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Sonder Support

We aim to despatch all orders (with the exception of bikes and custom orders) placed before 2pm Monday - Friday the same day.

Custom Builds

Whether it is a simple component swap out or a dream build, we can customise your Sonder. Find out how.

Where is my bike?

We build our bikes here in our UK workshop. Find out when you would expect to get it after placing your order.

Cycle to Work Schemes

Find out about how to pay for your bike with Cycle to Work.

Cycle to Work Schemes

Visit of Cycle to Work page for more information on the schemes we accept.

Finance Options

All of our Sonder bikes qualify for finance. We've chosen Klana Bank AB finance provider, to provide credit. Klana is a leading merchant banking group based in Sweden. The application process is quick and easy you will receive an instant decision. Click here for more information.

Custom Builds

You can interchange Love Mud components on your builds at no additional cost. So if you want a different length of stem, a particular saddle or bar then let us know in the notes section in the checkout and we'll get in touch. We also hold big stocks of SRAM, Rockshox, WTB and regular build with Shimano, Hope, Cane Creek. We'll build your Sonder with any part that suits your needs. Please drop us an email via the contact form selecting the Custom Build option. With the same experienced mechanic helping throughout your build you know who to call if there's anything you want to know.

Camino only: if you want to swap out the 37c Riddlers for 47c Byways on your build, we can do that for you free of charge - just add a note on your order.

Here are the most popular Sonder bike upgrades that Bike Guru Neil gets asked for (don't worry, you can ask for other stuff too!):

Wheels and tyres

  • Hullabaloo Carbon wheelset, £570
  • Tubeless upgrade (bike fitted with Comp level tyres), £80
  • Tubeless upgrade (bike fitted with TCS tyres), £40
  • Dynamo wheel build, £30 + price of hub


  • Brooks B17 Standard Saddle (brown & black), £50
  • Brooks Cambium C17 All Weather Saddle (brown & black), £60

Seat posts

  • Reverb dropper post upgrade, £250


  • TRP Spyre upgrade, £100
  • Avid BB7s upgrade, £50
  • Guide R Brakes (from Level), £100


  • Brooks Cambium Rubber bar tape (black & natural), £15

Try Before You Buy - Sonder Demo and Bike Hire

You can arrange a demo or rental from one of our stores. Visit our bike rental page for more information.

I'm between bike sizes - which size should I choose?

If you're between sizes, we always recommend trying out the bike you want to make sure to get the one that's just right for you.

However, as a general rule, if you're between sizes with road and adventure bikes such as Colibri and Camino, you'll usually need to go up a size but opt for a shorter stem.

With mountain bikes, you will usually need to go down a size. However, this does depend on your riding style. If you like to be nimble, you'll want to go for the smaller bike. If you want stability, you'll want the larger bike.

We are able to build bikes with different stem lengths to tweak the fit for you - just let us know when you place the order.

When will you get your bike?

Under 'availability', you'll see 'Buy now', 'Sold out', or 'Building from...'

'Buy now' means the build and size is available - you can buy it now! Hooray!

'Sold out' means we're out of stock and don't currently have an ETA - we'll update the chart as soon as we do.

'Building from...' means your bike frame/components will be arriving in Neil’s workshop on the date given in the availability table. Neil will be able to schedule in your bike to be built from (but not necessarily on) that date.

If this hasn't cleared things up for you, drop Bike Hero Tom message by filling in our contact form on the support hero page.

Bike Frame and Build Weights

Welcome to Neil and Liam's table of bike weights!

Unfortunately we haven't been able to weigh all of the bikes just yet, so some of the boxes aren't filled in. Please bear with us, we'll get the weights online as soon as we know them!

