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Clip insulated flask

Clip stainless steel flask


  • - Clip stainless steel flask

Stainless steel 350ml flask for hot or cold fluids with a handy clip lid


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Jam this little flask into your pack and never leave home without a hot drink this winter.

The screwtop cap is in two parts. The first provides an easy pour lip, you can even drink straight from it, just mind your tongue on the hot fluids! This can be unscrewed to make cleaning and filling up the flask easier. The second cap provides a watertight seal and has a handy clip built right in.

No glass to break and can be filled with yummy hot and cold liquids!

Product Insight
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Key features
  • Screw top cap with clip
  • Easy pour lip
  • Hot liquids stay above 50ºC for over 12 hrs
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats

Capacity: 350 ml
Height: 22.5 cm
Circumference: 21.5 cm
Weight: 265 g
Stainless steel

Origin: China

Product Care Information

Clean your flask after each adventure to keep your drinks tasting pure. Use hot water and washing-up liquid and rinse thoroughly. Never clean this flask in a dishwasher. Stubborn stains can be removed by filling your flask with hot water, and adding a single teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda. This method will build up a gas so do not screw on the lid!

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

12 Reviews


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Brilliant bit of kit!

If I were you I'd get one, they're really that good!! Keeps drinks boiling hot for ages, and ages! Not to big so fits in pockets or bags, clips to things if need be (obviously) . For just over a tenner you get a flask/travel cup that works a treat, can't really go wrong!

Little belter

6 hours later I had hot tea at the summit. The clip is a good idea so you can stick it in a rucksack pocket and clip a strap so you can't lose it when scrambling to the top. Nice little size


Feedback from family. ;Daddy says his tea is still too hot to drink, even
after he gets to work..son says 'I drppped it loads of times, it just bounced! and I still had ice cubes at hometime..sister said 'I saved about £20 on coffee on the commute already, excellent'

Great Flask

Keeps my brew warm for hours

wristband handle

just about to order a pair for sis & husband.
Looks just like a Sigg I have, but better because of the clip top.

Mod for you to consider: pair of silicone wristbands with some webbing* between them make a good 'foldflat' handle.
As does an Alpklip!**

** https://www.alpkit.com/products/clippers

unbelievably good

Totally blown away by this little bobby dazzler works. Took a punt on one as an alternative to giant flasks, and I'm so chuffed. Small enough that I also carry it round every day and use it in coffee shops as my reusable cup. Be warned though, you need to be patient - this thing keeps things really hot for hours!!!

Car cup and clips to belt

Great little one mug flask
really clean .... no drips from closed lid after drinking like many flasks
real grab and go size
or hook fingers in handle walking
or clip to belt ......
can just fit under petrol station coffee machine
fits regular 12 oz perfectly

only downside is too hot to drink immediately in car or as takeaway
so have a small plastic handleless childs cup/tumbler if drinking straight away
or leave open for 10 mins

would rather have 2 of these that a single flask now ....... nothing like throwing it across to a friend when they need a cuppa

Bargain flask

Bought two of these for speedy use on the fell. They keep your drinks piping hot, particularly if you pre heat with boiling water before making your drinks up. Bargain price, brilliant performance. Another alpkit winner......

Edward Dalton
A bit of HOTTY

My review of the Alpkit Thermos Flask.
So i read the reviews, i also saw the super offer of two for £17, i was hooked.
Needed a new flask as my old flask had seen better days. I also needed a flask which was suitable for quick hits on the hill as i am a member of my local Mountain Rescue team. So all in all what did i think, well the first thing i did was fill it up and stick it in the garden from 18:00 hrs till 23:30. Ps, it was snowing and it was -5 and dropping. I live in the Peak District were we see a lot of varied weather. I reckon if its still warm its a goer, 23:30 top popping time. Super slick drinking lid, but remember its gonna be hot and yes it was. Well pleased, still pipping hot. So overall rating.
10 out of 10 for design, love the lid setup.
10 out of 10 for staying warm.
10 out of 10 for the double purchase at £17, new flask for my son time.
I reckon it will serve me well on the hill, and maybe the odd casualty might get a sip as well.

Cheers Alpkit.

A great bit of kit

I love this cup/flask, it has saved me a fortune in bought coffees. It is great for day to day use or for camping and much better at keeping stuff really hat than the expensive water bottle flasks - I bought it for camping and use it for commuting (and camping)

lakes and peaks
great bit of kit

Super fast delivery. This is a great product especially for the price. Used a couple of times now and drinks stay incredibly hot for ages. This will got a lot of use on my long colder walks. My housemate was also very impressed and ordered one himself. Thanks Alpkit

Nick H
Liquids stay HOT

Long story short, I keep on burning my mouth using this flask grin
If I fill it up with tea and leave the screw top cap off, the tea is still very warm after 5 hrs at room temperature.
When used outside ( 2 Celsius) I found my tea still very warm after 4 hours.
Pretty decent for £10 if you ask me.

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