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Tom Newman


I mainly boulder due to the fact that it is easier to do so in the UK and the majority of my days off are week day’s, so it’s hard to track down a belay buddy. I also manage a bouldering centre so I naturally lean towards bouldering. My mum has a place out in Spain, so whenever I get a chance to go out there, I always take a rope and harness. It would be rude not to considering it’s the sport climbing mecca of the globe.

I’m known to dabble in competition climbing as well. It’s challenging and I enjoy that, however, it’s hard to stay motivated for international competition when the guys we go up against are outlandishly good and strong.

The Number Crunch:

  • The Ace 8B,
  • Voyager, 8B+
  • FA’s; An Extra Inch of Musclin Man 8A and Whackaboosh 8A.


13 02 2015 - News

RocFest 2015
Newman 2nd in Manchester

28 01 2015 - Daring Deeds

First trip to Albarracin
bouldering at Albarracin

03 03 2014 - Daring Deeds

First time to Hueco
Tom Newman enjoys his first trip to Hueco Tanks

03 02 2014 - News

Tom Newman joins Alpkit climbing team
Introducing Tom Newman

28 01 2014 - News

Supporting ROCfest 2014
Alpkit support ROCfest 2014

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