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Store Opening Date

By Col
06, Apr, 2017

Exciting times for us as opening date announced for our first store.

Hathersage tease

So we’ve been keeping everything close to our chests, but if you’ve been around certain people or earwigging in certain places then you may have heard rumours. Well we’ve had a dedicated team working incredibly hard over the last couple of weeks and because of this it means we are delighted to be able to announce an opening date. There is still a lot to do, but the first Alpkit store will be opening on Friday the 14th of April. Yes that’s not far away. 

Oh, nearly forgot… but where? Well we are giddy with excitement to announce we will be moving into Hathersage, right in the heart of the Peak District. It’s a place we’ve been visiting for years, not only for the outdoor Mecca that is Outside, but for learning the craft of gritstone climbing on the legendary Stanage Edge. Our store will not only represent our range of outdoor equipment, it will also consist of a dedicated room for our Sonder bikes too. We really hope that we can do Hathersage justice and help maintain the long standing tradition it has as a destination for those who just love getting outdoors and enjoying all sorts of activities. 

So as we’ve mentioned before, this is a big move for us and rather exciting. From being purely online into having a physical store is not going to change how we work things, we are still direct to consumer online and now we can do the same but in a more face to face, chewing the fat kind of a way. We’ve always tried to be open and friendly, even though we’ve been hidden inside your computer screen, and maintaining the service levels and personality as the brand grows online is and will continue to be incredibly important to us. Our ‘Unplugged’ schedule has allowed us to convey that personality and Alpkit ethos face to face over the years as we’ve gone from event to event, but now Alpkit Hathersage is hopefully going to be the first major step in instilling this into a more permanent space and destination. Opening this flagship store lets us put into practice everything we’ve learnt over the years and give our customers the full Alpkit experience, from actually seeing the products in the flesh to the level of online customer service we’ve been highly recognised for over the years online.

We really hope you’ll enjoy what we’ve done and what we’re planning on doing. 

The store is on Main Road in Hathersage, right next the brilliant Coleman's Deli and just up the road from those lovely guys at Outside.

At the moment we are currently putting together plans for an ‘official’ opening weekend for the 1st May Bank Holiday with some cool happenings going on, so keep an ear and eye out for more information.

In the meantime, if you’re up in the area then pop in and see how we’ve done.

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At last

Can't wait to visit (and spend)


Great news! Great going guys'n'gals - all power to your elbows smile


What great news, as a long time occasional Alpkit customer, I've always been impressed by how they've built and expanded their range of items. Now, on those (sadly) rare trips to the peak district, I have a new destination to add to the list!
Good luck with the grand opening!

See you on Saturday

Hope there is somewhere to park our bikes

Soooo excited

I'm soooo excited, can't wait!!!!!

fab news

This is great as it is hard to get to Nottingham mid week for us wage slaves. I can walk to Hathersage and get a bus back if I'm too loaded-up to do the reverse hike. You are going to open weekends?

Bob Andrews

Don't forget Wales when you expand. Carmarthen would be great for me!


Excellent. Love your stuff even more now it's within cycling distance of home.

Good Luck!

Always had super service from you on t'internet. Great products at great prices.
Good luck with the new store.

Paul Besley
Great to see you there

Well that is good news. Not for my wallet though..seriously, I hope and expect you will add to the quality of the outdoor community in the Park, its good for us all. Great to see you and welcome to the Dark Peak.

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