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This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.

Fixe Plus Quickset

Set of 4 wiregate quickdraws with 16 cm slings

fixe plus quickset blue
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This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.

You love the exhilaration of climbing. We all do. The feeling of testing your physical and mental strength, the butterflies in your stomach as you make that exposed move and the overwhelming joy when you top out on that route you have been eyeing for months! What we don’t like is faffing with clipping the rope when you are pumped out of your brains or your fingers are near frozen.

Thanks to the wiregate carabiners, the Plus quickdraws are lighter than the Kyros set. These aluminium quickdraws offer a great value, wiregate for all your climbing needs. 

For most racks, you should start with about 12 quickdraws for the average length route (about 70m max!).

The Plus quickset includes 4 x 16cm quickdraws.

Key features
Vital stats
Vital stats

Individual quickdraw weight: 101 g
Extender length: 16 cm
Total quickdraw length: 32 cm
Back length: 10 cm
Bent gate opening: 2.5 cm
Straight gate opening: 2.5 cm
CE0082 certified
Bent gate closed strength: 24 kN
Bent gate open strength: 8 kN
Bent gate minor axis: 8 kN
Straight gate closed strength: 22 kN
Straight gate open strength: 6 kN

Origin: United Kingdom

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