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Recovery in the Wild

By Alpkit
07, Aug, 2018

Making recovery from addiction happen by spending more time in the outdoors.


Engaging with nature and the outdoor lifestyle is known to build physical and mental health and resilience. Alongside this an increased self confidence and team interaction helps people recover from addiction. Combine the two and you'd like to think you're onto a winner and the Forth Valley Recovery Centre has developed their Recovery In The Wild project with just this aim, to help the aspiration of recovery into tangible and meaningful achievements for individuals and families affected by substance misuse. FVRC is a community of people committed to making recovery happen in Forth Valley. The events are run by volunteers who are in recovery and as well as running 5 Recovery Cafes they also run 3 Recovery Ramblers Health Walks and a Outdoor Activity day every week across Fourth Valley. 

Despite already fundraising, it's always a challenge to find funds to help enhance the project. Jardine Simpson explains the difficulties.

"We are an unincorporated, peer led /volunteer recovery organisation funded by our local Alcohol and Drug commissioners to provide our recovery Cafes, ramblers and train our volunteers, but it is very difficult to access grant funding because we are not incorporated in our own right."

To give their members increased access to outdoors through camping, walking, climbing and canoeing trips in the Scottish Highlands they are desperate for kit. The Alpkit Foundation has awarded a small grant to help get them on their way. 

Jardine explains the difference it makes. "Being able to offer these extended trips will really benefit the 12-14 members and volunteers who would be taking part. The ripple effect which results from the enhanced wellbeing of our participants radiates out to children partners relatives who have been affected the addiction and the recovery of our participants. In addition we work to complement the work of NHS and Third sector Health and Social Care addictions services inForth Valley. The value of disseminating info about our trips will inspire service users to get involved with us and understand Recovery is accessible achievable life enhancing and fun."

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