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CarbonLite lower section pack

Replacement lower section including pole and basket

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Get your poles back in full running order with this single replacement section.

We have all done it... charging down the hill at the end of a long day to make last orders or even to get the last bus home when your pole tip gets wedged in a limestone fissure. You lever it forwards with all your might as you have the momentum with you and before you know it - CRACK - massive downer.

Now you can swap out that broken lower section and get back out there. No tools neccesary, just fully loosen the lower section and pull it out. Replace with the new section and twist till firm.

Compatible with 3 section CarbonLite trekking pole. Earlier models may not be compatible.

Key features
  • Lower pole section
  • Basket
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Vital stats
Vital stats

Lower section length: 41 cm
Weight: 50 g

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