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Blazing Paddles


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Blazing Paddles

The tale of an 1800-mile odyssey around Scotland's grand cliffscapes and fearsome sea passages

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In a small kayak, Brian Wilson set off to dicover a world of sea-level adventure. Blazing Paddles is poetically written giving the reader a mesmerising read. The narrative is full of excitment, history and folklore.

Wilson's journey takes a thorough look at Scottish identity from an exclusive perspective- sometimes harrowing and oft philosophical and frequenty hilarious- Blazing Paddles is filled with endlessly vaied characters, wildlife and lore. From battles with whirlpools, heavy seas and hypothermia to streaking naked in front of Lady Diana. There is also a fasciniating commentry onsubmarines, supetankers and other issues threatening the Scottish coastline and its unique wildlife.

"I don't know whether the adventure itself or the story of it deserves the greater admiration; the combination strikes me as a triumph - which I hope will have many successors." - BBC Radio 4 - A Book at Bedtime

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Origin: United Kingdom

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