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Lowepro Big Shakeout photo competition

By Col | 07, Oct, 2011

We are pleased to announce that those lovely people at Lowepro have come on board for the Big Shakeout and will be offering out a prize for the best photo taken over the course of the weekend. Lowepro know a thing or two when it comes to looking after your camera equipment while taking photos in the great outdoors, so it’s brilliant that they felt they could support our event, as it is all about the adventure after all.

This competition will only be open to those adventurous souls attending the Big Shakeout weekend and so make sure you bring your camera along to capture the action. Exact requirements and details of the competition will follow and be available at the info desk.

What’s this top prize going to be? Well what better for the aspiring extreme sharp shooter than a Photo Sport in which to keep all your valuable photographic goodies together.

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