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Complete Guide to Climbing and Mountaineering


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Complete Guide to Climbing and Mountaineering

A detailed guide to a whole host of techniques used in all kinds of climbing and mountaineering

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This book gives comprehensive instructions on a whole range of different climbing styles, skills and techniques. 

The book focuses on different styles of climbing in each chapter, including summer rock climbing, Alpine techniques and the skills needed on a Big Wall. Aspects relevant to individual subjects and tips that will be useful for any climber, such as gear placement, rope work and navigation skills are all covered with full descriptions and photo diagrams.

Equally suitable for novice climbers looking for an introduction to the sport as it is for experienced climbers who want to brush up on their techniques. Even a seasoned expedition climber will be sure to learn some handy tips from this book.

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Key features
  • Indoor climbing
  • Expedition climbing
  • Alpine climbing
  • Gear placement
  • Rope work
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