T = Tubeless

Transmitter Alloy
Small Medium Large X-Large
Frame 1.99 2.01 2.07 2.1
NX1 Recon *TBC 13.56 *TBC 13.7
NX1 Revelation 13.3 13.8 13.9 13.9
GX Eagle Revelation *TBC 13.0 13.06 *TBC
GX Eagle Pike *TBC *TBC *TBC *TBC
XX1 Eagle Pike *TBC 13.0 *TBC *TBC
Transmitter Carbon
Small Medium Large
Frame 1.2 1.23 1.26
NX1 Recon *TBC 12.11 12.13T
NX1 Revelation *TBC *TBC 11.85
GX Eagle Revelation *TBC *TBC 11.82
GX Eagle Pike *TBC *TBC *TBC
Small Medium Large X-Large
Frame 1.7 1.8 1.86 2
Fork (uncut) 1.1
Rigid Rumpus 12.0 12.2 12.3 12.6
Rigid Hobo 12.0 12.2 12.3 12.6
Recon Rumpus 12.5 12.7 12.8 13.3
Recon Hobo 12.5 12.7 12.8 13.3
Small Medium Large X-Large
Frame (+0.34 shock) 3.13 3.16 3.19 3.21
NX1 Recon 13.34 *TBC 14.5 *TBC
NX1 Revelation 13.8 14.4 *TBC 14.06T
GX Eagle Revelation *TBC 13.73 14.0T *TBC
GX Eagle Pike *TBC 13.35 14.26 *TBC
Broken Road
Small Medium Large X-Large
Frame 1.96 1.98 2.0 2.2
NX1 *TBC 12.11 *TBC *TBC
GX Eagle 12.0 12.1 12.3 12.5
Camino Al
Small Medium Large X-Large
Frame 1.9 2.0 2.0 2.1
Fork - uncut 0.84
Apex1 Mechanical *TBC *TBC 10.75 *TBC
Apex1 Hydraulic 10.56 10.59 *TBC *TBC
Rival1 Hydraulic *TBC 10.36 10.70 11.11
Camino Ti
Small Medium Large X-Large
Frame 1.73 1.75 1.84 1.92
Fork - uncut 0.55
Rival1 Mechanical 10.3 *TBC 10.3 10.4
Rival1 Hydraulic 10.7 *TBC *TBC *TBC
Force1 Hydraulic 9.93 10.05 10.16 *TBC
Small Medium Large X-Large
Frame and fork 1.04 1.05 1.1 1.12
Rival22 TRP *TBC *TBC 8.54 *TBC
Rival22 Hydraulic 8.50 *TBC *TBC *TBC
Force22 Hydraulic *TBC 9.4 *TBC *TBC
Signal Ti
Small Medium Large X-Large
Frame 1.97 2.0 2.1 2.14
NX1 Revelation *TBC *TBC 13.8 *TBC
GX Eagle Revelation *TBC *TBC *TBC *TBC
GX Eagle Pike 12.85 12.88 12.9 12.91

Cabling Up a Sonder Evol

How does the Evol have such clean lines? We’ve tucked away the cables inside the downtube to neaten things up. At times, your cables may rattle. Don’t panic, all you need to silence it is Sonder Bike Guru Neil’s guide, a few zip ties (200 – 300mm), and a little bit of time...

1. Cable up your bike, getting everything to the right length and in the right position.

2. Detach your rear brake lever, shifter and dropper remote from the handlebar and slide the cables down inside the frame, pulling them out the bottom guide at the same time.

3. Get a fairly chunky zip tie (200-300mm is perfect) and pull it tight around all three cables about 2-3cm away from the exit port.

4. Cut the zip tie down so it’s a little longer than the diameter of the downtube, about 7cm is perfect, this will make the zip tie push the cables tight against the inside of the tube.

5. Thread the cables and zip tie back up into the frame (about 10-15cm - depending on size) and fit another zip tie in exactly the same way.

6. Thread the rest of the cables and the second zip tie up inside the frame leaving enough slack around the BB area for the shock to compress without pulling them.

