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Giant Pass the Pigs hilarious dice game

Giant Pass the Pigs


  • - Giant Pass the Pigs

What is probably the best dice game ever has just got bigger! These 2 inflatable pigs can be a game changer for any holiday that has turned sow!


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A classic game for generations and probably the best dice game ever is now oversized!

We take our pigs with us on every trip and have rolled them on tent floors, in Alpine ski bars and even airplane tables. Now you can roll them on the beach, in the garden or on the campsite - you can even play them in the pool!

These pigs are truly addictive! At approx 40 x 50 cm each you will need two hands to toss these pigs into the air - how they fall determines the points you get. 

Key features
  • 2 giant inflatable pigs in the set
  • Contains score card, carry bag and repair kit
  • Features new 'Rumper' position
Vital stats

Weight: 235 g / pig
Size: approx 50 x 40 cm / pig
Volume: We will let you work that out

Origin: United Kingdom

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