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Sunglasses and Soggy Socks

By Talyn Williams
11, Sep, 2017

We joined swimmers on the Dittisham Ham for this year's Dart 10k

This weekend we left the bikes in the shed, packed our wetsuits, threw a few towels in the AlpVan (1,600 to be precise) and headed down to Devon to join the Outdoor Swimming Society for the notorious Dart 10k. Now in its 8th year, swimmers dive into the River Dart at Totnes and kick and paddle themselves 10km down river to the little village of Dittisham. We joined them at the finish line to wish them a congratulations.

The sun rising as the lifeguards and volunteers began preparations



We couldn't have asked for a nicer morning to set things off on Saturday. We got our Alpkit pop up shop ready in enough time to get the sunglasses out and enjoy the view over the river from the spectator area, where deckchairs were at the ready for friends and family wishing to watch the swimmers approaching the shore.





A peaceful finish line before the arrival of the swimmers



Up at Totnes, the first wave of swimmers took the plunge into the murky waters. There had been fair bit of wind and rain in the run-up to the weekend so the water wasn't at its best. However, this didn't stop anyone from getting their head down and enjoying a jolly good swim - sometimes there's no better way to wake up in the morning than jumping into some wild water. We spoke to one swimmer whose New Years Day tradition was to go for a swim in their local lake, what a way to start the year!


Swimmers getting started at Totnes | Photo: Graham Wynne


Photo: Graham Wynne


A perfect morning for a swim | Photo: Graham Wynne


Back on the Ham in Dittisham village, friends and family began showing up (and with them the clouds and rain) and before long, the weary swimmers emerged onto the shore. Live music, great food and a hot chocolate or two meant that not even the intermittent showers, a bit of wind and a few soggy socks could dampen any spirits. 


Spectators gathering to cheer on swimmers


A view of the finish line | Photo: Graham Wynne



Photo: Graham Wynne


Taking the Space Maker Sale on the road!


Sunday morning wasn't quite as nice as the previous days sunshine!



Photo: Graham Wynne


After completing the challenge, swimmers were greeted with a nice new towel to help keep them warm and dry.


Happy faces with their new towels



After such a great weekend, we can't wait to join in again next year. After all, it's a pretty good thing in a pretty nice place!

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