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Vision of Adventure

By Alpkit
12, Mar, 2019

Funds raised by Made by Scavenger's big pillow auction are being used to help visually impaired adults to have adventures

Stitched on their infamous ‘BiSewcle’, Made By Scavenger joined us at the Big Shakeout Festival last year, as well as other events over the summer to make an amazing giant cushion out of recycled climbing rope and 100% pedal power from lots of lovely people. After the creation of the cushion, it was auctined off by Scavenger with the proceeds being donated to the Alpkit Foundation.




We spoke to Natalia at Made by Scavenger about why they chose the AKF:

"It's amazing to think that the old ropes that went into making the cushion will still have a role in helping people go on adventures in the outdoors. Donating the funds to the Alpkit Foundation is a great way to give back to the outdoor community that donate the old gear we use and give opportunities to people to experience outdoor activities that they may not have had otherwise."

The auction raised a whopping £265!! and thanks to the kind donation of Made by Scavenger, that money is going to be used by Vision of Adventure for a Lake District rock climbing trip for the visually impaired.

Vision of Adventure are a Lake District based charity who offer outdoor activities such as climbing, caving, tandem cycling, canoeing and triathlons to visually impaired adults. Their belief, much like the AKF's, is that everyone should have equal opportunities to outdoor adventures, so we couldn't think of a better cause for the funds to go to. The benefits of being active outdoors are vast and can have even bigger impacts on those that do not have the means to experience the outdoors on a regular basis.

We spoke to Jill at Vision of Adventure who told us about the climbing trip they have planned for July: 

"A rock climbing weekend course for adults who are blind or partially sighted. 6 VI adults will come to the Lake District to spend a weekend staying in a bunkhouse or hostel. They will be joined by 6 sighted volunteers and 2 instructors. They will learn all the skills involved with climbing including using the gear and belaying each other. Following a Friday afternoon arrival the first evening will be spent in the climbing wall. 2 whole (long) days will be spent at crags. Sunday evening will be a celebration of achievements with departures on Monday morning."


If you want to help projects like this by supporting the Alpkit Foundation, you can do so by sharing this and other AKF stories on social media or donating directly - Click here to make a donation.

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