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New bike or old bike?

By Col | 22, Aug, 2011

Have you just shelled out for a new mountain bike in the end of summer sales? Or maybe your current steed is feeling a little rough around the edges and not as sharp into the corners as it once was. With the age of suspension and disc brakes, maintenance of bikes has become increasingly more complicated. Leaving a squeak or a rattle for any length of time can end up costing a lot of money to repair. With bikes costing alot more than most peoples first car, knowing how your bike works and what you can do to improve the ride of it is more important now than ever before. Si and Matt at 18Bikes have tailored 3 courses to give you an introduction to crucial areas of bike maintenance that should help keep your bike out of the shop and on the trail.

If you’ve just got your hands on your first mountain bike, their introductory course will give you a run through of what to check each ride as well as tips to keeping running sweetly each and every ride.

Bike safe

Have you ever wished you could hold a tighter line through a corner? Suspension set up is a black art to most riders but having your suspension set up correctly to your style of riding can dramatically change your bikes characteristics.


If there is one thing you need to trust 100% on the trail, it’s your brakes. We don’t like using them but we want to know they’ll work each and everytime we pull on the lever. Having them set up correctly can not only improve braking performance but improve brake pad life and brake fade.

Disc Brakes

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