7. Refit the cable exit cover

8. Reattach the controls to the handlebar

9. Give your bike a few drop tests and check for rattles, it should be nice and quiet!

10. Go ride!

How much does international shipping for Sonder Bikes and Love Mud Wheels cost?

We find it pretty exciting to see our Sonder bikes carried off by the postie to destinations across the world! International delivery prices for Sonder Bikes depends on where in the world you are:

  • Europe - £25

  • USA - £66

  • Australia/New Zealand/Brazil - £149

  • Argentina/Brazil/Chile/ South America - £199

  • Rest of the world - £99

For wheels and frames, we international shipping rates are as follows:

  • Europe £15

  • US £30

  • Rest of World £50

Delivery charges will be automatically added to your order at the checkout.

Which wheelset for which Sonder Bike?

Buying wheels for your bike can be pretty baffling. Here are the bikes that you can stick your wheelset onto.

Love Mud Wheelset Which Sonder Bike?
LM Orbit Camino Al, Camino Ti, Colibri
LM Volution Camino Al, Camino Ti
LM Hobo 29er Broken Road, Frontier
LM Rumpus 650b+ 100/142 None of our Sonder Bikes
LM Rumpus 650b+ boost Broken Road, Frontier, Transmitter, Transmitter Carbon
LM Hurly Burly Vir Fortis
LM Hullabaloo 650b/b+ Frontier, Transmitter Carbon, Transmitter, Broken Road
LM Hullabaloo fat Vir Fortis

Can the Love Mud Juice be converted for a 15 x 100 mm axle?

We're afraid it can't be converted.

Can I get boost hub wheelsets in a standard hub size?

We're afraid not! However we do offer a few wheelsets with standard hubs for you to take a look at.

For Mountain Bikes, the Rumpus 650b+ is available in both boost and standard 100/142 sizing.

Can I run a tyre with a width outside of the recommended range for the wheelset?

In brief, no. Although it is physically possible to put tyres on your bike that are wider or narrower than the recommended range, it is unsafe to do so as the tyres would not fit the wheelset properly. Our recommended tyre width ranges are the maximum and minimum tyre sizes that are safe to use on the wheelset.

Is the Juice dynamo hub upgrade available on any wheels?

The Juice dynamo hub upgrade is only available with the Love Mud Orbit and Love Mud Volution wheelsets.

Do wheelsets come with QR and bolt-through adapters?

Volution and Orbit wheelsets come set up for QR as standard. All other wheelsets are bolt-thru standard (15 mm front, 12 mm rear) If you want any endcaps, just drop us a line and we can supply them at £5 per set.

Can I set up Sonder Frontier to run as a single speed

That is a very worthy question. We have a few singlespeeders here so we are not surprised to hear you ask. Frontier does not have horizontal dropouts or an eccentric botom bracket (don't they always creak anyway?) So to run Frontier as a singlespeed you will need to use a chain tensioner.

What wheel sizes can Broken Road take?

The Broken Road is designed for a 2.8 in rear B+ tyre. This has a diameter of 729 mm at maximum size for manufacturing tolerance. This clears the seat tube by the ISO required 6 mm, at min tolerance. So can you use 29'er wheels? Yes... Broken Road has longer chainstays that will take a 29 in wheel.

What wheel sizes can Transmitter take?

The Transmitter is designed for a 2.8 in rear B+ tyre. This has a diameter of 729 mm at maximum size for manufacturing tolerance. This clears the seat tube by the ISO required 6 mm, at min tolerance. A 2.25 in 29'er tyre has a diameter of 747mm. So it isn't going to fit. Of course a skinny 1.9 in 29er tyre will fit, but so what? It’d not really ride the way the frame is meant to be ridden.

What wheel sizes can Camino take?

Camino Ti will take 700 x 45 mm. On 650b some 2.0" MTB tyres will fit.

Camino Alloy will take 700 x 40mm or 650b x 47mm

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