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Chainset diy pan suspension kit

Titanium cooking pot chain


  • Chainset - Titanium cooking pot chain

Titanium chain for suspending your cookpot over an open fire, add an extra dimension to your meal times

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Flexible and adaptable, this diy chain comes as a set of links allowing you to form a chain to suspend your cooking pot or personal cooking system.

Neat and simple clip hooks quickly attach to the lip of our pots and pans allowing you to hang your cookware over an open flame. The chain can be made to the length your require by simply adding or removing links.

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Key features
  • Stainless steel clips
  • Titanium chain links
  • Customisable length
Vital stats

Origin: United Kingdom

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

5 Reviews


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Awesome product!

Using with my TOAKS 900 pot, working perfectly. Less than 50 grams with the bag. You can use this with you own choice of length by changing number of chain to use. I'm using small number of chains and it's just 19 grams in total. Love it.


Came with 101 titanium links, enough for all manners of setup and fiddling!

My set only had one connecting ring though (unlike one of the pics) but I had lots spare around the house.

I opted for three 'arms' of 12 followed by the joining ring. I then decided to add two lengths of 12 each followed by more rings to adjust height for simmering. Not tried this yet, but I will fiddle when 'in the field'.

Doesn't weigh much at all, really small, comes in a neat little Alpkit baggie.


What a great product!
Light, versatile & does the job.
It also works with an MOD crusader canteen mug & MSR cooking pots

I didn't expect to have to build it myself!

It's good but I didn't realise I'd have to assemble it myself, link by link. Once done it's worth it.

Not perfect...

Unfortunately I have to report a couple of unexpected problems with this - one pretty minor and one less so.

The minor problem is that you can’t separate the chain anywhere along its length, only remove individual links from one end. I’d intended to make up the links into one long chain and then break and rejoin it in different configurations as needed in the field. You can’t do that, you have to decide on the rig you want and build it up that way from the beginning. Not that big a deal assuming you’ll always be hanging the same pot.

The more significant problem is that, at least with the MytiMug, the clips prevent you putting the lid on the cup. So if you use it over a wood fire you’re probably going to end up with a fair bit of ash and other crud floating on the water and a smokey taste to your tea, or mess about with bits of tin foil and so on to cover the cup around the legs of the chain.

The chain will still be useful with a pot that already has a hanging handle, but for use with any of the Alpkit cookware the rim-clips need to be redesigned to fit over the lid (which does look tricky, I admit) or the cups need to change to accommodate the chains.

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