept the water from the log flume, rapids, pirate things from wrecking cameras and phones and kept some clothes dry so you don’t have to walkround like a drowned rat!

I like the stiffness of the shoulder straps, The waist strap does not really add any support but i does stop the bag from bouncing around too much. I also added bungee straps to the bag but have only used them once so I don’t really see why I bothered.

all in all a great bag.


oh and the delivery was very quick as always

12 December, 2008 by BIG_emu

I bought a windowed 20L Gourdon just over two months ago and thought Id scribble my thoughts down. I not an Alpkit groupie so this won’t be gushing but it will be honest.

After only 9 weeks of what I would describe as fairly unremarkable use, I am a little disappointed. Of the two edges that make up the sack’s opening the window side one’s black stiffening strip is massively frayed into millions of tiny plastic hairs and the other’s sewn rigid plastic rod has snapped in two places.

Also with literally no use of sternum strap, the stitching which keeps it from slipping through the non-adjustable buckle has simply unravelled. And the stitching which hold the sternum strap system to the shoulder straps is slowly going on the other side.

I appreciate that this is a cheap, simple bag, and it keeps my stuff dry very well indeed. However unlike many Alpkit fans who seem to enjoy ‘modding’ their purchases, when I buy something I expect a finished product. A highly quality of finish for some extra money would be well worth it. I guess you get what you pay for.

08 December, 2008 by shrimps

My G20 has now had some use as a mountain bike hydration sack and has had some mods.  I replaced the back insert with 0.5” low density open cell foam.  This work is a treat as the pack forms nicely to my lower back and it is more than adequate at insulating from hard objects.  It squishes out of the way when I use a bladder: I use a 2l one which works well if you don’t fill it more than 1.5l or overfill the pack.  I stitched up the waist strap so that it is now horizontal.  This solves the issue of the lower edge digging in. 

I have gone from pleased to really pleased with my G20 now.  However my tinkering has generating some design suggestions:
Dump the back insert across the range.  It is a nice idea but compromises the product as a backpack.  Replace it with a dedicated and simple open cell foam and mesh padded area on the outside.  Make the pouch a dedicated bladder pouch by adding some depth to it.  Change the waist strap so that it exits the bag horizontally.  A wider waist strap would be nice.  Remove the stiffening from the shoulder straps to make them more pliable and breathable.

That’s it.  Excuse my presumption and buy Alpit; it’s good.

25 November, 2008 by Simon Cole

Received my Stealthy (and rather sexy) G20 yesterday.  Had a play with it that evening:
The 3/4” waist belt is very thin and digs in when done up. The webbing is quite stiff and is stitched to the bag so that it angles down from the horizontal.  When wrapped round the waist the lower edge digs in around the kidney area.  My original G30 is the same but was less noticeable as the webbing is wider and more flexible. 

Shoulder straps are a bit heavyweight for the bag size.

The bladder pouch has no depth to it so a full bladder bulges the back out making it quite rigid. Leaning forward or a full pack effectively pressurizes the bladder causing, in my case, leakage though the bite valve.

None of the above are show stoppers and it is a very accomplished and stunning value bag but as a bag for mountain biking with a bladder it could do with some tweaks to make it work well. Or am being too fussy?

13 November, 2008 by Simon Cole

I bought the 25l for commuting to work on my bike. The service was great, prompt answers to emailed questions and fast delivery. The sack is light and simple, I bought a blue one with a window to avoid problems others have mentioned with seeing inside the bag.I put a reflective strip inside the window to hide my lunchbox ect.
I understand people’s comments about wanting external pockets, I don’t want pockets as such, but something to strap wet cycling gear to the outside of the sack would be good. Will probably go for the dry bag insert suggestion mentioned earlier.
Brilliant sack, brilliant value.
Many thanks to the workers at Alpkit.

23 October, 2008 by Claudia

Its not a question, its praise.
I ordered a Gourdon 20L sack, it arrived the next day. Its unbelievably
good value and a fantastic piece of kit - just what I have been looking for.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

In the future, any chance of a 35/40L version with better hip belt?

thanks and best

22 October, 2008 by Neil

Bought my Gourdon 30 for the commute to work by bicycle or motorcycle. Fits my 15” laptop and my clean clothes.  This is comfortable on the cycle and has little movement.  May pop into Tesco to get a cheap bladder for it.  It has coped with a trip to Barcelona with dreadful rain, a commute to work in the pouring rain and general trips to the shop by bicycle.  Never once has this leaked.

Incidently it can fit my Yoga mat too!

Top work fella’s keep it up.

05 October, 2008 by andrew

Used the Gourdon 25 this weekend on some classic lakeland scrambles wuth a lot of walking in between. The bag behaved superbly and there was minimal movement to distract me from the business at hand. Coupled with the cost (low), the weight (low), and the simplicity - an all round good bit of kit. Only wish I had waited until the one with the side pocket was produced.

29 September, 2008 by Andy

My wee Stealthy Gourdon is the first thing I now reach for when going up hills.  So comfortable, so lightweight and neat.  Great sack - highly to be recommended to all.

I haven’t read through all the comments here but I know that some of them include suggestions, and I’m quite sure mine may have been made already, but could you include a dog clip inside somewhere to attach one’s car keys to.  No pockets is OK but lose keys in a sack is always a worry.

