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Wet and Wild Underground

By Col | 20, Aug, 2012

Course Spotlight - Wet and Wild Underground

Encouraging you to escape the daylight and explore the depths under ground, the popular introduction to caving course Wet and Wild Underground returns again this year in the School of Adventure. No matter what your level of experience is, this course will give you a great taster for caving and experiencing the delights of the subterranean world.    

Last year Col and Jim joined Keith Sharples for some coaching in caving photography as Col got his first taster of caving as he explained in his daring deed

If you want to see where this could potentially lead you, then check out an update from Chris Jones as he headed out to spend a month in Austria for the international Dachstein caving expedition. Now we're not suggesting you spend the whole weekend camped underneath the Peak District, but if you want to get a taster for the beautiful cave features that are created beneath us then this is a great chance to. 




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