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Gracie Martin


Gracie has been involved with the climbing scene for over 10 years! Starting her climbing career by climbing inside she was a member of the Junior British Team where she competed all over the world. In recent years rock climbing has taken over and she now gets out whenever she can - both in the Peak and further afield. She has also become a part of the UK routesetting scene, regularly setting all over the country.

The Number Crunch:

  • Ben’s Roof 7C+
  • Deadhang 7c
  • Crimpy Slut 7c+/8a
  • Zwiederwurzn 8a
  • Welcome to Tijuana 7c
  • Cubbys lip 7b+/c
  • Weedkiller F7b
  • Early Doors 7a+
  • Exclusive F7b
  • Auto Pilot F7b
  • Red Roses F7b

Gracie Martin Climbing

30 05 2019 - Daring Deeds

Bouldering in Brione
A Day Bouldering in the Tinico Region

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