Cheers and thanks, Rob

20 September, 2008 by Rob Graham

Thank you once again, chaps & Chappess, it arrived less than 24hours after ordering! This is the third Gourdon i’ve ordered: this time a Gourdon 20 without the window, & i like it even more than the previous windowed design. Super-duper bag: lightweight, waterproof, cool “old-skool” styling, beautiful blue colour, super-quick delivery, & INCREDIBLE vlue for money. Alpkit must surely be THE best company on the ‘net! Hope you can maintain the standard for the future growth that’s sure to happen!!

07 September, 2008 by jonny

Stealthy Gourdon arrived the day after ordering and is just the ticket! Should be perfect for long bike rides and lightweight days in the hills. Thank you Alpkit

06 September, 2008 by Julian

Arrived Today, the personal thank you a lovely touch thanks.

small - small niggle, the holes for the toggles could be bigger - just small enough to be difficult to toggle with gloves on. I’ll just take my gloves off.

02 September, 2008 by Mart

In response to Matt,
I have been using the G20 for over a year and initially i did think that the straps a little hard however when carrying slightly heavier loads, such as my laptop on my commute to work it seems to be OK. They definitely soften up over time.
We will certainly look as this for the future.

26 August, 2008 by nick smith

(this guy emailed in his comments, thought we should put them up anyway)

Hello,I recently received my order from you and the delivery was very
prompt,thanks!I am more than pleased with the functionality of my 20l
gourdon and it’s superb value.However the straps are really uncomfortable on
my collar bones?Other people have suggested that they could use more
padding,though I don’t think this is the problem.The straps are very rigid
and don’t twist and form to your shoulders,I think its this rigidity that
makes them uncomfortable.I tried to take the plastic out but there is too
much stitching
to make it possible.I was that pleased with the functionality of the
gourdon I transplanted the straps from my old back pack and it feels great.

I am sure for short trips the original straps would be fine,but for full
day hikes most people would find their shoulders getting sore.

I didn’t want to put this e-mail in the normal feedback column as I would
hate to put anyone of buying your products,but I thought I would give honest
feedback otherwise you wouldn’t be aware of these issues.


26 August, 2008 by nick smith

Had my gourdon 30 litre for a week now and use it for commuting by bike. Amazing value and superb quality. Very stable on your back even when filled to the top! Found the backing a little hard so put a sheet of bubble wrap in the pocket and now much better. I’d give it a 9/10!

21 August, 2008 by Andy

I have the Gourdon 25 which I used for a recent Canoe trip down the Little Danube and all the contents were dry when I reached the finish. Also makes a great day sack for walking. Nice one ALpkit…...!

21 August, 2008 by Ross

Have used mine for the bike to work - fantastic. Have also used it in the hills. Takes a camelback well. Can use as a drybag in your main sack, and then useit as a daysack.

21 August, 2008 by Nick

I used my Gourdon as a drybag in my big sac and then as a daysac when we stopped in one place for a couple of nights. 
Perfectly comfy to carry all day and light enough without the back padding to justify a place in my big pack.
Haven’t used it on my bike yet but I’m sure it will save me drying out papers after a wet commute this winter.

29 July, 2008 by KarinMac

Great service as ever, could not wait to get the cheeky Gourdon 20 on my back, now a firm buddie on my bike to work. Great design thanks for the mesh pockets.

01 July, 2008 by Claire

cheers guys. ordered yesterday and came this morning! fantastic service! Brilliant bag, excellent quality. can;t wait to try it out on tryfan tomorrow!!! thanks again!!

18 June, 2008 by Paul

Used my Gourdon 30 on Snowdon Horseshoe last week and on Aran Fawddwy this week and its a reat little bag.
I found a way of attaching my trekking poles by reversing the top fastening to hold in the top of the poles and using an old elasticated chord to catch the bottom.

I have used a 1.8 litre platypus in the back pouch but this can be a bit bulky when full.  What do you recommend?

I do have a problem with the straps slipping however.  Any solutions?  What are the ‘phud’ buckles some readers have mentioned?

02 June, 2008 by Mark Jones

Just picked up my Stealthy Gourdon and I’m really impressed the quality seems second to none and its just big enough to get all my bivy gear in, cant waitto use it. grin

17 May, 2008 by Tom Hustler

Ordered my 30l Gourdon on Friday morning, it arrived this morning (Saturday) and will be out in Snowdonia tomorrow.  Superb service as ever.

17 May, 2008 by Mark Jones

Got my stealthy Gourdon today, impressed with the material it’s made from, not so taken by the thin webbing ... but that might just be me used to more substantial stuff on my other heavier sacks. The lack of a window is’nt a problem and the old billboard is a little less obvious.

will get a thorough workout on a canoe trip to the western isles soon.

hope I don’t need the iron on patches though - since there were’nt any.

15 May, 2008 by obscured by clouds

Well done lads! Fantastic to see a company really respond to their customers - the Stealthy Gourdon is brilliant, I can’t wait to get my hands on one. I’ve been living out of a Gourdon for some time now, it’ll be nice to finally have one that isn’t quite so extroverted. As karmic compensation for depriving you of your walking billboard, I shall be bigging you up to everyone I know.

14 May, 2008 by Jack

Hi. Great sack, used for cycle commuting and short walks. Only found one problem, the webbing for the straps is too thin and I have found that they all slip and loosen.

13 May, 2008 by Richard Glew

I absolutely love Gourdon, - it’s a genius bit of minimalist design that just feels right, like a zippo or a bic biro, perfection through purity of form. He’s been a faithful companion and will continue to do so until he disintegrates, which by the looks of it will be long after I do.

