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Yellow Stem Cell

Stem Cell
Stem mounted accessory bag

Black Kanga handlebar harness

Lightweight handlebar harness with carbon struts

Ultra Fuel
4 flavours of full meal liquid drinks for endurance sports

Extreme Foods - Veggie Mains
Yummy veggie main meals made from natural ingredients

Extreme Foods - Mains
6 flavours of main meal to choose from

Micro Adventures by Al Humphries

A guide to finding great adventures in the ordinary


Crash Pad

Large, innovative hinged boulder mat

Phud bouldering mat

Compact, lightweight full taco bouldering pad

Extreme Foods - Puddings
3 choices of pudding for your sweet side

ultra colourful climbing rope

Fixe Roca - Rainbow Rope
Brightly coloured 9.9 mm sports climbing rope

The White Spider
The classic account of the ascent of the Eiger

Skitrav Harness
Ski-touring harness


Insulated 450 ml titanium mug

Insulated titanium mug

3 piece titanium pan set

Nested titanium cooking pot set

MytiPot 900
Titanium cooking pot with lid

MytiMug 650
Titanium cooking mug

4 piece aluminium saucepan set

4 piece aluminium pan set

Titanium cooking pot chain

stove chain for open fire cooking

down jackets

Filo [Women] BlueJay-Lime
Women's down jacket

Filoment Vest [Womens]
Womens micro-rib down vest

Filoment Jacket [Womens]
Womens down micro rib jacket

Filoment Vest [Mens]
Mens down micro rib gilet

Filoment Jacket [Mens]
Mens down micro rib jacket

Draught Excluder
Multifunctional neck tube

dry bags

Airlok XTra - Tapered
Tapered dry bag perfect for paddling, bike packing


Airlok XTra - Dual
Dual ended dry bag

Aqua Wallit

Aqua Wallit
Waterproof pouch for storage of valuables

Heavy duty dry bags

Airlok XTra
Extra strong dry bags with added attachment points

Gourdon 30 dry bag rucksack

Gourdon 30
30 l Drybag rucksack ready for a weekend of adventure

Gourdon 25 litre dry bag rucksack range

Gourdon 25
25 l dry bag rucksack


GoPro accessory bundle

GoPro Accessory Bundle
Accessory kit for GoPro


Bright, compact and light the Viper is perfect for climbers and mountaineers

lightweight 100 lumen LED head torch

Lightweight no non-sense head torch ideal for camping & walking

Lightweight compact

Lightweight head torch for walkers, runners and climbers

Compact, multi-function, 88 lumen headtorch

Glowe LED camping lantern

Lightweight, 170 lumen, backpacking, dual-function lantern

Trinity LED camping lantern

190 lumen, dual-function, camping LED lantern

Pack of 10 AAA batteries

AAA Duracell Procell Batteries
Duracell Procell Batteries


Rig lightweight tarp range

Rig Tarps
Lightweight tarp range

Rig 7 lightweight nylon tarp

Rig 7
Lightweight waterproof tarp with lifters

Rig 21 multi person expedition tarp

Rig 21
4 - 8 man, lightweight, expedition tarp

Set of accessory caribiners

Set of 5 shiny red and grey micro clips

5 mm cord

Fredd 5
Camping Utility Cord ideal for tent and tarp guy lines

3 mm cord

Fredd 3
Camping Utility Cord ideal for tent and tarp guy lines

t shirts

storm ice axe cotton t-shirt

Organic cotton Storm Ice Axe T-shirt

Alien cam Cotton t-shirt

Organic cotton T-shirt

4 Fingers

4 Fingers
Mens T-shirt

AK On Tour men's t-shirt

AK on Tour
Mens T-shirt

Flashed Men's Back

Flashed Red
Flashed Red men's t-shirt

Flashed women's back

Flashed Pink
Women's Flashed Pink t-shirt