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This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.

AlpineDream 1100 [2017] goose down mountaineering sleeping bag

High spec winter mountaineering goose down sleeping bag weighing 1600 g, AlpineDream is an ultralight ultra-warm performance bag with a -28ºC limit.

AlpineDream Down bag 1100
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Most right-handers prefer left zip bags as it's easier to reach across your body to your left side to use the zip when lying on your back. The opposite is true if you are left-handed.

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This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.

Sleeping out in cold temperatures is well.. it is cold! Sleeping bags were developed to address this issue so that we can all go nice places and do good things at all times of the year - even in inhospitable places like the Ben Nevis observatory!

To make a bag that is going to keep you warm at temperatures below zero we spec 95/5 750+ IDFB white goose down for the AlpineDream. 13 independent box-wall down chambers run along the bag so that the down cannot migrate through the bag.

The shape of the bag is purposefully roomy, a true mountaineering design that allows you to move around inside the bag. Once inside you are not going to want to have to unzip the bag just to take your socks off.

Key features
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
  • Super warm and toasty
  • Adjustable head closure and draft collar
  • Internal pocket for valuables
  • Excellent lofting capacity
  • YKK zips
  • RDS certified: All of our down is ethically sourced, not live-plucked and not force-fed
  • C6 DWR for shedding the morning dew
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Vital stats
Temperature ratings

Temperature ratings are given in accordance with EN13537 so that you can compare our bags with other brands. The comfort rating is the lowest temperature that you might expect to have a 8 hours comfortable sleep in a relaxed position.

Comfort: -19ºC (T comf)
Limit: -28ºC (T lim)
Extreme: -50ºC (T ext)*

TOG: 17.1

* Please note the extreme rating is the temperature at which the average woman can remain for six hours without risk of DEATH from hypothermia - but can still sustain cold injuries - under EN13537 conditions. We do not recommend using this bag in these weather conditions


Fill: 95/5 Chinese white goose down; RDS certified
Fill power: IDFB 750
Fill weight: 1100 g
Outer: 20D Polyester, 45 g/m2
Inner: 20D Polyester, 45 g/m2
Construction: Box Wall


Weight: 1600 g
Internal length: 185 cm
Internal width: 64 cm
Zip length: 160 cm
Stuff bag weight: 125 g
Packed size: ⌀ 26 x 39 cm

Fitting guidance

How will you fit? Our guide is based on the user wearing thin base layers.

Spacious: 5ft3 tall or you have a shoulder circumference of around 105 cm. The bag will be perfectly useable but you will have space within the bag. For this reason it will not be as thermally efficient as a optimum fit but it will be comfortable and you will easily be able to wear extra layers.

Optimum: 5ft11 tall or you have a shoulder circumference of around 128 cm. At this size you are the ideal candidate for this bag. You should be able to easily arrange yourself in the bag, and still have the space to wear an additional down jacket if necessary.

Tight: 6ft1 tall or you have a shoulder circumference of around 132 cm. At this size you will start to compress the down and reduce the thermal efficiency of the bag, especially in the foot section and have limited movement around your shoulders when the zip is full closed. You should still be able to take your socks off, but might struggle to take off a top layer without undoing the zip.

Origin: United Kingdom

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Carl Penny
Winter test

I have used this bag in full UK winter conditions and it has given me the confidence to stay higher in the mountains, its a great addition to my winter kit but I think I will be using it all year round as I explore and sleep in the wilds of the UK.
It just feels so snug and toastie when you know outside is bitterly cold with dangerous wind chill factors, I would highly recommend this bag to anyone sleeping in dangerously low temperatures, I have it in -6 with great comfort, on warmer nights I simply don't fully zip it. Awesome kit grin

Snug as a bug

The Alpine Dream 1100 was a Himalayan dream for me - it kept me warm and toasty when the water pipes were frozen, there was ice inside the windows and the outside temperature was below freezing. It packs down well considering its warmth, the down collar keeps the heat in and there's plenty of room (I'm 5ft 6"). Definitely a 5* piece of kit and very reasonably priced compared to sleeping bags with a similar 'comfort' rating.