If I have one request, it’s that with the development of the fiddlier, more complicated Gourdon 20, the original Gourdon gets simpler - ditch the clear window, tone down the branding, keep hacking away at the weight (make the back panel mesh, perhaps? That’d also improve comfort.). If you could make the shoulder straps a little more widely spaced at the top, that’d improve comfort substantially.

25 April, 2008 by Jack

hi guys!
really wanting to know when you will have some more 20l gourdons in, exactly what im after for this summer!

19 April, 2008 by alex

Like the idea of the Gourdons. Trying to decide which size to go for - how do the back lengths (ie length between top shoulder strap attachment & waist belt) vary between the sizes? I’m quite tall & find most regular daysacks too short.
Also, do you plan to add the elastics now on the 20l to the other sizes?

17 April, 2008 by Geoff

What colour is Tarmac exactly?

Love the bag have a 30 litre that i’ve used for winter mountaineering because it is just so light and completely snow proof!

Wanting a 20 litre to keep out the Manchester rain, Should be a tough challenge!

09 April, 2008 by Jim

Superb sack at a bargain price.  Please can we have some gear loops, not being able to attach an ice axe is a real pain.

07 April, 2008 by Simon

When are you getting more G20 ?
All colours show out of stock now…

07 April, 2008 by Peter Lewis

I’m interested at putting a G20 to work on weekdays as a waterproof bike pannier for my laptop while commuting.

Can you give me a better idea of the dimensions - 71cm diameter doesn’t seem right for a bag that’s 48cm high.


06 April, 2008 by James

Despite, “The webbing was changed last year so this [sliggage] is no longer an issue.”
Posted on 04 February, 2008 by Kenny
I must report that on my new G20, this issue of strap slippage is very much alive and slipping. I have only used the bag once thus far but was continually needing to tighten the waist strap and the shoulder straps. My frustration was spared by the fact that it is otherwise a great bit of kit at a “rude not to” price.

01 April, 2008 by Will

20L great! Still a bit big for biking, any plants to do a smaller one in the same vein as the 20L?

31 March, 2008 by Alex

Usual A1 Alpkit service. It is brill, easy to use, great with the compression elastic. Glad to have bought it.

31 March, 2008 by Nick

30L is great bag for the price
Shoulder staps set too narrow - so can’t have them cinched right up and buckles still slip anyway, all of which makes chest strap ride too high.
That said, at these prices, I’ll probably get one of the new 20L models for the mesh pockets and try it with an OMM chest pouch to try and balance it up and provide a “quick access” pocket.

24 March, 2008 by Peter Lewis

Ordered when the wee bag went on sale, he’s a wee smasher,does what he’s told and looks the part,and the time from when bought to arriving at my door Faster than a fast thing cheers Kenny ... go on buy one you ain’t gonna loose out here

22 March, 2008 by Colin

Hi Tim, the back system is the same as the Gourdon 25 and 30, so yes the stiffener thingy can be removed!

20 March, 2008 by Kenny Stocker [Alpkit]

Hi Guys,
I see from your detailed pictures that there is a space to slide a hydration pouch (I presume if you take the stiffener thingy out) on the larger Gourdons.  Can this be done with the new 20L one?  I don’t really need another bag, but for £15 and knowing the quality you purvey it’s hard to find a reason not to…

20 March, 2008 by Tim

can’t wait to get my G20!

18 March, 2008 by jonreeves

As usual your delivery is “slicker than snot” (to borrow a phrase from one of my US friends)
Ordered late Sunday evening, shipped Monday, arrived Tuesday lunchtime.  Fantastic.!
Can’t wait to try out what looks like a very well made product.

18 March, 2008 by Peter Lewis

Howdy, I was wondering if you’d be able to get the Gourdon bags made up in a plain olive green or even sand coloured material and without the window and ‘hi-vis’ writing on it?

A lot of the lads have been very impressed with the Airic and other bits and bobs I’ve bought from you and one later pointed out that the Gourdon would be ideal, if only it didn’t glow in the dark!

I’m sure you could shift quite a few of these, not only to Service Personnel.

On behalf of RAF Dave

12 February, 2008 by alpjim

Howdy, I was wondering if you’d be able to get the Gourdon bags made up in a plain olive green or even sand coloured material and without the window and ‘hi-vis’ writing on it?

A lot of the lads have been very impressed with the Airic and other bits and bobs I’ve bought from you and one later pointed out that the Gourdon would be ideal, if only it didn’t glow in the dark!

I’m sure you could shift quite a few of these, not only to Service Personnel.

12 February, 2008 by RAF Dave

I have a Gourdon 25 in orange, sorry jaffa.
Used daily for the commute on my motorbike. Not fluorescent but pretty bright.
Keeps everything dry even in the worst of weathers. It has been thoroughly tested over the last few months, both in town and on the motorway.
Shoulder straps have a tendancy to slip, but at least the tabs at the ends of the straps stop it from falling off.
Not convinced of the need for a window, just means that traffic following me can see my lunch.
Excellent value for money.
Will certainly buy another one when I wear this one out.
Superb bit of kit.

08 February, 2008 by Jonathan

I second that Alex.
All i have time for, it seems, are overnighters, and a neon yellow 20L to carry my hunka, food and a change of clothes would be nice.

07 February, 2008 by Derek

How about one in fluoro yellow for commuting? Mines great for keeping a change of clothes and my laptop dry but it would be nice to have a mor visible one.

