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Adventure Pedlars

I’m Pete and Adventure Pedlars was born out of a 20,000km bike ride and aims to inspire and facilitate all manner of cycling adventures. Having lived the simple pleasures of bicycle travel and seen how it provides the ideal antidote to fast paced ‘modern life’, I’m committed to inspire others into getting out on their own adventures. Whether for first time riders on a weekend out of the ordinary or helping to realise dreams on a ‘once in a lifetime’ expedition. Based in the heart of the beautiful Peak District, with a complete range of adventure bikes and equipment for hire along with qualified and globally experienced instructors and guides, we’re in the business of making your adventures happen.

14 02 2017 - Daring Deeds

Offa leads me home
Continuing to chase Offa's adventure

10 02 2017 - Daring Deeds

Offa’s Dyke Leads Home
An Unremarkable Adventure Chasing Offa