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Winter training with Figfour

By Col | 29, Nov, 2012


↵⇥Throughout December there will be a number of events taking place around the country where you'll be able to try out the Figfour drytooling training axes. The ideal training aids for getting your arms ready for mixed, ice and plenty of drytooling. With Ramon drytooling his way into Keith Sharples 2013 calandar with a cool shot, November also saw the innaugural White Goods meet, where drytooling led the way and even Ken gave it a go. So if you want to get strong then now's the time to put that training in and what better way than with the Figfours. 

↵⇥First up the ROKT climbing wall, Brighouse, is in the process of setting up their dedicated Figfour Silo where you'll be able to try routes from M4 to M7.

↵⇥On the 7th Dynamic Rock, Swansea will be hosting their Christmas party with a evening full of activities including plenty of Figfour spirit. 

↵⇥The Westway will be having there annual festive shindig on Friday 14th with plenty going on. As well as being able to try out the Figfours, there will be an elite Figfour tooling competition with some strong teams from the likes of DMM and La Sportiva going head to head to become 2012 champions. Figfour afficinado Ramon Marin will be heading up team Alpkit with strong support from Andre Hedger. 

↵⇥So if you're nearby to any of these venues then get yourself along and check out what's going on. 

↵⇥Figfours are available online in the Alpkit shop 

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