And a 15-20L one for bike day rides? My 25L one is just a bit too big for that kind of thing.

07 February, 2008 by Alex

I got one of the originals just before christmas and love it, although I’m gutted I didn’t hold off and get one of the new version with better webbing (slippy starps are annoying already) and a hydration pocket!
Oh well, looks like I’ll have to buy another one!

07 February, 2008 by Andy

The webbing was changed last year so this is no longer an issue.

04 February, 2008 by Kenny Stocker [Alpkit]

Do the new Gourdons (with hydration pocket) still suffer from slippery strap syndrome?

Looks awesome though, will definitely be buying one regardless of potential strap-slippage.

03 February, 2008 by Freddie

Generally a great bag but it is largly let doen by the staps which, as others have mentioned, continually slip - anyone found a soloution/fix?

These comments apply to the previous version (no hydration pocket).

30 January, 2008 by Simon

Got my 30L bag quite chuffed with the fact I don’t need to carry a separate drybag or raincover for my daypack. Yay me!

Feedback wise, things I’d love to see on the next version, i.e.. ways I’d improve the design for my daypack needs:
* Shoulder straps further apart (neck getting pinched, unless I let the bag hang lower) or contoured near the neck.
* Less tapered at the bottom. Curved edges are ok, but tapering makes difficult to pack.
* External bungy crossings to hold wet stuff on teh outside to dry off, if correctly placed with tightening toggles can double as a compression strap of sorts (could even spawn from the backpanel material).
* External (water-resistent at least) pocket(s) (for extra daypack benefits), i.e.. as part of the waist belt or even better a horizonal zipper pocket on front of the bag goes from shoulder line to the bottom (but is braced/supported behind the bungy straps which are infront of the pocket [less tension on pocket seams]). Goes from shoulder line because bag can’t roll down past this point.
* Move Window to one of the sides (to make space for the front pocket). I’d put it on the Right. and the alpkit URL on the Left.
* A shorter version. I bought the 30L cause of the width but didn’t really want 30L of height.. could have managed with 20L easily. Normally i’d roll it down to the required height want but the shoulder straps restrict the ability to do this. Perhaps instead of a short version, I’d lower the shoulder fixing and reduce the backpanel size from the top to accomodate the size of a 1-1.5L cambak and then place 2 pairs of loops inline above the shoulder straps. The owner can then thread ther straps up through the loop to the desired height raising the tension point and bag position for when carrying a fuller bag. This should give you rollability to 15-20L but extenability to 30L.

most of these alterations add weight unfortunately, in a perfect world this bag would be sub 500g but thats a tough job to manage. Instead perhaps these changes could form a sibling product to the Gourdon, aimed at more of a daypack user. In this case I would aim to use material somewhere between the Gourdon and the Airlok.

What do you think guys?

22 January, 2008 by Jon

Gourdons now come with a much requested feature. The new model has a pouch in the back panel so you can slide in your hydration unit without having to bodge a hole!

19 January, 2008 by Kenny Stocker [Alpkit]

Hi Simon, no reason why not. The Gourdon has a standard roll up closure so just be careful to make sure it is rolled well to make a seal. It is not as heavy duty as dedicated canyoning bags but all the seams are taped.

08 January, 2008 by Kenny Stocker [Alpkit]

I take part in Gorge walking with young people and I need to carry safety equipment such as spare warm clothes and first aid kit etc. Is this bag any good for being submerged in water whilst swimming.

07 January, 2008 by Simon Pinnell

HI,  What about one that is a rope bag aswell?  The 30l is spot on you just need the flap out groundsheet bit?  Also a superlarge one for putting my climbing pack in and stuff for air trips?  Stick to your guns lads please don’t add mesh pockets and loops etc as we would have to change you name to Berghaus or something!!!

15 December, 2007 by Stu

Recieved my Gourdon 25l next day and it’s had several outings on Dartmoor. Excellent, simple, brilliant design and suprisingly comfortable. Why did I spend so much time and money on “the perfact” back system when this works so well?! Yes the straps slipped but I’ve simply tied a knot in each one and the problem is solved. No problem finding my stuff inside, the window lets in plenty of light. Whilst my 25l takes all my walking leader gear, I’d definitely buy a smaller - say 10l - for my solo walks.

02 December, 2007 by Liz Miall

Just got to congratulate you on your outstanding service everytime. Ordered a Gourdon 25 on Wednesday night, got an email to say it was being processed on Thursday and it arrived Friday morning- brilliant, and all for £17-50! First impression- great liitle sack which my nephew will love as his birthday present. Nice one- keep it up.

30 November, 2007 by Brendan

I think i have a solution for all the “what about straps, or pockets” people. A few small tabs about the size of a quid made from the same coated PVC material with a ‘through loop’ about the width of a compression strap or compression cord.  These tabs could come with the pack, and along with a tube of glue, and you could just put them anywhere you wanted! like say three on each side for making a ‘webbed’ triangle to hold a couple water bottles, or aligned for compression straps.  What do you say,...is this CoLab worthy?

02 November, 2007 by Derek

Awesome pack, this summer it’s been all over with me, deep water soloing all round the uk and a trip to mallorca where it survived the chuck it fully packed off a 20m sea cliff test.

This weekend used it on the OMM.  It was general really good and stayed dry in some very wet conditions.  My only real problem was with the straps which seem to slip quite a bit, especially whe your running with the bag.

