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Scott Swalling


24Hr MTBike racer and general bike rider, climber and mountaineer. Good coffee drinker and cake eater (any cake, seriously, don’t leave your cake laying around). Also, I like to try new things that challenge me.


14 04 2019 - News

Dirty Reiver 2019
Another fantastic day at this great event

25 02 2019 - Daring Deeds

Ice climbing, head spanners, chamois and Cogne
Scott heads to Cogne for Ice Fest 2019

30 01 2015 - Daring Deeds

The Big Push
3 guys push their bikes around the Cairngorms

12 08 2013 - Daring Deeds

Twentyfour12 2013
Scott Swalling on Bontrager Twentyfour12

22 07 2013 - Daring Deeds

Are You Tough Enough
Swalling back on the podium

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