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Alien Evolution Cams

Alien small camming device


  • Grey 7/8 - Alien small camming device
    Grey 7/8
  • Red 1 - Alien small camming device
    Red 1

Alien Evolution Cams

The ultimate small cam for protecting peg scarred faces, a firm favourite amongst big wall climbers


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The much extolled Alien cams have just got better! It’s hard to believe, I know. 

Alien cams have always been known for excelling in thin shallow cracks, the ones we frequently dream about climbing high above the Yosemite valley floor. What makes Aliens stand out from the crowd is their narrow head width and soft metal that gives them a far greater bite when loaded and therefore enhanced security in marginal placements.

The Alien Evolution is lighter than the previous model and has a 20% reduced head profile- meaning that you can fit it into even gnarlier cracks! The head of the Evolution has a riveted axle plus increased friction and holding power giving you the confidence to make the moves that matter! The steel cable has been built to have increased strength and flexibilty compared to the original Alien. This allows the Evolutions to be slipped deeper into cracks whilst reducing the effects of rope drag. The cable swage has been constructed from a stronger aluminium.

The trigger design has been improved in the Evolutions. This includes the thumb pull being upgraded to have a comfortable, ergonomic design. Even the dyneema sling in the Alien Evolution has been boosted for increased strength and abrasion resistance. 

Evolution Cams are available in two lengths. The single sling is 120 mm while the double length sling is 240 mm.

One thing to note is that Aliens cannot be used as passive protection, i.e. as a jammed placement like a nut or a hex.

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Key features
  • Internal cam springs for a narrow head width
  • Flexible stem
  • CE certified and individually proof tested
  • UIAA certified
  • 3 sigma tested
  • 120 and 240 mm sling lengths
Vital stats
Black 1/3

Weight: 46 g
Max Strength: 5 kN
Expansion Range: 8 - 14 mm
Sling: Single: 120 mm, Double: 240 mm

Blue 3/8

Weight: 48 g
Max Strength: 6 kN
Expansion Range: 10 - 17 mm
Sling: Single: 120 mm, Double: 240 mm

Green 1/2

Weight: 52 g
Max Strength: 7 kN
Expansion Range: 13 - 22 mm
Sling: Single: 120 mm, Double: 240 mm

Yellow 3/4

Weight: 58 g
Max Strength: 10 kN
Expansion Range: 15 - 25 mm
Sling: Single: 120 mm, Double: 240 mm

Grey 7/8

Weight: 59 g
Max Strength: 10 kN
Sling: Single: 120 mm, Double: 240 mm

Red 1

Weight: 61 g
Max Strength: 10 kN
Sling: Single: 120 mm, Double: 240 mm

Origin: United Kingdom

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

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good value microcams

I have been using these in the blue and green sizes regularly for the last six months. In hand they don't feel as sturdy as the original alien cams but this is a fair trade off for the reduced weight, both of mine have held multiple falls and so far the plastic and fabric components are showing no signs of wear.

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