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Drub Camping mallet



  • Drub - Drub

Rubber camping mallet for pegging out your tent, particularly handy for getting a strong pitch on harder ground


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The sparer of hands, the stabiliser of tents, Drub is a simple mallet for getting your tent pegs well-embedded in the ground without getting sore hands.

Drubs rubber head is less likely to wake your neighbours when you arrive at the campsite after dark or damage your tent pegs (whether they’re metal, plastic or wooden). The wooden handle feels nice in your hands.

Whether you’re car camping in North Wales, or pitching up for a few weeks in Scotland, throw the Drub in your boot and make building your canvas home a joy.

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Materials: Wooden handle, rubber head
Size: 28 x 9 x 5 cm
Weight: 430 g

Origin: China

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