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Anna Wells

I currently work as a Doctor in the Scottish Highlands, but I am planning to take a career break to focus on climbing. I absolutely love being in the mountains! The freedom of wide open spaces and the rush of trying hard. My favourite activities are rock climbing, summer alpinism, skimo and running, with my happiest moments have included climbing El Capitan, summiting 37 4000ers in one summer, and I have also been fortunate to travel the world as part of the GB Ice Climbing Team.

I have a lot of adventourous projects in mind and in the long game I have my sights set on the winter olympics!

The Number Crunch: 37 x 4000m Alpine peaks in one summer (including 22 in 6 days). El Capitan, Triple Direct (3 days). Lurking Fear (13 hours). 14th, Ice Climbing World Cup, Saas-Fee. Cuillin Ridge, winter traverse in a day.

Anna Wells
16 06 2018 - Daring Deeds

Adventures with Dad
inspiration for an outdoor life from dad

© Alpkit
01 06 2018 - Daring Deeds

Microadventures: part two
Anna Wells' next micro instalment of adventures

© Alpkit
02 03 2018 - Daring Deeds

Ridges through the Sky
Anna Wells on Scottish Winter

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02 01 2018 - Daring Deeds

Microadventures: Part one
Reflecting on a year of microadventures

© Dave Mcleod
06 12 2017 - Daring Deeds

Black Friday
Climbing my first E5

06 11 2015 - Daring Deeds

Sport to Drytool
mixing up the climbing

22 10 2015 - Daring Deeds

Red Bull White Cliffs
Red Bull chalk climbing comp on the Isle of Wight

Blog1 quarryman
21 10 2015 - Daring Deeds

Exams are over
More climbing after exams

16 02 2015 - Daring Deeds

World Cup 2015 part 2
more rounds of the 2015 ice climbing world cup

16 02 2015 - Daring Deeds

Scottish Winter and a bit of tooling!
taking time off from competitions

16 02 2015 - Daring Deeds

World Cup 2015 part 1
ice climbing competitions 2015

Annawells thunderdome
06 02 2015 - News

Anna Wells - Ice Climbing World Cup
UIAA 2015 Lead competition circuit

12 01 2015 - Daring Deeds

Competition season (so far!!)
Drytooling competition season

Alpkit mm
28 11 2014 - Daring Deeds

A year of Mountain Marathons
Getting into mountain marathons

20 10 2014 - Daring Deeds

Competition Time!
Hitting the competition season well

Wells drytooling romania
13 02 2014 - Daring Deeds

Ice World Cup
Anna Wells on the Ice Climbing World Cup