30 October, 2007 by Felix Coxwell

Somehow I managed to nick the front clear panel on my Gourdon 25L, as a dry bag with a hole in it isn’t much use I contacted Alpkit to see if they could help.  Alpkit Jim did some “tests” as they hadn’t come across any repair requests for the clear panel before – which resulted in them contacting the manufacturer for further advice.  After a short wait for a new tool to facilitate the repair to be supplied, they contacted me on the 23 Oct to send my bag in.  I am glad to report that the “surgery” was a success and my Gourdon was returned today, fully fit and sporting a very fetching and neat black patch. I’ve been very impressed with the level of customer service I have received and can not recommend these guys highly enough.  Thank you Alpkit!

30 October, 2007 by KC

30L Gourdon purchased August 2007.

Used as a day sack in SW USA for a two week walking/camping holiday, only problem was the webbing for tensioning the shoulder straps works loose far too easily.  Kept the sand out, kept the rain out and comfortable on a 20 mile walk in the hills with an 8lb load.

Used in the OMM (Original Mountain Marathon) in October 2007.
Chest strap failed.  It became unclipped from the shoulder strap piping.  I wasn’t waisting time getting it back on in the horizontal rain when the clock is ticking.  This component let me down when I least needed it too.
Once again the webbing to tension the shoulder straps worked loose far too easily.  Very bad when wet.  Constantly having to cinch up the shoulder straps is a real pain.
Keeps everything dry, dry dry.
Comfortable.  Despite the minimalist design the shoulder straps are brilliant and the back padding excellent for me.  No sore shoulders or back despite carrying a 14lb load in the wet for 8 hours.
Easily accessible.  Once familiar with the toggle fasteners getting in/out quick is not an issue.
Suggested design improvements:
Sort out that flippin webbing to the shoulder straps or use buckles with narrower slits to improve the friction lock.
Don’t bother with outside pockets.  Keep it simple please.
Find a robust method to fasten the chest straps on.

Would I use this on the OMM again.  Yes, but only when I have modified the webbing and fitted a more robust chest strap.
As a day pack it’s unbeatable but I’d probably plump for the 25L version if that’s the sole purpose of the bag.

29 October, 2007 by My name is irrelevant.

Hi Ady, nice idea.. we do have a smaller Gourdon in the works but I think your idea is much more inventive than ours! Why not do some sketches and enter it in our coLAB comp?

29 October, 2007 by Kenny Stocker [Alpkit]

Hi Angus, sorry about the confusion with the colours. When we first brought the Gourdon out it did indeed come in bright red (Tomato), but this has been replaced by the duller red (Sun Dried Tomato!). We thought it would be better to delete the brighter red from the options so as to avoid confusion, but of course if you had already seen the brighter red it may be more confusing :(

29 October, 2007 by Kenny Stocker [Alpkit]

I have just read through the comments and decided to purchase a Gourdon. As I am purchasing the current version I have been taking note of previous comments thinking about after market upgrades so that I don’t have to buy another version in the near future.

I agree with the need to have pockets to keep some items readily available and would like to introduce “Wee Gourdy”. “Wee Gourdy” is the tiny off-spring of “Gourdon” and hitches a ride by attaching himself to the carry straps at the front, balancing the weight of his father and giving easy access to smaller items.

“Wee Gourdy” loves nothing more than coming with you on your adventures, looking after your chocolate, mobile phone and pocket knife keeping them safe whilst splashing in puddles or sliding in mud. He has small loops to hang smaller items from like emergency whistle, compass etc.

27 October, 2007 by ady

Just got my Gourdon 30L, not had a chance to use it yet but impressed with construction & simplicity.
Not happy with the colour or the description of colours on the web site though.
I wanted it to stand out up the hills & having e-mailed to find out which colour the bright red one was after reading the vague colour descriptions I ordered the Tomato (Sun dried).
What arrived is closer to burgandy yet I’ve seen someone with a Bright red bag.
I just think a simple colour system would benefit customers better & if fancy names are to be used put the actual colour in brackets…after all what colour is Rocket?

27 October, 2007 by Angus Beardsmore

just recieved the 30l version seems a great bag, waiting to really try it out but it looks bombproof so far, im liking the absense of sraps and dangly things on the outside less to flap about and get caught in the wheel of the motorbike.

09 October, 2007 by martin

Got the 30l version, its a great bag, dragged my gear around the Alps and wet Welsh mountains with it and it just works so damn well. Very similar to my Mammut Alpine Guide pack, but lighter and definently more waterproof.
Would like a plain black version with a subtle logo like the Hunka :o)

29 August, 2007 by Paul

Gourdon 25l is good kit, but window is a security problem. You could see inside the jaffa without it. Windowless version with outside pocket - same material velcro flap for phone/camera, bottle net for drink and walking pole straps would be brill. We could sell plenty.

13 August, 2007 by Gerry

Just about perfect. Used it for days out hiking, climbing, kayaking and ghyll scrambling and it’s stood up to all of them with no signs of wear - or leakage.
The chest strap buckle slipped off on the 1st day - the end stop is not thick enough to hold it securely - but i’ve put that right.
Great bit of kit.

08 August, 2007 by Andy

Looks like just what I’ve been looking for - believe it or not, for long distance motorcycle journeys.

It’d be an even better product if the back pad pocket opened at the top (so you could insert a water bladder instead), and if it had a couple of D-Rings sewn into the shoulder straps (useful for hanging torches, GPS, PAS digital camera etc from).

