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Keith Sharples Cave Photography and Painting with Light.

By AK Support | 08, Aug, 2011

Experienced caver Sharon from Thornbridge Outdoors was pleasantly surprised to discover what kind of results were possible on a recent reccie with Keith Sharples for the Big Shakeout. She had never considered taking her camera caving before, but now knows she doesn’t have to go far to get some great images.
If you’ve been caving many times before but never thought you could get decent images because you don’t own a top end camera, then think again.
Even without an array of flash guns, slave units and other expensive camera equipment, there are plenty of opportunities to gain some lovely shots during your adventures underground when you start painting with light.

This course will open your eyes to what’s possible whether you are looking into buying a new camera, want to try out your new flash units, or simply want to see what your compact can do. It will also give you the chance to get some nice pictures of yourselves underground, something you may not have had a chance to do before. 

Keith has followed up the trip with some great images on his Blog while Col found it all very exciting for his Daring Deed

Get your Keith Sharples Underground Images

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