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This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.

Fixe Minor Quickset

Lighten your rack with 4 lightweight 78 g wiregate quickdraws

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This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.

Our lightest quickdraw set. Wiregate quickdraws are the best choice if you are trying to eek out every gram of performance gain and lighten your rack. 

The bent wiregate has a large gate opening of 30 mm allowing for easy manipulation and clipping even with gloved hands or pumped forearms. Wiregates also have reduced risk of gate lash to give that extra peace of mind.

A rubber loop wraps around the sewn loop extender to help prevent the bent gate carabiner from inverting and reduces wear.

Note: For the safety of all our customers we are unable to accept climbing ropes or hardware for refund or exchange.

Key features
  • Quickdraw weight: 78 g
  • Wiregate for non snag clipping
  • 12 mm x 11 cm sewn loop extender
  • CE and UIAA certified
Vital stats

Individual quickdraw weight: 78 g
Extender length: 11 cm
Total quickdraw length: 26.5 cm
Back length: 9 cm
Bent gate opening: 3 cm
Straight gate opening: 3 cm
CE0082 certified
Closed gate: 24 kN
Open gate: 9 kN
Minor axis: 8 kN

Origin: United Kingdom

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