I’ll certainly be placing my order on Monday smile

13 July, 2007 by Lee

Just used my 25l Gourdon for 5 days walking in the Lakes (from a base campsite).
Very useful and comfy bit of kit.
As others have said, I experienced slippage from the shoulder straps as well as the chest and waist straps.
Maybe it’s just my build but I also had a slight problem with the chest strap ‘popping’ off from the shoulder straps. I overcame this by clipping my GPS to one side and my hydration tube to other to keep it in place.
I didn’t have any more problems than with other sacks with regard to slipping a bladder in the pocket.
A more breathable back panel would also be an advantage, as would external pole/axe loops.
Having said all that, I’ll make some DIY adjustments to the straps and this pack will still be going on each trip with me.

11 July, 2007 by Kev Murley

*Personally I would like to see a 40 & a 50L version.

*A more breathable surface on the back to minimise sweating.

*As far as dealing with wet gear goes I would probably reverse my normal sack tactics-
instead of useing a small thin dry bag for my dry cloths
I’d use it for my wet ones!
But I’d prefer to rig some shock cord to the out side for a wet cag if poss. seems a bit daft to put a dry bag in a dry bag!!

Well done a good minimilist dry sack at a good price,
please keep it minimalist & light, or I’d end up cutting extra bits off!


07 July, 2007 by Dave

Just bought 2 Gourdon bags. They’re awesome. You’ve no idea how long I’ve
been looking for something like this. Need them to strap to the outside of
a kit car on cross europe rally. Only bag that is perfect size and volume
to fit on the car AND easy to carry to the hotel at the end of the day.
Most Kayak bags are the wrong size for the car or have no carry straps so
awkward to use as a proper bag. Will have to mail some pic’s of the
event/Gourdon in action but you should get plenty of free advertising with
them strapped on (nearly 5000 miles worth)! Cheers for the speedy delivery
too. Now I’ve found you I’ll definitely be purchasing more things from you.

05 July, 2007 by John

Ordered a medium and to start with it was a nice fit, after a wash it’s a bit tight though, and now a little too short in the body. Should have gone for a large I guess - my mistake (although I usually buy “medium” for everything else).
I also felt that the collar was too tight (or more specifically the wrong shape) even before the shrink - the zip goes concave at the top and presses into the dip under my adam’s apple - quite uncomfortable - try it with your thumb now) so I have to leave the zip partially down.
Having said all that, the fabric, design and performance were great - incredible really for the price, I really like the concept I think it just needs a little tweaking.

26 June, 2007 by Mick Dann

Brilliant bit of kit - My Gourden just survived a very, very wet Glastonbury without letting any of my kit inside get wet or muddy. 

Shame about the rest of me.  Do you guys do dry suits or will I have to go naked next year?

26 June, 2007 by EvilJohn

I just got my 25L Gourdon (Gordon to us Yanks smile the other day, and immediately took it out for a spin- a dayhike with friends in the mountains above Honolulu, then an overnight trip that night.  I wasn’t actually planning on taking the bag out for overnighters, but my gear (tarp, down bag, ultralight stuff) just fits in!  How exciting!  It fits all my fast and light overnight gear, yet is certainly not too big or heavy for a fun dayhike.  I’m moving up to Oregon soon, and I’m sure the size of the bag will be perfect for colder weather dayhikes, as I’ll need more insulation.  The bag felt good on my back, and I experienced no slipping from the straps. 
Well done, Alpkit,

12 June, 2007 by Charley

i took the foam out of the back of mine a stuffed my hydration pack in the compartment there.

29 May, 2007 by Ben

Is this an updated version or another batch to the previous spec?

21 May, 2007 by David

Any luck with those DIY hydration fix photos?  What did you have in mind in any event?

16 May, 2007 by Terry

Got 1 - works very well, does exactly what it says it would. Agree with others though about the pockets - it would be nice to have 1 or 2 to keep small things in and stop em slipping to the bottom all the time, or maybe even just some sort of strap with a clip on the end inside the bag for keys etc. I don’t find that there is any problem with it being too dark inside - I can see my stuff well enough through the window.

16 May, 2007 by Geoff

At the time it looked like good idea. The sizes are more different than you first think but yes you right we need to do more sizes with more variation.


15 May, 2007 by nick from alpkit [Alpkit]

Why were 25l and 30l chosen as sizes- they are too similar in my opinion- there should be at least a 10 litre difference between sizes if not more. Maybe a 20l and a 35l, one as a daypack and one as a lightweight 2 or 3 day tripper.

14 May, 2007 by Luke

Just received one of the new batch. Really like the philosophy behind this bag. Super minimalist, very light, very secure. 

Another user mentioned the bag was to dark inside to see your stuff. That might only be a problem with the Blue & Black colours. The Jaffa is bright inside & the window lets in a lot of light.

Nick mentioned this range might be expanding. I’d buy a 15l version the day it’s released. Seriously thinking about ordering a 30l but would also be interested in seeing larger sizes for general cargo.

Like other users, mesh pockets would be good (inside for valuables or outside for bottles) ..and would still be minimalist and lightweight.  I like the Alpkit logo but personally I’d remove the ‘Keeps your stuff dry’ bit. Maybe a black no logo version would also be good for some situations.

13 May, 2007 by Richard

Been waiting for the new batch - are the buckles now non-slip, padding changed, etc? Essentially what is the new spec over the old one.


10 May, 2007 by Piers

Really looking forward to the new batch of gourdons. Didn’t buy one the first time round and am really kicking myself.
Hurry up please.

