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Lukasz Warzecha on Hoy

By Col | 31, Aug, 2011

Lukasz Warzecha spent some time recently up at Hoy with the HotAches film crew to shoot top climbers Dave McLeod and Andy Turner as they took on the Longhope Route. With so many great shots of the Longhope project no wonder he landed not only a cover or Climb Magazine but also few more around the World. You can follow the whole journey from location to front cover in his Blog

Lukasz is going to be running a couple of ‘Lenses and Boulders’ photography workshops at this years Big Shakeout, so if you want to learn the ins and outs of getting great climbing images you can sign up now. You’ll be sure to learn a lot, and you don’t even need the top of the range camera kit either…

Morning session

Afternoon session

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