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Bananagrams Party

bananagrams party game


  • - bananagrams party game

A bananary game of scrabble you can play on your tent floor


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Great to take with you where ever you go. There is no need for paper, pens or pencils just a little grey matter. Play it in all weathers, rain or shine, beneath the crags, on the slopes or on the banks of the river. A great way to keep everyone entertained and boost moral.

Banagrams Party Edition is a word-racing frenzy that sees you steal letters, swap places and detroy other players' word grids! All theh addictive fun of the original but with 14 chaos-inducing new tiles.

Key features
  • 1 x banana case
  • 144 x letter tiles
  • 1 x Rules
  • 420 g of banarnary goodness
Vital stats

Origin: United Kingdom

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