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MTB Marathon Round 4

By Talyn Williams
05, Sep, 2017

Alpkit Heroes take on home turf trails

The MTB Marathon Series has come to a close after a spectacular fourth and final round at the weekend. Set in the Hope Valley, on Alpkit home turf, we were there in force to take on the trails in all their glory.

As per usual, there were Mini (25km), Half (50km) and Full (65km) Marathon routes to choose from. However, this time we donned our head torches and strapped on our bike lights for Exposure Lights Big Night Out on Saturday night (either a 20km or 40km night ride). Being surrounded by darkness whilst heading down some of the Peaks notorious trails gives a completely different feel to the sport, and seeing the hundreds of lights head out off the start line was something in itself.

Of course, we managed to get a couple of snaps of the event and the courses on Sunday to show you all what you’re missing out on!


The event village looking pretty chilly on Sunday morning

Riders taking their places on the starting line

Riders gathering on the start line


In true Peak District style, it was a chilly start for the riders as they took their places on the starting line.

All three routes headed off in the same direction to begin with, through Castleton and up the Broken Road towards Mam Tor various Marathon routes forked off. Despite the clouds overhead, the views over the Peak District and Hope Valley were a welcome distraction from some gruelling climbs.


The notorious broken road on the way up to Mam Tor

Riders making the tough climb along the broken road towards Mam Tor

Muddy puddles on the trail weren't stopping anyone

Although the course was fairly dry, it wasn’t short of a muddy puddle or two!


After breaking away from the Half and Full Marathon routes, the Mini 25k veered off the main road and away from civilisation. The terrain soon changed, and the first descent began.


The first descent for the 25km Mini Marathon riders

The terrain mostly consisted of loose rock on the first descent

The ground became loose and rocky as the trail got steeper

Riders had their heads down as they speeded past the quarry

Levelling out, riders came past the quarry

Sonder Broken Road in all its glory with the quarry in the background

The Sonder Broken Road GX Eagle out on the course, a perfect riding companion

The final climb for the Mini and Half Marathon riders

A true test for all the riders and the final ascent for the Mini Marathon

A happy and exhausted factory manager Ben after completing the 50km Half Marathon

Factory Manager Ben took his Sonder Transmitter Carbon out and smashed his personal best on the 50km course


We’ve had yet another epic weekend of riding with the MTB Marathon crew and we're gutted that it was the last one for this year. But it’s not the end of the world,  we’re pretty darn sure that next years series will be even more epic. We’ll be there again to test out the routes, ride some bikes and (of course) enjoy a beer or two. See you there!

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