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Sarah and Hercules reunited

By Col
01, Sep, 2014

Leaving the kayak behind and back on the bike Sarah Outen continues her world journey

Having just completed her traverse of the Aleutian Island chain by sea kayak, Sarah Outen is now back on Hercules her trusty bike and currently 250 miles into her long journey across Alaska and Canada. Once on the east coast she will then pick up her rowing boat and set course across the North Atlantic back to the UK.

Good luck to Sarah as she continues on her way. 

"Today I felt a bit like Forest Gump, though happily without the beard. It was the crowd of cyclists of all ages, on bikes of all shapes and sizes gathered to escort me out of Homer as I fiddled with Hercules and answered questions from a journalist. Bright blue skies whisped with white, the ocean lapping quietly onto the beach and mountains and glaciers looking gently noble across the bay. It was a morning to make you beam with happiness at being alive, albeit a calm squeal..."

Read her latest blog and follow her London 2 London Via the World exploits. 

This is Hercules. Sarah popped in to see us earlier in the year, just before she headed back out to continue on her journey. Whilst she was distracted by boat bags we managed to sneak Hercules away for a photo shoot with our Possum frame bag. 

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