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Doug Scott: Up and About


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The first volume of legendary climber and mountaineer Doug Scott’s autobiography

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From the crags of the Peak District to the highest mountains in the world, Up and About gives Doug Scott’s own account of his life from growing up in Nottingham during WW2 Scott went on to becoming one of the first British climbers to summit Everest with his partner Dougal Haston in 1975. 

This book tells how Scott moved from the small crags of Derbyshire to the mountains of Wales and Scotland, on to the Alps and Dolomites and finally to the Greater Ranges. Culminating in how he and Haston had what is still the world’s highest bivouac, 100 m below the summit of Everest without sleeping bags or supplemental oxygen and lived, not only to tell the tale, but unscathed too. This book leads on to how his experiences climbing Everest went on to influence his climbing career afterwards with ascents of 40 of Asia’s highest mountains, all in lightweight Alpine style except for Everest.

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