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Still time - last minute Christmas gifts.

By Col | 18, Dec, 2012


↵⇥It's happened so often in the past, running like a demented loon through crowds of shoppers trying to decide what on earth your brother-in-law, sister or gran would like for Christmas as the clock tick-ticks with the stress levels rising when all you really want is to be out in the hills. Last minute shopping, isn't it great. 

↵⇥Well we might not be able to totally stop it from happening again this year, as there's always going to be someone wanting something like novelty oven gloves or cut crystal carafes. But there's still time this week for us to help out and get your Christmas gifts to you in time for Santa's impending arrival. Check out our Christmas Post, but options such as  Royal Mail Special Deliveryshipping upgrade, as well as those going via CityLink are set for a Monday 23rd delivery.

↵⇥So, whether you want to give them a great big warm Christmasy hug with a Filo down jacket, a UK made duffle bag to put all their presents in, or simply an outdoor inspired keyring. There's plenty of ideas in the Alpkit shop, from big to small, quirky to incredibly useful, or maybe you just want to treat yourself! 

↵⇥Put your feet up, surf through our gift ideas and hit the 'send me these in time for Christmas' button.

↵⇥- go Alpkit shopping now - 

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