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Xmas Treasure Hunt 2017

By Col
21, Dec, 2017

Yes treasure is out in there them hills. Our annual little Christmas and New Year treasure hunt returns.


OK we know you've all been waiting for it. Yes it's back for another year, our UK Christmas and New Year treasure hunt to hopefully add a little interest amidst the festivities. So control that fevered excitment, get set and keep your eyes pealed as we release the locations of those little Goodie Vouchers through the week.

As normal through the week to New Years Day we will be releasing the secret locations of some £50 goodie vouchers to use on line or at one of our two stores. This year our AlpElves will be sneaking around parts of the UK each with one of our Swig water bottles housing a voucher, looking to hide them in some crafty locations.

Swig water bottle containing Alpkit voucher

Unfortunately we're not able to cover all areas of the country, but hopefully there will be one that pops up near you, or someone you know! If nothing crops up this time then maybe we'll get you for the Easter edition, or for next years!

So starting boxing day... We'll be trying to update this page, but to get alerted more immediately look out for the locations appearing on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds. 

Day 1 - 26th Dec.

- update... FOUND!!

On the West coast fo Scotland.

On a good day you can see a 'Buteiful' view from here....

Water bottle laying against rock over looking loch

Map of location including gps co-ordinates

Day 2 - 27th Dec 

- update... FOUND!!

From the Ambleside store walk out of town
To the Force where water tumbles down
You'll need to find this viewing place
Almost feel the spray on your face
Now look around and you will see
Hidden within a nearby tree
Alpkit's special Christmas treasure
Sure to bring you lots of pleasure

Ref 383045

A special bonus today! - update... FOUND!!

2 #xmastreasurehunt searches today!! The first was placed by the Ambleside team and this one by the Hathersage team. So here's one for the Peak District (ish)...and it's closer to the edge than you might think...

If you find this one then the team in the Hathersage store will advise you how best to spend it...


Day 3 - 28th Dec

update - FOUND!!

The next of our #alpkittreasurehunt for some #xmastreasure
Under the stones by the big tree... look out for monsters... 57.382753 , -4.333766

Day 4 - 29th Dec

Not too far off the beaten track... and with a 'Surprising' View.

SK 246 805  Could be a great way to start a day in the Peak.... if it's not covered too much in snow!

Day 5 - 30th Dec

update - FOUND!!

One in the south, and its not too wild a spot... but its where #goniceplacesdogoodthings started for Mark from our stores team.No clues as to where it is, should be obvious from the pics.

Happy treasure Hunting.

Day 6 - 31st Dec.

update - FOUND!!

Well Done Ed!

Its New Year's Eve and here's the last of our 2017 #xmastreasurehuntsearches.

Friday's clue was placed by the Hathersage team and this one is by the Ambleside team.

So here's one for the Lakes...

To solve the Alpkit Christmas riddle
You'll have to put yourself in the middle
Of the map-running sport's red and white
And the wooden way to beat the wall's height
From Lily Tarn you head South East
Then on this view your eyes must feast
But turn your gaze away from it all
And search the foundations of the dry stone wall

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