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Figfour Dry Tooling

Award winning ice climbing training aid for mixed climbing and dry tooling

Drytooling training aid

Figfour Dry Tooling

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It was way back in 2004 that Pete Dollman began developing a tool that could simulate the actions of dry tooling and ice climbing indoors without damaging the holds. The initial prototypes were simply knotted lengths of rope but these soon progressed to a wooden shaft while studying product design at Dundee University. Pete joined Alpkit in 2008 and developed the product further and it was launched as the commercial product available today.

AK Tall Story

Award winning ice climbing training aid for mixed climbing and dry tooling

Figfour is an award winning specialized training aid for mixed climbing and dry tooling.

Designed to allow climbers to accurately replicate the actions of mixed climbing on indoor walls, without damaging the resin holds or base panels of existing climbing surfaces with the sharp picks found on traditional ice axes.

Figfour is designed for training... it is not the soft option, the idea is that you get pumped using them; they make you stronger for when you can get back out on the real stuff. For this reason they do not feature large trigger grips and do not try to replicate your standard ice axe shafts exactly. 

The Figfour ergonomic shafts are precision CNC tooled from birch plywood. The replaceable die cut rubber loops are held in position by specially designed aluminum fixings. Lanyard fixing points have been machined into the base of the shaft.

Put the effort in and you might get stronger!

Key features

  • Weight (pair): 700 g
  • Shaft length: 33 cm
  • Shaft width: 24 mm
  • Loop length: 32 cm

Vital Stats

Origin: United Kingdom

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    Rock & Ice magazine Figfour review

    Rock & Ice January 2014 - Jeff Jackson

    Premier US climbing magazine Rock & Ice review our innovative training aid for dry tooling.

    The Figfours certainly delivered on the pump, and I had a blast traversing around the gym and experimenting. The great thing about the Figfours is that (unlike sharp picks on ice tools) they won't damage gym holds.

    Jeff Jackson

    Figfour vs Schmoolz

    Climber January 2011 - Alex Ekins

    Mountain Instructor Alex Ekins puts Figfour head to head with Schmoolz in this article for Climber magazine.

    The Figfours are beautifully engineered, It is obvious that a lot of care and thought has gone into making the Figfours as good as they can be. The wooden handle is comfy and can be hung onto without discomfort for extended periods of training.

    Alex Ekins

    The handles offer less support than the Schmoolz but that does mean you get pumped sooner but consequently stronger quicker.

    Alex Ekins

    Winter workouts

    Ian Parnell January 2010 - Ian Parnell

    Ian Parnell gets a winter workout with Figfour.

    I've been using the Fig Fours again, this time trying to climb the main comp wall at the Foundry. I'm still adjusting to what they can do but I really do think they are a great convenient training aid for winter climbers.

    Ian Parnell

    Pareti tests out Figfours

    Pareti April 2012 -

    Italian climbing magazine, Pareti, reviews Figfours.

    Arriva dalla ditta inglese Alpkit è certamente il miglior attrezzo prodotto in serie per l'allenamento sulle piccozze.


    New from the English company Alpkit [Figfour] is certainly the best tool in class for training with ice tools.

    Ashleigh's translation

    Se usate correttamente sono un eccellente allenamento per il dry.


    If used properly they are an excellent workout for the dry.

    Ashleigh's translation

    Climbing has a look at indoor training tools for ice climbing

    Climbing December 2011 - Jack Roberts

    Climbing magazine has a look at indoor training tools for ice or mixed climbing. The Figfour is featured.

    The Figfour has a thicker handle... The large rubber loop grabbed a wider range of holds.

    Jack Roberts

    Figfour Dry Tools

    Gear Junkie May 2010 - Amy Jurries

    Gear Junkie Amy Jurries likes how the plywood shafted Figfours allow you to practice moves particular to ice and mixed climbing.

    Climbing with the Figfours may be as close as you can get to mixed climbing or dry tooling without actually having picks.

    Amy Jurries
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