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Guyrope Gourmet Demo and One Pot Wonder Competition

By Col | 11, Aug, 2011

Saturday at the Big Shakeout will see a food-tastic afternoon when the Guyrope Gourmet invites you to spend a little time thinking about the possibilities that lay beyond many of the tinned, dehydrated and processed options available to campers today.
From experience gained from many years spent relaxing under canvas, in the early years with family and then with friends, and more recently with friends and their own families. The Guyrope Gourmet marries good food with good camping in a live demonstration of camping cookery to get your mouth watering.
This isn’t about fine dining sat outside your local Michelin star restaurant, it’s about a passion for good food in proper al fresco style

Camp Cooking with the Guyrope Gourmet

One Pot Wonder Competition.
If you’ve already got the passion and think you know how to whip up a good meal sat outside your tent, then grab your stove, take your marks and get cooking! In conjunction with the Guyrope Gourmet we will be running a competition to find the champion One Pot master chef.

The rules are pretty simple, 30 minutes, one pot, using whatever ingredients you feel fit. You’ll go head to head with other competitors to create your single pot culinary masterpiece, before putting it in front of our judging panel. Judges will be considering such things as portability, imaginative ingredient choice and of course that all important taste. So if you really want to keep in the spirit of things, imagine you would have to be carrying everything in your pack.

If you would like to enter please email us showing your interest, we will then allocate you a space on our competition table.

Guyrope Gourmet

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