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Zofia Reych


An occasional writer and appreciator of lowball traverses.

After completing a master’s degree in anthropology, I went on to pursue a traditional career path at a London PR company but the pull of the outdoors was stronger. I moved first to Sheffield, then to Chamonix, then did a surprising two-year stint among the Bulgarian hills before finally settling in Fontainebleau.

Although I started climbing with a view to become a mountaineer, I somehow veered toward bouldering and now can usually be found wrestling pebbles in France.

I believe that the still low (although improving) ratio of female participants in outdoor sports is symptomatic of lingering problems within broader society. In September 2018 I organised the first Women’s Bouldering Festival in Fontainebleau to provide a new platform for women to connect and grow in climbing and beyond.

The Number Crunch:

  • Over the last couple of years I managed to top out a few 7C boulders in Magic Wood and Fontainebleau (“Minisex” and “Welcome to Tijuana” are my favourites). Although it’s usually not the grade that drives me to a line, I am rather excited to break into the double digits in the near future.
  • Number of countries I have lived in: 6

Zofia Reych
Zofia Reych - 7A+ stand start to Iceberg | Photo: Andy Day

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