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UKC readership survey winner!

By Col
01, Jul, 2013

UKC winner Ben Dowman scoops chance to help make his own Alpkit boulder pad

We're pleased to announce that Ben Dowman won the UKC readership prize and will be making the trip down to spend the day with us to see how our bouldering pads are made and get involved making his own. 

Towards the end of last year we had a visit from Sarah Stirling who was working on an article to do with UK maufacturing. So of course we put her straight to work making one of our cordura bouldering pads. She seemed to have such a great time that when UKC announced that they were running another of their readership surveys we thought we would take the opportunity to offer this chance to one of their readers. So we offered one lucky climber the opportunity to come over to our workshop and see their prize being made before their very eyes. 

Finally last month saw all the results collated from the 2013 UKC readership survey as they gauged such things as how often people are climbing outdoors, what gear people are buying and of course how to make UKC better. 

While Ben is here he will be able to create the mat based on one of our current models, perhaps adding a twist of his own. One thing is for sure, he'll certainly leave with a one-of-a-kind bouldering pad and, we know he's excited about this bit, get let loose on the machines to make himself his own custom chalk bag to match! Let's hope he likes coffee!

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