Great work as usual from you guys.

08 May, 2007 by Will

You make mention of the versatility of the Gourdon and I could not agree more.

We’ve just returned from a break in the Maldives and one day/night the winds were as you might find walking along a promenade in winter in the UK, with waves to match. As I tried to get some sleep I thought how useful the Gourdon would be if things worsened and I speculated that if some sort of tidal wave were to appear an inverted Gourdon over the head would afford a useful air supply for the relatively short time it takes for the wave to pass on, the transparent window enabling calculated movement.

On the flight home I enjoyed similar thoughts involving your Gourdon envisiging its use as a smoke-hood should some catastophic technical failure afflict our aircraft! The principles are the same!

Very shortly I shall be unable to go anywhere at all without my Gourdon.

Great product, I love it.

02 May, 2007 by Ken E

I completely agree with Bob’s idea for a wet/dry Gourdon, but I’m not sure about the having an internal divider. I’d rather see some way of stowing my wet gear externally so that it can stand a chance of drying out. Maybe a big rear mesh pocket like GoLite’s Breeze’s had, or even a few fabric loops along the side seams like the GoLite Gust? That way I could string a bit of bungee around them, securing my dripping waterproof and compressing the sack at the same time.

Superb bit of kit though, all in all. Gets used for everything from dossing around upwards. Many thanks.

19 April, 2007 by Dave W

Email received from Bob Feuillade 24th March 2006.

I have an Idea for development into a Wet and Dry Gourdon. Simply making the main chamber into 2 by having a vertical baffle from top to bottom of the bag. This would simply use the current roll closure, rolling three bits of cloth instead of two, but allow you to have a wet side and a dry side of the bag.

Think of it a nice warm day and then a shower appears. After the shower finishes the sun comes out, where do you put the wet coat that it is now too warm to wear? In the Gourdon, on the wet side of the baffle of course. Canoeists, Swimmers, climbers all want to keep their camera dry but also get wet kit to carry. Think of all the times you wanted to carry wet kit separate from dry, in the same rucksac!

26 March, 2007 by alpjim

Hi Terry,

we’ll get some photo’s up of a DIY fix over the next week.


23 March, 2007 by Colin [Alpkit]

Hey, just received my Gourdon.  Very pleased with it.  Any news on your diy fix for a hydration pack?  Very many thanks, Terry

22 March, 2007 by Terry Lansdown

A quick report on the camping in Wales - my 30L Gourdon was the envy of everyone else - they were all carrying big packs, most not waterproof. I was able to get all my kit in and I used it to extend my 3/4 sleeping mat at night.
In the past I have suffered with lower back pain after carrying a conventional backpack, I’m sure the weight carried was similar but I didn’t have any pain at all !
The only things I really missed were some kind of external pockets. Adding the Phud buckles to the straps solved the slipping issue.
Roll on v2.0 !

07 March, 2007 by Mick Dann

I was given a 30L as a gift - so far I’m really impressed ! I used to use a Craghoppers sack which had a built-in liner but it was so much bulkier and all the extra pockets just meant I took too much stuff !
Now I am really choosy about what goes in - the real test will come in March - an all-day hike with an overnight wild-camp in Snowdonia, will I manage to get the tent in ?
Issues so far are as previously reported - straps loosening when walking, hydration pocket is upside-down and seat-pad fights back.
Suggestions for improvements:
Slip-free straps.
Ice-axe/walking-pole loop and strap on one or both sides.
Invert the hydration pocket.
Add some loops to the front of the shoulder straps for clipping small accessories to.
My workaround: I have clipped wire-gate accessory karabiner to the shoulder strap (at the bottom) and run a length of accessory cord with a strung toggle through the loop formed when closing the roll top - the end of my walking-pole sits snugly in the karabiner and the top is held in place by the accessory cord. Vary rarely does the pole jump out of the karabiner - you know when it does because it pokes you in the leg !
I’ll be keeping an eye out for the new models.

10 February, 2007 by Mick Dann

Purchased 25L Gordon to go skiing – experienced similar problems with the straps that said, it’s a great little piece of kit which is worth purchasing once those teething problems have been sorted out.  I think I’ll try the phud buckle idea -  thanks for the tip.

16 January, 2007 by KC

I _would_ remove the padded back and use it as a seat if it weren’t so hard to get in/out. I’ve replaced my back pad with a bit of old sleeping mat, which isn’t quite as nice, but a good deal lighter.

11 January, 2007 by Jon

does anyone remove the padded back as a seat or could this be sewn in, maybe a little stiffer?



11 January, 2007 by Nick [Alpkit]

Hi Thomas
You beat me to it, i had been thinking about a quick fix wih those buckles.
Nice thinking!!!


09 January, 2007 by Nick [Alpkit]

I’ve mounted a couple of phud buckles below the original buckles on the shoulder straps of my generation 1 Gourdon. It works a treat in stopping them coming loose; it’s comfy and doesn’t add significant weight!

09 January, 2007 by Tom

Nick from Alpkit

New slightly updated batch will be in for March (FINGERS CROSSED)

03 January, 2007 by Nick [Alpkit]

Any idea when the 25lt sac will be in? Bright colours all sold out.

