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More new t-shirts

By Col
19, Jul, 2013

More fresh t-shirts arrive as

↵⇥Following on from the first 3 staff created t-shirts come more designs from the Alpkit crew. The warm weather continues so there's no better time to switch from the shirt and tie to something a little cooler.

↵⇥With these 4 new designs the competition is set to really heat up as to which one comes out top in the popularity stakes of the T-shirt range.

↵⇥We've got Col dreaming of those distant trails with his Ride Further inspired T. Jim got to wondering whether daVinci actually had a Positive Ape Index and was really questioning Vitruvius. Ed didn't hold back and got straight to the point in the AK Extreme stakes. Meanwhile Degs was Over the Moonwhen his multisport design came through looking so good.  

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