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Big Shakeout 2017 Commemorative Mugs [4 Pack]

Big Shakeout Mug 2017


  • - Big Shakeout Mug 2017
  • - Big Shakeout Mug 2017

Big Shakeout 2017 Commemorative Mugs [4 Pack]

Four Big Shakeout 2017 mugs for mugfuls of joy! Never drink out of a non-BSO mug again!


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Loved the Big Shakeout 2017 so much that you want every sip of tea to fill you with memories of a festival unlike any other?

Maybe you just want a BSO mug for the office, one for home, another for on-the-go, and a spare for just in case?

Regardless of why you want a BSO17 mug, here’s your opportunity to have four! Ideal for supping delicious hot beverages, soup, cold beverages, keeping your pens in, and basking in memories of a weekend spent how all weekends should be: with good company in the great outdoors. You need never drink out of a non-BSO mug ever again! 

Quick! Stock is limited!

Key features
  • A mugful of Big Shakeout memories
Vital stats

Joy and wonderful memories!

Origin: United Kingdom

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