03 January, 2007 by Gervase

nick at alpkit

my “N” doesnt seem to work very well,

Better luck ext time

03 January, 2007 by Nick [Alpkit]

Nick at Alpkit
We have the ext batch on order, time is tight and is not always possible to do everything we want “and” still try to restock as quickly as possible.
1) The straps will change for the next batch
2) Turn the back panel upside down, this will give us the hole at the top so it will be possible to put a hydration bladder in to the sack.  (this might be possible for the ext batch if not it will the one after)
3) Some form of mesh side panels for drinks bottles, snacks.
I dont think we wil make this change however we will try to expand the range and everyones comments will be taken into accout.
Options could be for the next range:
1) 15l version same as the 25 but smaller (non removable back but option for hydration.)
2) 25l Keep the same (the whole concept was for something simple and light)
3) 30 or 35 (More featured model, mini side compresion system, mesh pockets)
4) larger sizes…...ideas please. (The shoulder straps would probably need beefing up, ie get rid of the mesh)

03 January, 2007 by Nick [Alpkit]

Excellent little sac, brought us both one for Christmas and used them for a couple of days. As Others have commented the only gripe is the slick straps. There must be a solution?
The interesting thing is that when you try to simulate the problem there appears to be enough friction when the buckle is vertically down, so how does it slip unless they tend to twist forward when you are walking.

Any feed back would be great.

My partners only other gripe was how do you use a drink system with them?

02 January, 2007 by Darren

Great sac, comfy, easy to use, no stray straps to tangle and no need to worry about the inevitable downpours but the strap material is too slick so the buckles loosen as you walk. The chest buckle just slid off the end of the strap a few times so I was worried I would lose it completely.
I’ve thought about spraying the straps with photo mountant to give them some grip.
Plus, getting the back support/sit mat past the velcro takes some doing!

27 December, 2006 by david rowe

Just had a rough weekend in the lakes. The bag is one of the best I have owned apart from the straps. They are very slick and if you are scrambling or moving fast downhill they slip way too much. Other than that the perfect pack, any ideas on how to rectify the straps.

15 December, 2006 by Mike

another great idea from alpkit, ive been after somethiing like this for ages, why nobody has ever thought of it i dont know, and for £20 you cant go wrong, will probably save my life aswell if i ever slip into a river

15 December, 2006 by shaine

Fab - nice to see something that is not over-designed! When are you going to produce a nice range of tents?

10 December, 2006 by Clink

Lovely sack, and definitely the right idea. I already have a similar (non waterproof) bag, but simple, light daysacks are still as rare as hens teeth. Things I extra liked:

1. Very nicely done chest straps
2. Good compromise of weight/stiffness/padding for the back insert
3. Much easier to open/close than I expected.

Things that could be better:

1. Even with the window it’s like the black hole of Calcutta in there. Doesn’t anyone do waterproof fabric with white backing? Even sticking a panel of ultralight white fabric on the inside would make it easier to find your stuff. Sorely tempted to do this myself.
2. No pockets at all. It would be nice to have something, anything, for those quick access things like phones, wallets, knives etc.

Finally - I love the little round patches, but how do you use them? Glue? Heat?

01 December, 2006 by Jon Peterson

You aren’t planning a (self-defeating perhaps) ‘stealth’ version with minimal logo/no window (to reduce the chances of getting mugged/ripped off in sketchy places abroad, and of frightening wildlife) are you?
Sans super-evident self-promo it would make an exceptionally fine - perfect -  bag for the purpose.

Keep up the good work!

29 November, 2006 by morgan

I’ve had the 25l version for a week, it’s brilliant.  Not critical enough?  Ok, let me think…well for running I’ve noticed the straps slip a bit, roughly every 500 paces I needed to pull them tight - this may just be because the straps are new and thus a bit slick.  Also maybe stick a daisy chain/gear loop and mesh pocket somewhere? I guess that would tech it up and detract from what is near perfection in its simplicity though.

It’s a great product.

29 November, 2006 by Duncan J

Hi guys - I just spent a week in the Lakes with the Gourdon and loved it. It’s convinced me to abandon my weighty, high-priced ruck-sack/liner combo and is hugely adaptable.

The only addition that my buddy and I could come up with would be a couple of simple loops on either side at the seam - possibly of the type used at the top of the bag - so that we could hook in a couple of compression cords. The main reason for this was that the bag had a tendency to catch in high winds.

Great kit!

27 November, 2006 by Tom

Hi Ridge, we can’t stop backs sweating but we will look at alternative fabrics when we make the bag compatible with hydration bladders.

25 November, 2006 by Kenny Stocker [Alpkit]

Any plans to make a different material for the back panel to stop your back sweating?

24 November, 2006 by Ridge

We will work on a hydration compatible pack next year. However if you can’t wait that long we are working on a D.I.Y solution that will enable you with out much effort to use a hydration bladder in your Gourdon.

Keep your eyes peeled, Jim for Alpkit

21 November, 2006 by alpjim

nice bag, if the velcro closure was at the top rather than the bottom it would be easy to insert a drinking system. a bit hard through the bottom due to the small hole.

16 November, 2006 by paul macfarlane

Yes your right

25l 588g, 30L 638g the pad weighs 135g
Site will get update soon

03 November, 2006 by Nick [Alpkit]

These certainly look interesting. Some important info that seems to be missing - how much do they weigh (with and without the back padding)?

03 November, 2006 by James A

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A bit different, but good value and surprisingly useful

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Gourdon is a strange little beast. First he was a roll-top dry bag with a couple of carry straps, then he became a favourite on the beach keeping all the sand out of our sandwiches. He even managed to fake it as a ultra-light race pack. What we found was that Gourdon unlike most men was actually quite good at doing a few things at the same time.

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